Friday, June 21, 2013

COLOURS & HEALTH: which colour do you need?

Colours and their wave lengths are a real nourishment for our chakras, i.e. our energy centres. When we feel sick or unhealthy we can also say that we miss a certain colour in ourselves or better that a precise wave length does not reach a specific chakra, what would help us keeping in good health.
A vital stream flows through us that is why we can say we are alive. Such a stream is directed by the subtle energy centres (chakras) continuously moving. Each chakra/centre corresponds to a colour and thus a wave length.

So…how can we feel good physically, emotionally and mentally if we do not eat, dress, think, create with colours, that is light in its various wave lengths?

With the help of AURASOMA (a healing method for the soul through colours) we can see some correspondences between colour and mental/emotional state:

RED = love and sacrifical love, passion, grounding, energy

= unconditional love, compassion, self love, tenderness

= love-wisdom, freedom, hidden love

= bliss, shock, deep insight, co-dependency

= wisdom, deep joy, self esteem

= independency, self consciousness, mental clarity, knowledge

= female leadership, courage, improvement
= room, feeling, decision, growth

= creativity, communication with many people, idealism, media
= peace, communication, going beyond, "Thy will be done"…

= mysticism, inner vision, clear perception, third eye

= service, transformation, need of change
= love for little things, divine love. The here and now

LIGHT = purity, understanding pain, tears, protection, purification.

The vegetable and mineral kingdoms are a concentration of colours and thus are precious allies for providing us the colour vibrations we miss and need!
The following words are part of P. Deunov's teachings about methods for healing and are taken from: "Child of the Universe"
"(...) The RED colour is a door, through which life comes. Clear red vitalizes whereas a dirty red will irritate.
ORANGE produces noble individualisation, dirty orange feeds selfishness. When someon is fearful he should take an orange colour as a cure. Absorb the orange colur from the sun so you can transform your fears.
YELLOW balances the feelings, brings calmness, peace and tranquillity. It calms the mind. Dirty yellow troubles the mind.
GREEN helps growth processes. If you want to be healthy then use the colour green. Dirty green causes physical ans spiritual weakness.
if it is clear and intense uplifts and expands noble sentiments. Bklue is a basis for man's spiritual life. Blue is the colour of the truth. In insufficient quantity or when it is not clear, blue produces doubt and mistrust

WHITE colour brings you health. Black causes bad states. When you are ill, you should wear white clothes. Colours cause movement, life. They are energies, which influence the human organism.
The human brain contains a prism and if man develops it, he can cure himself. The brain's prism requires powerful concentration and a strong mind. If you don't know the Laws governing the use of the brain's prism you will not feel good. This is due to the increased blood circulation in some of the brain's centres"

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