Saturday, June 29, 2013

Boundless Appreciation

by Harold W. Becker @


We are extraordinary beings of immense and profound potential. The fact that we breathe and have life is the most amazing miracle in itself. We also have the intrinsic nature of conscious self awareness. We can think, feel and interact with our world with infinite creativity to expand our reality beyond belief. Through our imagination alone, we can perceive and conceive the most fascinating opportunities to experience the grandness of life. Such is our heritage and our destiny.

On a fundamental level, each moment is precious. Beginning with our bodies, every breath and heartbeat engages the process of countless physiological interactions with trillions of cells, each interacting with incredible accuracy and unbelievable wisdom with the whole. And with perhaps little more than a brief acknowledgement, this continues for a lifetime without much notice on our part.

The physical body allows us to move about our day, interacting with our world and creating through our many diverse choices. We can express the depths of our heart with unconditional love or feel the intense pain of separation through the allowance of fear and doubt. Each step and experience lets us know the exact reflection of our choices. Just as in the cells of our body, with every interaction we comprehend how our individual choices combine and affect the whole. It is in this awakening conscious recognition we realize the oneness that is ever present in our reality – we are all interconnected and interdependent and a part of all creation itself.

Being cognizant of the beauty and astonishing perfection within each moment restores our awareness on what is really important in life. When we come from the place of wholeness and wisdom, our choices reflect and create a world that embraces each diverse facet with unconditional equality. Beginning with our own contributions, we easily and joyfully acknowledge and encourage this unlimited potential in others as well. Life is simple when we come from our heart with boundless appreciation for Life itself. 

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