Sunday, June 9, 2013

5 Ways To Use Intuition To Feel Your Soul

It's easy to get lost in the busybody "egomind," and surf across the surface of the world, forgetting what's important to you at the soul level. We have to learn to choose to identify ourselves as our soul, and that takes practice. It means you have to remember to choose the real you often throughout the day and build a new thought habit. To choose to be your soul, you must be able to experience the difference between the soul and the egomind, and clearly know which state you prefer.

*1. Bring your awareness fully into the present moment. The soul enters the world, for you, through every particle of your body. These particles of soul force, or points of light, exist only in the present moment. If your mind projects into the past or future, you lose touch with the radiance and cannot experience your soul.

*2. Put your attention on and inside your body. Since the soul enters the world through every particle of your body, to know the soul you must merge your conscious mind and your body. Do that by placing attention on the body, then sink in. Let the body come alive with tingling and vibration, and experience how conscious it is. That awareness you encounter in the body is the first level of soul wisdom.

*3. Contemplate your core motives. Feel what you want deeply as though you're experiencing it. Then drop down through that by asking "Why do I want this?" Then, "Why does my soul want these things? What experiences do these things bring that my soul wants?" When you find the handful of core motives at the heart of what you do, you will feel what you're all about, and you'll respect and love yourself.

*4. Intentionally remember and reexperience times when your heart has been open. When you feel trapped by the egomind, ask yourself torecall times when you have felt grateful, amazed, or moved by heroism or egoless action. Picture wiggly puppies, smiling babies, or the shiny eyes of a lover. As you focus attention into these things, you will return to the state of awareness you were in then. When your heart is open, the resulting experiences are indicative of the soul.

*5. Intentionally shift into a state of cheerfulness, pleasure, enthusiasm, innocence, sincerity. Intentionally recall times when you felt generous toward life, were in a good mood, were open-minded and willing to learn, or were willing to be entertained or surprised. That open-minded neutrality and positive expectancy is a quality of the soul.

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