Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Soul Healing For Changing Times

Western philosophy and modern religions embrace an image of the Source as perfect, while human beings are seen as separate from this Source. On the leading edge of soul healing, human nature and this cultural conditioning require closer examination. Many people are now moving rapidly toward spiritual perception and consciousness expansion. Light and love are manifesting more easily, while an array of preconceived notions and false beliefs are in need of purging. Over great length of time the concept of God developed into an intimidating male figure in the sky that judges and punishes from a lofty place of colddetachment. It results in thinking and feeling that we are less than what we are supposed to be. In this illusionary guilt many people become obsessed with trying to find out what they did wrong, or how to fix it. At the same time they give away their personal power to outside sources. It enforces codependency, and a loss of inner authority and direction. 

Because are no longer thinking and acting from an inner knowing of the non-severable unity with that which created them (God or Goddess), it is easy to lead and control these people. What is more, the mindset that the body and emotions were immoral, and only thoughts and spirit good, started to take hold. It created a wailing wake of bad karma. Today blame permeates the collective unconscious in ways we cannot even recognize any longer. The judgment based on this blame originates from concepts where nature is portrayed as evil or inferior, and the organic human functions and processes linked with the body and the primary brain are condemned. This generates the thinking that there is something off beam with us human beings to begin with. It is as though we were constantly looking backward in reflection, asking ourselves what we have done wrong. The future can only be understood from the point of view of the past.

 This means that we orient ourselves on the old and familiar ways to see the world. Needing self-consistency and predictability in order to feel secure is intrinsic to human nature. Nonetheless, no change is possible in this way, as we are perpetually recreating the past. Physical processes such as breathing or elimination, as well as sexual and emotional dynamics are instinctual functions. Once people are disempowered from their sense of autonomy, they tend to suppress those emotional reactions their culture labels as unacceptable. Because the primary brain’s responses are automatic, the emotional feedback continues to occur of its own volition. 

Rather than being able to run its natural course, these instinctual dynamics become crippled or hopelessly distorted. People do no longer feel within themselves the whole gamut of emotional responses to life's many good and evil facets. As a result they are inclined to have one of two subconsciously induced reactions. Either they deny within their own psyche those feelings that are suppressed, while demonizing them in others, or they desperately try to atone for what they sense is unacceptable. In the first case these faulty notions and suppressed emotional responses lead to an aggressive behavior of blame.

 Individuals whose focus is mostly mental take to it in a detrimental attempt to disperse their uneasy sense of inner emptiness, insecurity, and unnatural guilt. Those who are emotionally susceptible take the victim’s stance, accepting their situation in powerless passivity. The two behaviors lock into a tragic dance of dominance and submission, which becomes the culturally conditioned mode of operation. To this very day this unfortunate pattern perpetuates itself for lack of better judgment. Lost in darkness people keep hurting each other in the absence of love and caring their invented God reflects in punishment and crisis. The bondage to invented beliefs of separateness from nature and the Source can be healed through realigning the body with the mind, the emotions with spirit. 

Emotional forms of spirituality permit self-empowering instinctual responses and trust in the innate wisdom the human organism is endowed with. We feel the resistance to this process as anxiety, stress, and tension. We also experience it as compulsion, chronic problems in existing relationships, inability to trust, despair, depression, and an array of other psychological or physical symptoms and conditions that are lacking successful diagnosis. Any spiritual practice that links the body with the mind through concentration and specific disciplined actions takes advantage of the naturally divine connection within the body/mind continuum. Such practices are yoga, tantra, tai chi, for example. Suppression as a means to an end cannot replace true soul growth. Purging the unnatural gap within the culturally conditioned psyche of modern people is necessary. Without accepting all our emotional and sexual dynamics as equally valid as our thoughts and spiritual ideals, we will not be able to grow past them. To keep hypocrisy and pious ego delusions from spreading pseudo-spirituality, we are wise to consider all our instinctual responses to be natural and healthy. 

How we choose to act after acknowledging them is an entirely different question. Emotional excess, and indulgence in sensual or sexual activities is certainly not the goal. This is where will power and self-determination come into play. Soul growth is dependent on a desire to recognize mistakes, and to improve through their correction. The Source is represented in love, in harmony, and in all that is good and true. By accepting the divine creative principle as part of our own true nature in all our functions, we re-discover inner authority. Individual security and self-reliance can then replace powerlessness and the need for codependency, victimization and unconscious needless guilt. Through this act of self-empowerment we are able take responsibility for outer circumstances and internal reality. Instead of thinking: “I must deserve crisis and punishment for some unknown reason,” or helplessly asking: “Why is this happening to me?” the question becomes: “Why may I have needed to create this?” Those who readily blame others must stop and take a look at what they are doing. Rather than self-righteously insisting on a dominant stance, they need to develop the desire to act in ways that are right and equitable to all. 

The reason for purging of the aforementioned cultural conditioning patterns to be of such importance at this point in time is related to the fundamental changes that are manifesting on our planet. The times are moving in an accelerated fashion, and our brain is in the process of adapting and changing in amazing ways. By gaining confidence in the process of becoming (evolution), we can allow these changes to unfold naturally. The core of this process is a gradual shift from invented paradigms to natural principles. When we embrace these new and challenging thoughts, we can find the courage to let go of the past and build a solid foundation in the present moment. In terms of our evolving consciousness, these are the directions that will eventually lead to new and more balanced and sustainable cultures.

 When we agree to take charge of the realities we create and experience, a journey into new forms of being is initiated. The compulsive urge for hypocritical judgment based on artificial concepts of perfection becomes obsolete. It is replaced with compassion for self and other people, as well as for the nature of the world in its present state. While accepting that we are part of something bigger, soul healing is experienced in collaboration with nature and with Spirit. 

by Katharina Wehrli


 Katharina Wehrli MA, CAGS, RPP is a healer and teacher. Her practice is based on an approach she developed over many years of working with energy and consciousness transforming dynamics. She is also the author of “The Why in the Road - Soul Healing for Changing Times”. For more information visit http://earthlit.com.

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