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Meditation - A Powerful Tool Of Awareness

Meditation is the intense awareness, in thought, upon an idea or theme, and whatsoever you constantly meditate upon you will not only come to understand, but will grow more and more into its likeness, for it will become infused into your very being, will become, in fact, your very experience. If you are constantly aware of your fears and your pain, you will ultimately experience fear and unhappiness; if you are constantly aware of that which is loving and joyful, you will experience a life filled with love and joy.

Tell me what it is that you most frequently and intensely think, where, in your silent hours, your thoughts most naturally turn to, and I will tell you to what place of pain or peace you are traveling, and the quality of life you are living. It is unavoidable but to become and experience that which you most constantly think.
Meditation, in the spiritual sense is the secret of all growth in spiritual life and knowledge. Every prophet, sage, and savior utilized the power of meditation. Buddha meditated upon the Truth until he could say, “I am the Truth.” Jesus pondered upon Divinity until at last he could declare, “I and my Father are One.”

If you are praying daily for wisdom, for peace, a fuller realization of Truth, for happiness and that which you are praying for is still far from you, then you are praying for one thing while living out in thought and action something else. Begin to think and act in the spirit of that which you seek, and expect it. You will day by day begin to experience the reality of what you are asking for, so that ultimately you will become one with them.
Meditation must be distinguished from daydreaming. There is nothing dreamy and unpractical about it. It is a process of awareness which allows nothing to remain but the simple and naked truth. Meditating in this way you will slowly let go of your limiting beliefs and you will remember the Truth of who you truly are. And so the process of letting go of limiting beliefs will occur, one by one, and you will patiently wait for the revelation of Truth which will come when your limiting beliefs and judgments have been sufficiently released. In the silent humility of your heart you will realize the simplicity in all things.

Allocate a certain amount of time each day to meditate. Honor this time. Early in the morning is a good time to meditate as there is a quietness present everywhere and you will be calm and rested from your sleep. Your concerns from the previous day would have died away, and the mind, refreshed, will be receptive to spiritual awareness.

To be spiritually awakened is also to be mentally and physically awakened. Take time to enjoy physical exercise. Also, practice being present wherever you are, very simply by being aware of your breath as you breathe in and breathe out.

If you have to begin your day at a very early hour, and find it a challenge to give the early morning to meditation, try giving some time at night. If this too is not practical due to your tiredness or your circumstances, don’t give up, as you can also meditate by bringing your awareness to that which you wish to meditate on, during the intervals of your work day. In every life there is time to think with awareness, and the busiest of people, are not shut out from the attainment of peace.

Understand that you are not your fears or your beliefs or your limitations. These are ideas that you are holding on to. Once you allow this awareness to permeate within you, you have then arrived at the place where you can decide to let them go or not. AS you begin to meditate on the truth of who you are, to understand yourself, you will begin to let go of your ideas of who you are. You will begin to question your motives, thoughts, and acts, and to look upon them with calmness and non judgment. You will then begin to gain more mental and spiritual balance, and experience being in harmony with all of life.

If hatred or anger are emotions you are holding on to you will meditate upon gentleness and forgiveness, so as to experience gentleness and forgiveness. Thoughts of love, of gentleness, of abounding forgiveness will gradually, silently enter into your heart, along with it a knowledge of the divine Law of Love, with an understanding of its bearing upon all of life. And in applying this knowledge to your every thought, word, and act, you will grow more and more gentle, more and more loving, more and more divine. Your fears and limiting beliefs are gradually released and your very being will shine with the Light of Truth.

Meditating in this way, you will ground yourself more and more firmly in the divine and eternal self that is inseparable from Truth and Divine Love. The direct outcome of your meditations will be a calm, spiritual strength, which will be your stay and resting-place in this play of life. The strength and knowledge gained in your silent meditations will enrich the soul with clarity in the moments of your troubles and your sorrows; enabling you to be at peace, to experience the full richness of these moments and savor in the gifts they bring with them.

As you grow in wisdom, you will release, more and more, self-limiting beliefs, which are transient, and become aware of the powerful role you play in bringing change to the whole.
Through your meditations knowledge of eternal principles is realized, and the power, which results from meditation, is the ability to rest upon and trust those principles. The end of meditation is, therefore, direct knowledge of Truth, God, and the realization of divine and profound peace.

As you sincerely meditate, you will first perceive a truth, gently and fleetingly present in your awareness, and then begin realizing it by daily practice in your thoughts and actions. Though by pure thought the Truth is perceived, and actualized only by practice.

In your meditations, therefore, let your heart grow and expand with ever-broadening love, until, freed from all hatred, and judgments, it embraces the whole universe with thoughtful tenderness. Be fearless, and believe in the grandest possibilities. Believe that a life of absolute humbleness is possible, believe that a life of joy and happiness is possible; believe that a life of prosperity is possible; believe that a life of perfect peace is possible; believe that the realization of the highest Truth is possible. As you believe, so will be your experience.

As you realize the divine Love, the divine Justice, the divine Purity, the Perfect Law of Good, or God, your experience of bliss and peace will be profound. Old things and ideas will cease to exist for you, and all things will appear new. The veil of the material universe will lifted and the spiritual universe will be revealed. Time will cease, and you will live only in Eternity.

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