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United In Spirit Connection Vol 4 2009

What a ride 2009 has been already! Yes I am finally home after spending the last 3 months brainstorming,creating and collaborating with my partner Shade Law. The time spent together was extremely productive with the creation and utilisation of new promotional tools and medium, site enhancement development and generally planning the future of our combined sites.

For United In Spirit this means that our community is more visible online with the increased effort in promotion leading more people to our site. This is certainly evidenced by the dramatic increase of members joining over the last 3 months. New videos and flash productions will begin to emerge to further promote our wonderful community.

The beginning of our first class on United In Spirit, Introduction To Psychic Development ,has gained some good support from those members who are interested in this particular topic. The class is conducted on Yahoo Messenger utilising the voice conference utility. This permits a higher level of interaction and it’s great to touch base with some of our members on a more positive level.

In future,I envision that United In Spirit will offer classes on various topics in the continuing pursuit of providing a higher level of spiritual education and development. If you are interested in teaching a specific topic,please feel free to email me via the site!

So now I am home and life begins to get very busy again with work commitments etc etc. However, United In Spirit will continue to grow and unite all.



How to Push the "Miracle Activation" Button

Most of us are familiar with the image of the fire alarm encased in glass with the sign that reads “In case of emergency, break glass.”
What if I told you that you too have your own metaphorical “button” that you can activate “in case of emergency” to call for all of the help that you need for any problem at any time?
For example…
Are you feeling overwhelmed? Push the button.
Feeling exhausted? Push the button.
Need more clarity? Push the button.
Need guidance about anything? Push the button.
Need money for any reason? Push the button.
Have a health challenge of any type? Push the button.
Relationship problems? Push the button.
Need help in any or all area(s) of your life now? Push the button.
So, what is this “button” that I keep referring to?
It is the one that I like to call the “miracle activation” button.
~ The “Miracle Activation” Button ~
What is the “miracle activation” button?
The “miracle activation” button is actually the one-word prayer “Help!” expressed to our Higher Self in time of need.
Used in this way, “Help!” becomes a metaphorical “button” for our Inner Being and a powerful command to our subconscious mind that can be used any time for any situation, problem, challenge, or emergency we may be facing.
Through my own use, I have found “Help!” to be a very effective “switchword” or one-word prayer for any situation.
~ How to Push The “Miracle Activation” Button ~
How does this “button” work exactly? More importantly, how can you start using this “miracle activation” button right now?
Here is the simple process that has worked well for me:
* Think or focus on all of the details of any problem, challenge, issue, etc. that you are facing now. Be sure to include the “worst case scenario,” including all of your fears, doubts, worries, and feelings related to it. That’s right, all of the “gory” details.
* Next, with conviction and focus, say to your Higher Self (i.e., God, Source Energy, the Universe, etc.) within you: “Help! Help! Help!”
* Then release, let go and surrender the rest of the details to your Higher Self to resolve. I have found that turning over your problems to your Higher Self to handle in this way will truly simplify your life and allow miracles to happen easily and naturally. What’s not to like?
~ The Power of The “Miracle Activation” Button ~
Why is it so powerful to say the one-word prayer and command “Help!”?
What is the real power of this so-called “miracle activation” button?
I believe that when we request specific help from our Higher Self in this focused manner, what we are really saying to our consciousness is:
* I don’t have the answer here.
* I don’t know what to do.
* Therefore, I open myself up to greater possibilities now.
* I give up and surrender this problem completely now to my Higher Self (who has the power and knows exactly what to do).
* I will let go now and let my Higher Self do its thing by taking care of this for me.
* I will let go and allow myself to be helped now (because I am worthy of this help).
* I am willing to receive this help now (because I deserve it).
As a result, miracles happen.
~ The Key to The “Miracle Activation” Button ~
What is the key to using this “miracle activation” button effectively?
Knowing (and trusting) that your answer will be given, whenever you ask for it.
How cool is that?
-- Raymond David Salas --


Baby Angel Pictures, Images and Photos
A baby asked God,
'They tell me
you are sending me to earth tomorrow,
but how am I going to live there
being so small and helpless?'
God said, 'Your angel will be waiting for you
and will take care of you.'
The child further inquired,
'But tell me, here in heaven
I don't have to do anything
but sing and smile to be happy.'
God said, 'Your angel will sing for you
and will also smile for you.
And you will feel your angel's love
and be very happy.
Baby Angel Pictures, Images and Photos
Again the child asked,
'And how am I going to be able to understand
when people talk to me
if I don't know the language?'
God said, 'Your angel will tell you
the most beautiful and sweet words
you will ever hear,
and with much patience and care,
your angel will teach you how to speak.
And what am I going to do
when I want to talk to you?'
and God replied,
'Your angel will place your hands together
and will teach you how to pray.'
'Who will protect me?' God said,
'Your angel will defend you
even if it means risking its life.
''But I will always be sad
because I will not see you anymore.'
God said,
'Your angel will always talk to you about Me
and will teach you the way to come back to Me,
even though I will always be next to you.
Baby Angel Pictures, Images and Photos
At that moment there was much peace in Heaven,
but voices from Earth could be heard
and the child hurriedly asked,
'God, if I am to leave now,
please tell me my angel's name.'
"You will simply call her "Mom"~
~ Mother ~
OR Mum!" unknown..

Navel Meditation

Meditate_Me.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos

Journeys of lifelong evolution often begin simply.
No matter how complex the goal
or desire we have nurtured in our souls,
the first steps we take are
nearly always basic and uncomplicated.
Navel meditation, a creation
of the Taoist tradition and the oldest form of meditation
recognized in China and India,
is a simple practice suitable for those
experienced in the art of mediation,
yet it is also a wonderful introductory meditation for novices.
It utilizes the natural rhythms of the breath
and the regular movement of the abdomen
as a means to focus awareness and rid oneself
of extraneous thoughts.
As you concentrate on the breath,
the chaos within reveals itself,
allowing you to gently train your mind
to accept stillness as its natural state.
To begin, assume a comfortable and natural seated position
—either cross-legged on a cushion on the floor or on a chair
with your legs facing forward.
Maintaining an upright, balanced posture
will ensure that you are
physically centered and prevent fatigue.
Close your eyes and relax your body gradually,
starting at the toes
and ending at the crown of the head.
Take a moment to note any
physical sensations you are feeling,
such as the hardness of the floor under your legs
or the weight of a piece of jewelry.
When you are relaxed, breathe through
the nose at your natural pace.
With each inhalation, draw air deep into the abdomen,
allowing the area surrounding your navel to rise and fall.
Gradually focus your attention on the sensations
caused by the inhalation and exhalation of breath.
Feel the air flowing in and out of the nostrils
as well as the expansion and contraction of the abdomen.
If you find it difficult to concentrate on both sensations,
concentrate only the movement of the navel area.
As you endeavour to commune with the breath,
you may notice that your mind strays.
When this occurs, do not attach any significance to your thoughts.
Simply bring your attention back to the flow of air
into and out of your body and the rise and fall of your navel.
Eventually, the torrent of mental noise flooding your mind
will slow to a trickle, and you will learn to control
the current of your thoughts until
you are no longer at the mercy of your reactions.
The more you practice this meditation, daily if possible,
the more you will be able to
get back to this relaxed state easily throughout your day.
Daily OM~

Outer and Inner Purpose

B Y D A N I E L R. C O N D R O N WHEN YOU HAVE ONLY OUTER PURPOSE then you will want to find new things to do all the time. You will like and want to do new things. If you have to do them over and over for many months you will get bored and want to do something else. You will have fulfilled your temporary desire that was based on an outward stimulus. Physical experience and physical pleasure are always temporary.

Whereas, creating purpose for all you do, or anything you do, can give you an inexhaustible well of desire and need fulfillment. And your desires will change as you evolve and grow.
Outer Physical Purposes and Inner Mental Purposes
In the journey of life we learn to use our physical body and five senses. We learn what is pleasurable and what is painful. We learn to have motivation to achieve what is pleasurable. This motivation is seen as personal benefit or purpose.
For example, you may have an urge toward a higher paying job. What are the benefits of a higher paying job? The higher paying job will give you the money to buy a newer car or a larger house or more expensive clothes. These are all physical personal benefits or purposes.
There is nothing wrong with physical purpose as long as you don't stay there. In other words, it is each person's inherent right and duty to progress to a greater, a more evolved state of consciousness.
Therefore, purpose or personal benefit must evolve also. After you have taken care of your basic physical needs it is time to progress to taking care of your mental, spiritual or consciousness needs.
The outer or physical purpose gives you the motivation
to achieve your physical goals in the future.
The inner or mental purpose gives you the motivation to achieve your ideals in the eternal now.
Physical goals and physical purposes can take up so much of your attention that you may miss the inner purpose.
The inner purpose isn't about what you are doing. It's about how you are doing the activity. It is about your thought, your discipline, your stillness of the mind. Are your thoughts repetitive and habitual or are they involved in imaging and visualizing your future?
The quality of your consciousness in the present moment determines everything.
The outer or physical purpose belongs to the horizontal dimension
of space and time. It is of the physical world.
The inner or vertical purpose is of the now and involves a deepening
of one's ability to benefit the whole Self, the whole consciousness,
and the whole being.
The inner purpose is a moment by moment choice to add to one's consciousness.
These continual choices to add to one's self and one's consciousness create the movement, the transformation to enlightenment.
Inner purpose gives one lasting fulfillment. Outer purpose gives one temporary stimulation or satisfaction.
As one grows in awareness through the fulfillment of inner purpose the inner LIGHT of one's consciousness fills one's being and becomes more and more apparent.
Purpose is never negative. Thus purpose is not stated with a not.
It would be incorrect to state one's purpose as:
My purpose is not to get married.
or My purpose is to not to be part of the group.
or My purpose is to not listen.
A purpose is a personal benefit. Therefore, purpose is about what you will learn or add to your Self, your being, your consciousness.
A purpose can be to gain or learn Self value.
A purpose can be to learn receptivity.
A purpose can be to build will power.
A purpose can be to build compassion.
When is life worth living?
Life is worth living in the now.
Now is where and when you can have purpose.
Now is where you can benefit.
When is life worth living?
In the now.
When you give moment to moment.
When you experience love.
When you give love.
When you receive love.
When you have purpose.
When you learn something that is permanent and lasting.
When you are aware of growth.
What we are here to do in life is to know truth and love. To know truth and love is to give and receive truth and love.
To learn is to receive truth into the Self for greater connectedness and greater consciousness.
Love makes truth easy to receive.
The more one comes to know the Self
the greater one's purpose and awareness of purpose.
This is because one's purpose goes beyond the physical life. Purpose also includes the mental and emotional life.
Practice expanding attention beyond the Self. As this is practiced, one comes to know the Self as more than a physical body.
Discipline is the way to direct the mind to know the Self. Discipline is required in order to expand one's consciousness.
Each moment is an opportunity to practice enlightenment. Each moment is an opportunity to practice purpose.
How does one gain the motivation to discipline the whole mind? The answer is purpose.
Your essence is LIGHT. Each learning, each adding to one's consciousness is a growth into the LIGHT of understanding and awareness.
In order to know the true nature of LIGHT one must master the still mind.
Your greatest friend is a still and disciplined mind.
This is because from a disciplined mind one can choose to be either aggressive or receptive. From a disciplined mind one can learn at a more rapid rate. From the still mind one can receive the higher consciousness.
Success is gaining greater enlightenment every day.
In order for any individual to become fulfilled, ideal and purpose must align. This means that your personal benefit, purpose, must become one with what you want to be or become.
I have discovered that the greatest personal benefit is En-LIGHT-enment. What I want to be and become is enlightened. Therefore, my ideal and purpose are singular.
The full flowering of the physical Self into the Divine or Enlightened Self must occur. Therefore, make it your ideal to be or become enlightened. It is a state of being, a state of consciousness.
We are LIGHT in essence and at the core of our being. Even the physical body is made up of atoms which are made up of a nucleus with electrons circling at a vast distance.
Therefore, most of our outer universe and most of our inner universe is empty space. The power to fulfill your purpose in life is to use LIGHT and space. Your light, the individual's light, is the LIGHT of awareness.
Therefore, in order to fulfill your purpose make each day an opportunity for learning and the growth of awareness. Let light fill your being and expand into the space within your body and within your mind.
You may begin by visualizing or imaging your body filled with LIGHT.
See and perceive the electronic interplay of energy forces
within your body. All within the space.
There is a great potentiality in space. It is important to fill it with your LIGHT.
As we create with others, share with others, give and receive with others, we share not only our inner light but also we share our space.
This sharing of lights and space we call love.
When two people have like ideals and like purposes they often become life partners. Their love for life grows and they grow together. As they grow together their capacity to give and receive love to each other grows.
The ideal is who and what you want to become. It is the evolutionary impulse. As two people, who are marriage partners, move forward in achieving their ideal Self, their love for each other grows and matures. Each finds a greater light, a greater love and a boundless space in each other.
The will is your ability to choose your experiences and to choose to be in those experiences with awareness.
The imagination is your ability to direct your consciousness to greater learning and new or greater creation.
Together the will and imagination can accomplish greater wonders and can fulfill your life's purpose.
Purpose is personal benefit.
There are benefits of all kinds. There are physical benefits. There are emotional benefits.
What is the value of life without purpose?
Most people do not know the purpose of life because they live in the world of the senses. The five physical senses can only give you a physical purpose to life because they only sense, receive and perceive physical things.
However, the real purpose of life is not physical because physical life is temporary.
The real purpose of life brings lasting and permanent fulfillment. How then is it possible to know this purpose that is beyond physical, sensory experience?
The answer lies in the proper and productive use of the mind, the attention, the will, and the imagination.
The mind is the vehicle, your vehicle for knowing the Self.
The will is the ability to make continuous choices toward a goal or ideal.
The imagination is the ability to image or visualize what one wants to create.
The attention is your ability to fully learn in each experience and use th mind.
You are a valuable and important person. Purpose causes one to realize this because purpose is personal benefit.
Having purpose is the ability to image a benefit in the willful activity. To gain the benefit one must be willing to receive the benefit.
Thought to remember:
Open your mind and heart to receive the love, LIGHT and truth into yourself.
What to do:
Practicing creating purpose in all you do. Ask yourself, "What is my purpose for each activity, each experience?"
Stay with us as Daniel walks us through all
"28 Powerful New Keys For Discovering and Fulfilling
Your Purpose In Life."
Throughout this lifetime, Daniel R. Condron has strived to understand the secrets of life and to explain them in a form that is understandable to all. He first accomplished this as a young boy when he gained a connectedness with nature being in the woods and pastures while growing up on the family farm in northwest Missouri. He has devoted his life to understanding what is permanent, lasting, knowing the true reality, and the purpose of life. This he teaches to others through the understanding of the still mind. He resides with his wife Barbara and son Hezekiah on the campus of the College of Metaphysics.



Quote of The Week

"Make a gift of your life and lift all mankind by being kind, considerate, forgiving, and compassionate at all times, in all places, and under all conditions, with everyone as well as yourself.

This is the greatest gift anyone can give.”

David R. Hawkins

American Doctor, Author and Spiritual Teacher


Why Do We Suffer?

THERE IS SO MUCH SUFFERING going on in the world today and it is sad to see that people are living their lives in this way when they could be living joyful lives. It is possible to live in joy without suffering but we have been taught that who we are is what we experience.
We are taught from a young age that accumulating and gathering onto ourselves is the way to live. Whether it is knowledge, wealth, relationships or materials things, we are constantly trying to add to ourselves. We are taught that we can be happy and joyful when we accomplish certain things. If we can become educated then everything will be okay, if we can find a good job then everything will be okay, if we find a partner then I'm okay, if I have children I'm okay, if I save enough money I'm okay, if I have a house of my own I'm okay. But all of this accumulation never brings joy or happiness. Yes, for a little while after having the baby, or buying the house or graduating from College we find a little bit of happiness but it doesn't last. If only everyday could be like the day a baby is born, or when you buy the new house or new car or receive that Diploma. These moments come and go and the vast majority of the time becomes a struggle for people.
We experience ourselves through our body, mind and emotions and because we experience ourselves this way we believe we are the body, mind and emotions. We cannot see that these are the vehicles through which we can experience and that these vehicles are not who we are. Everything we have experienced has come to us through our five senses, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. This is how we experience everything. If for one moment we could experience life beyond these limited sense perceptions we could see that we are much more than this.
We have invested ourselves in everything out there which leaves us fully invested in something outside of our control. We invest in our partner, our house, our car, our job, our friends, our health, our future and leave nothing for ourselves. If any of these investments comes up short we feel that we have lost a part of ourselves and this is why we suffer. We always want these external investments to be the way we want them to be. If any of these things changes or looses its value we suffer.
A person told me that she loves her son but doesn't like her son. How can we love some one but not like them? Is it that we don't like them or that we don't like what they do, or say or how they act? If the same person turned around and said only nice things to you or acted in a very nice way and did everything the way you would expect, wouldn't you then like them also? Of course, so, it isn't the person we don't like, it is the personality, isn't that right?
This saying "I love you" has very little meaning if it is contingent on your expectations of the other. We like to say I love you and have some one tell us they love us because we all want that love and want to give it, but this idea of love that we have is very conditional isn't it. I love you if you stay they way you are, I love you if you don't cheat on me, and I love you if you support me. This isn't love, this is emotion looking for comfort.
We are never happy with ourselves because we are always looking to the next thing. Whatever we have it isn't enough. We want to have more money, more knowledge, more love, more fun, more peace, more of this and that. We could have 10 million dollars but we want more, we could have a nice house but we want a better one.
How much investing do we do in ourselves? When I say "ourselves" here, what I am speaking of is the you that is the observer within you, the essence and source of life that is constantly functioning in you. When you are living, there is something there that functions within you that has all of these experiences, and that essence of you can be shared with others through the body, mind and emotions but when this body stops functioning and the mind is no longer active no one wants to be around you. No one wants anything to do with the dead body and mind because "LIFE" has left it hasn't it. It is only when there is "LIFE" that others want to be with us, isn't that right.
So what is this "LIFE" we want to be with. Is it our personality, our job, our friends, our experiences, our body, our mind, or, is it the essence of life that operates within us that creates all of this. If we are constantly trying to become something else to please someone else or fit into the mold that someone else has prepared for us, then we will never know our true identity. Just as water takes the shape of the container it is in, you also have taken the shape of this container called body and mind, but where the water retains its identity, we believe that we are the container and it traps us there. We become so attached to the container that we think that this is all that exists. We talk about a Soul as something someone has as if it was another part or extremity of us. We talk about life this way also. We say, I have a life, I have a Soul. Who is this "I" that has the Soul and the life? Who is this "I" that has the body and the mind?
We are not the body, we are not the mind, and we are not even what we call the soul. What we are is beyond any limited possibility, beyond any idea or concept, we are limitless and boundless and this is why we are always trying to accumulate more and more. There is a knowing within us that we are so much more than what we experience with our limited sense perceptions and this knowing compels us to become more than our current experiences, but we are looking to expand ourselves through limited means which will always cause us suffering because nothing outside of ourselves can ever fulfill our true nature.
So, how can we be free of suffering, how can we live a joyful life when so much struggle is there in everyday life? As long as you identify yourself with all that is happening outside of you then suffering will be there, but if you can turn inward and experience yourself beyond this limited idea you have created of yourself, then you can become a joyous person, you can experience joy in all things. If you want to know joy then you must invest in your interiority not your exteriority. Examine this very carefully, when you are living life with the expectation that something outside of yourself can somehow bring you joy, then you are living in expectation, but when you are living from an inward perspective, then your joy is not contingent on external expectations.
Turn inward to know the limitless, boundless source of self that is there within you. It is there when the body and mind are there and it is there when the body and mind are gone.
May you come to know the joy of your true nature.
Edward Williamson is a Teacher of spiritual awareness and consciousness and also a teacher of Qi-Gong and Tai-Chi. With 20 years of experience in the martial arts and a life long journey towards higher levels of consciousness and awareness, Edward brings the teachings of Master Richard Kim and the Consciousness of the Christ and Gautama Buddha to those who attend his classes and seminars. Edward has had articles published in the magazine and is currently working on writing a book. You may contact Ed at



You Are the Source
THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE for most people is to accept the truth of Who they really are. They attend seminars, read books, listen to tapes, try all kinds of practices in order to find something or "attract" something they think they need in order to be happy, feeling prosperous, or to experience healing, and so on. In other words, they spend their whole life looking for everything they think it is missing in their lives somewhere else.
That keeps their attention out into the world, not realizing that everything they have been searching for, they already have. That's why it is said, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and Its righteousness, and all of these things will be added on to you." And where is the Kingdom? It is within!
So if the kingdom is within, why is it that most people look for the treasures of the kingdom outside, out into the world? Because the still voice that is whispering gently and softly asking them to turn within is overshadowed by the loud voice of the world, one that is rooted in fear. Although as stated earlier, everything we think we ever need we already have, the only way to accept that truth is by being willing to let go of everything we think we know. Not necessarily easy to do, especially in a world that worships the intellect, logic and knowledge over intuition, trust and inner guidance.
Many teachers for example focus on goals, on trying to teach me how to get what I want. The challenge with that way of thinking is that it assumes that I know what it is I want, or that I know what it is in my best interest. I like to share an excerpt from my book What Happens When You Let God:
Pretty much, every course I took had some sort of hidden agenda, whether it was through meditation, mantras, hard work, determination, visualization, focus, weekly meetings, it was all about teaching me how to get or manifest what I want. None of it was about letting go and trusting. It was all about some sort of control. This seemed to be the central message I received from every teacher, healer, and guru. It was also the same message I received from every course, seminar and workshop I attended. When I felt my life was not working, I was taught that "I" needed to do something in order to change it or fix it. But what if the reason my life was not working was because "I" was trying to do something in order to change it or fix it? And what if the change I was trying to make happen could end up being more disastrous than beneficial?
Until I was ready to truly let go and let Spirit take over my life, I was not able to have the direct experience of watching how I was always supported and how all of my needs were met. From that space of trust and fully surrender, I received the kind of guidance that has led me, and continues to lead to true fulfillment.
The truth is, if you remember Who you really are, no matter what it is you are guided to do, you know you'll always be taken care of. That's how you experience freedom in a real sense. A Course in Miracles reminds me:
You can never be deprived of your perfect holiness because its Source goes with you wherever you go. You can never suffer because the Source of all joy goes with you wherever you go. You can never be alone because the Source of all life goes with you wherever you go. Nothing can destroy your peace of mind because God goes with you wherever you go.
- W.pI.41.4:1-4
What it is meant by the Source goes with you, is that you and the Source are one. So wherever you are, You are the Source. Joel S. Goldsmith, in his classic book The Infinite Way states:
We must understand that money is not supply, but is the result or effect of supply. There is no such thing as a supply of money, clothes, homes, automobiles, or food. All these constitute the effect of supply, and if this infinite supply were not present within you, there never would be 'the added things' in your experience.
But how can you possibly acknowledge that truth, unless you stop looking for it (your Source) everywhere else? This is not to say that there is anything wrong with going to a class, or reading a book, or studying with a teacher. What I am emphasizing is to practice listening to your Inner Teacher. And if there is a class, a teacher, or a resource that will assist you in deepening your connection, and help clear some of the static in your communication with Source, you'll be led to it. Not by external manipulation but by inner guidance.
I'll share an example from my book, What Happens When You Let God, so you can see the difference between visualization and visioning:
So what happens when we let go and let God? An interesting thing takes place. Visualization is replaced by visioning. The visioning process is completely opposite of visualization for it is not about creating images of what we want, but allowing the images to naturally appear on the screen of our conscious awareness. Simply put, you don't ask God (Spirit) for what you want; you simply make yourself available so that God (Spirit) can use you. And the process is not only easier it is actually natural. Even though most people think that by visualizing what they want, what they are doing is asking God (Spirit) for help, or as some may say, "co-creating" with God (Spirit), in reality, what they are saying is, "God (Spirit) please let me do this on my own." So we visualize what we want, put lots of energy into it and realize that we end up exhausted because it does not seem natural. And the truth is, it is not natural because of the following paradox which says, "At the same time that you are the producer, the director and the writer of your own movie, at that very same time you play an extra in a much bigger play."
So even when you think you are the one making choices, at a much deeper level these are choices you are being moved to make, as denoted in the saying, God's Will be done. In other words, you cannot force someone who is passionate about music to become a doctor and then expect that person to be happy, nor anyone else who is forced to do something contrary to what he or she likes. Temporarily we could learn to love and appreciate anything, but if we are not in alignment with our reason for being here, happiness and joy will elude us. Abraham Maslow said it best when he wrote:
"A musician MUST make music, a poet MUST write,
an Artist MUST paint, if he wants to be at peace with himself."
The choices, which lead to true happiness, infinite joy, peace and fulfillment are the ones which naturally arise from us through visioning, and not through forcing ourselves to visualize.
And from that space of true surrender and trust we have access to our innate power, the source within. In simple words, within you is the power to create anything you can possibly imagine. But in order to have access to that power, you have to let go of each and everyone of your personal agendas.
The reason being is, your personal agendas always have to do with seeking something you think will make you feel whole when in reality, your wholeness is what you extend out into the world, a world that is one with you. There is a line from A Course in Miracles' original version that states:
The idea of buying and selling implies precisely the kind of exchange that the Soul cannot understand at all because its supply is always abundant and all its demands are fully met.
So how do we get to experience the fullness of our Real Source? By simply letting go and letting God, which is the complete opposite of what we've been taught by every teacher who suggest that we are the ones who decide what we want, that we are the ones in control. This brings up the line from the Scriptures, which states: "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want." [Psalms 23:1] What the sentence is suggesting, is that instead of us telling Spirit our plans, let us be guided by It. The reason being is, imagine being in the middle of the jungle. From a distance it looks very beautiful and breathtaking, however, if we dare to go in, we will encounter lots of very dangerous and vicious animals that could kill us in seconds.
Well, the purpose of the shepherd is to lead us back to safety because the shepherd not only knows the imminent dangers that reside within the forest, but She/He also knows the easiest and safest path home. But in order for us to let the shepherd lead us, we need to fully trust without question. In other words, we must relinquish our individual wants (wanting to explore the forest) and let the shepherd lead us.
When the shepherd leads us - in other words, when we truly listen - our guidance comes from within and we find ourselves being inspired. But when we want to take charge, our guidance comes from the world and we find ourselves making decision that result in very disastrous consequences. That's why it is said, "be careful what you pray for because you may end up getting it." So when we are led from within, aside from experiencing a life filled with joy and fulfillment, and as our faith is strengthened, we also give ourselves the opportunity to see how the Source of everything is found within, and how the universe always takes care of each and everyone of our needs. For it is said,
Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?
- Matthew 6:26
So why it is unnecessary to seek for anything outside of ourselves? Because since you and God, Spirit, whatever name suits you best, are one, and Spirit is the Source of it all, then it can be concluded that you are the Source.
Nick Arandes, before publishing his latest book entitled What Happens When You Let God, was part of the self-help movement for close to 20 years. He published 4 books, produced CDs and DVDs, wrote countless articles and touched the lives of many people worldwide before becoming homeless, broke and diagnosed with a thyroid tumor. Then, a miraculous turn of events led him to the teachings of A Course in Miracles. That's when he discovered that to live a happy, fulfilling, joyful and prosperous life requires no struggle at all. To find out more about Nick's work with A Course In Miracles, watch him on video, and to order his book visit: And for Nick's Course in Miracles' daily blog simply visit:




What Does My Future Hold?
THIS IS A QUESTION that most people have asked at least once in their lives, and is asked more frequently in light of these changing times. As we move through the New Earth paradigm shift, it is natural to sense a stronger need to know the future and given the various theories floating about regarding 2012 and beyond, many are left feeling a deeper sense of uncertainty about their future and the future of this planet!
The truth is that our future will always be a direct reflection of our current beliefs and thoughts!
If we spend the majority of our mental and emotional energy in the past looking for answers, for happier times, or for redemption, we will perpetuate that energy continuum into our future. Alternately, if we spend the majority of our energy in the future, we miss out on the divinity and clarity available to us in the present. It is common for some of us spend the majority of our energy focussed in the past while others spend the majority of their energy in the future. Regardless of which direction we are consciously and subconsciously focusing our attention, we are most certainly not spending time in the present!
Presence allows us to be aware of our life force, our beingness, our infinite potential, our vision, our divine mission and values, our unique gifts and talents and so on. Presence allows us to expand our multidimensional channels of communication through all of our twelve energy bodies thus fully aligning to the love and light energies of the Creator and our infinite creative potential.
In aligning with the energy of creation, we allow ourselves to fully embody our "creation" story which holds the unique frequencies of our soul, our purpose, our ancient wisdom and divine talents, our harmonic structure and our plan of divine evolution. It also divinely connects us with our Oversoul, our soul family, and our "soul mates" thus providing us with the deepest sense of connection; connection to all that is and will ever be!
Hence, spending time outside of the present moment disconnects us on all levels, including: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, sexually, socially, creatively, and financially. This disconnection often leaves us feeling isolated, alienated, and alone and leads to adopt an illusion of separation which forces the ego to go into self-preservation mode.
When we are in self-preservation mode, the ego (our mind) generates thoughts out of fear that usually begin with What if...? The more "what if" thinking we generate, the more anxiety we create. When we're feeling anxious, separate and fearful we often find ourselves looking to the future with the hope of happier times, thus generating questions like, What does my future hold? Yet, the more time we spend in the future, the more we expand the energies of fear and separation. The more that we expand these energies, the more fear and uncertainty we feel and the more we try to escape to the future with the false expectation that it will be the oasis that our present moment does not seem to be! This can leave us feeling like a hamster on a wheel; constantly spinning (our minds) but never getting anywhere!
So, when we ask, What does my future hold? we are really looking for our oasis. Our hearts know that our oasis is found through being fully connected in the present moment to the infinite energy of creation, yet our mind has misled us to believe that happiness, joy, abundance, connection, and balance are somewhere in the future.
The question, "what does my future hold?" is really a loaded question because there are so many questions and statements that lie beneath it. I invite you to explore what may be occurring for you when you find yourself looking to the future and what you may be looking for. Here are some examples of what you may really want to know when you ask this question:
a.. Is everything going to be okay?
b.. Am I going to be okay?
c.. How can I create the life I deserve and wish to live?
d.. What is my soul purpose?
e.. How can I be at peace with myself and/or my situation?
f.. How can I live a life free of fear and anxiety?
g.. How can I create a sense of belonging and overcome loneliness?
h.. How can I feel fully connected and alive?
i.. How can I make peace with money and embrace abundance and prosperity?
j.. How can I embrace opportunities rather than limitations?
k.. How can I create hope?
As you can see, these are just some examples of what you may really wish to know. When asking the question, What does my future hold? we already know the answer! We know in our hearts that our future is a manifestation of our current beliefs. We know that our future will align itself to the energies and expectations that we attach to it.
If we see limitation in our future, that is what we will experience. If we see joy, peace, harmony, ease, abundance, and love in our future, then so it will be. So, it is important for us to know what we want our future to be so that we may begin answering this question ourselves.
A more exalted version of this question would be, "I want to create _______ in my life. What do I need to clear from and/or invite into my life in order to create this?" This makes us active participants in our journey! Asking What does my future hold? invokes a passive energy which reflects a lack of ownership over our lives. It implies a false assumption that our future is out of our control, when in fact, we are (and have always been) powerful co-creators. The more active we are in co-creating, the more our future will align to our vision.
When consulting with our guides for answers about our future, they can only guide us on the most joyous path versus the least joyous path; the path that we choose to walk is up to us! They may provide guidance about our future path, but it is their sacred contract and duty to honour the Universal Law of Free Will and love us through guidance rather than action. It is still up to us to put one foot before the other and walk our path; the Creator works with us, not for us!
When we align to the energy of presence we are tapped into the full and infinite power of creation. Imagine the limitless possibilities of what we may create in our lives? Moreover, this is a time of rapid acceleration of creative energy in the universe, so I invite you to be mindful that whatever intentions you send out through the power of creation will expand exponentially! What are your intentions for your future?
I also invite you conduct an interesting experiment with yourself. Perhaps, you may wish to experiment with replacing the question, "What does my future hold?" with, "What does my present moment hold?" This allows you to return to your divine state of innonence and wonder as you experience the essence of you. Being an observer of your life can yield very interesting insights and opportunities! Enjoy!
However you choose to be more mindful of your present moment, I wish you magic and miracles as you align to the power of your creation story! Namaste.
Jennifer Longmore, host of "Soul Journeys® Live" is an international healer, speaker, teacher, and founder of the Soul Journeys® School for Spiritual Studies and the Soul Journeys® Method. She shares her expertise with thousands of people around the globe each year as an Akashic Record Teacher-Consultant, Direct Channel, Ascension Specialist, Medical Intuitive, and Light Worker in helping people permanently shift the limiting beliefs and patterns that prevent them from being who they really are. To learn more about Jennifer and the services and courses that she offers, please visit or call 905-646-9168.



Poem of The Month


We speak with the lip, and we dream in the soul,
Of some better and fairer day;
And our days, the meanwhile, to that golden goal
Are gliding and sliding away.
Now the world becomes old, now again it is young,
But "The better" 's forever the word on the tongue.
At the threshold of life hope leads us in--
Hope plays round the mirthful boy;
Though the best of its charms may with youth begin,
Yet for age it reserves its toy.

by Friedrich von Schiller




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