Monday, June 29, 2009

Death Could Occur If IHSS Dies In CA - X~Ray Your Soul~1

Death Could Occur If IHSS Dies In CA - X~Ray Your Soul~1

And the suffering goes on in California...the latest propsed budget cuts include slashing essential community services such as In Home Assistance programs which provide imperative assistance to the disabled,elderly and health impaired.Under normal circumstances,these people could not remain in their own homes without this essential service. In effect this program prevents unnecessary hospital addmissions,unnecessary nursing home placements and promotes independence within one's own environment.

So now what?
More people on the unemployment list of California as those who provide this essential service,such as carers, will no longer have jobs...those that receive the care either will suffer increased health issues related to poor ability to self provide/care and in all likelihood higher rates of hospital admission directly related to poor living conditions induced by the inability to self help. Care recipients also face unnecessary placement into nursing home environments related to the incapacity to provide full self care and the additional burden and grief of losing their homes and all they love. Self care does not just involve the daily tasks of hygiene care,dressing and the general activities of daily living,but also incoporates accessing appointments,food shopping,housework,laundry and accessing medications. All these tasks are provided by In Home Assistance Programs.
And if this ends...then what happens?

Families and key persons in the lives of care recipients face increased burdens emotionally,physically,mentally and financially as they will struggle to provide the same level of required care which the Government is cutting. In many cases,it is impossible for family or key persons to provide the level of care required,and there are many cases where there are no family or key persons involved.
The extra stress on all levels will lead to increased health issues for all involved and invariably increasing health care costs ,financial burdens across the board and inevitably death of the disadvantaged.

Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.

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