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United In Spirit Connection Vol 15


Dear ones Welcome!

This week has been a week of development. Many of you may have noticed new graphics for the avatars of the groups. Yes, we look very professional and inviting! Many long hours went into creating the perfect graphic for each group, with long searches just to find the picture that epitomises the essence of the relevant topic. Hoping you enjoy!

I have also spent time developing a promotional video for our community which encompasses the essence of who we are, what we do and what we stand for. The best way to do this was to incorporate our beautiful new graphics with music which delivered a message. Here is our promo video:


The video is displayed on our home page at Wetpaint, Ning and Youtube. Already it has had over 20 views within just a few hours of posting it on Youtube!

In other news, many of you have enjoyed reading Shade Law's Healing Through Reverse  NLP articles. Now there is a new series called The NLP Of Emotions focusing on the emotional aspect of neuro linguistics programming. Many of you would also know that I co-author this series on X~Ray Your Soul ( accessible HERE ). Now the exciting part is that we have a book in development incorporating this particular series! The book cover is complete and displays Shade's beautiful graphic art skills. Here is a sneak peak..


Once completed the book will be available for download, we will keep you informed!

In other news, we have a new group called Dreams


~A group to focus on dreams, dream interpretation and meaning. Have a dream to share? For those interested in the symbology of dreams.

Check out this group HERE




Intuitive Awareness Meditation

By Colleen-Joy Page

I offer you the 4 steps Intuitive Awareness Meditation. To do this meditation, you simply take 10 minutes, close your eyes and direct your attention and awareness to different levels of awareness.
This is a very simple technique that I have developed and used as the basis for advanced intuitive work for over 20 years. Whenever I need to get clarity, peace or insight I use this 4 step process to get centred and open. I suggest that you practice this 4 step process often until it becomes a natural response. Regular and skilled focal awareness makes for an extraordinary journey of personal empowerment, enlightenment, healing and growth.
Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take several deep breaths to relax and draw your awareness inwards. Take your attention to each of the following stages of awareness and ALLOW yourself to be open and attentive at each. Don't censor or edit, don't hold back or expect. Just allow, hold your awareness and return it, if it drifts away.
The four stages of Intuitive awareness are:
Physical awareness
Place and hold your awareness IN the body and give cognisance to sensations and physical impressions, not avoiding but staying with subtle or strong sensations in the body. Become aware of and mentally describe the overall feelings and sensations in the body. Pay particular attention to whether the feelings are OPEN or CLOSED in nature, LOW or HIGH in energy, EXPANDED or CONTRACTED in a subtle overall sense. Learn to notice these basic physical awareness levels and to notice when they change.
Emotional awareness
Next ask and intend to feel emotions (subtle or strong) in the body. Move your awareness around your body and notice if different parts of your body have different emotions e.g. chest may feel heavy (physical) and then sad (emotional).
Opening to an awareness of feelings in your body and giving these feelings recognition (not shrinking back from them, but staying with them and exploring them - like you would explore the experience of listening to and feeling music). Stay with the story and the experience that you find here for a while. Use words to describe the feelings in more detail. Include more physical descriptions too e.g. does it feel happy or sad, ashamed or freeing, peaceful or frightening, angry or joyful?
Mental awareness
While engaged in the feelings and emotions, explore thinking through contemplation, questioning and inner dialogue. Give voice to the feelings and allow yourself to engage in unconditionally opening to your inner world to gain understanding and compassion. Ask questions like why am I feeling this way? And what does that feeling mean? Etc. Open to the inner thoughts that FLOW from your mind and from within the feelings.
Soul awareness
Once engaged in your inner world, open to the presence of your spiritual support OR if you don't have a spiritual reality simply open to PEACE. Here the intention is to look at the same inner physical, emotional, mental experience or the inner story that has woken up through this awareness exercise, but now imagine that you are experiencing this from the new perspective of peace, OR simply holding and sharing your inner experience with the presence of peace, or your spiritual support ; this is profoundly transformative. Each level is supported by the one before.
You cannot easily access Soul awareness without mental awareness. You cannot reach mental awareness without emotional awareness. And you cannot reach emotional awareness without physical awareness. The starting point and holding point is therefore ALWAYS physical awareness. Stay in the body!
Your inner universe is as vast and incredible as the outer, use the 4 step Intuitive Awareness Process to explore and build a relationship with your inner universe.
Copyright © Colleen-Joy Page 2008
From the office of Colleen-Joy Page, The Academy of Metaphysics. Colleen specializes in training others in powerful tools like intuition and dream work.




What Are You Made For?

By Laura M. Turner

Often society dictates our thoughts, our wardrobe, our style, even our weight. But, what happens if we're not perfect in "their" eyes? In my mind, there's two choices: 1) Spend endless hours chasing images of what we "should" be or 2) Spend time discovering the answer to the question: "what's perfect for me?"
If you've ever found yourself struggling with your image of self as it pertains to your peers, consider this your freedom ticket. Here, I'll outline several ways to enhance your personal beauty and self-worth. Further, it won't cost you anything more than your time and focus. It may even liberate you and empower you to be free to be who you are and become more of who you want to be. Here's three of my favorite ways to get you moving toward the "you" you desire to become.
Take Time To Discover Your "Self"
In effort to find ourselves truly and authentically, we need to first do what my favorite spiritual guru, Dr. Wayne Dyer says: "leave the tribe." This does not mean moving to a remote area of the country, nor does it mean ex-communicating yourself from friends and family. Simply, taking time to dream and imagine who you'd like to be authentically can create a foundation for true self-definition.
Dr. Dyer also tells us that the tribe need not know we've even left! He explains: You are the only one who needs to know you are working toward establishing yourself away and apart from the masses. Again, this does not mean selling off worldly belongings and moving to the woods. Perhaps it simply means turning off the tube for a week and spending down-time being quiet. Or expressing your creativity through the art of writing, drawing or doing something of your choice that you love to do. The list is endless. You will know when you've found your own piece of nature if the place or activity gives you peace and quiets the world around you.
Take Responsibility For Your Gifts
We have all been given gifts by the universe, but here's the challenge: It is up to us to use them! We know that our gifts were given to us for a reason, to use, explore, enjoy and share with others. As my friend tells me: When we use our gifts, God smiles. It pleases God when we use our talents and when doing so we are blessed.
Listen closely to your intuition to find what gives you energy. Follow this path toward your gifts. I truly believe If we each learn to live more authentically, share our gifts with the world and focus on the positive - we will be shown more ways to express our talents and serve the greater good. In my mind, it cannot happen any other way. What we care about and place our attention on expands. Take some time to observe yourself closely: Do you have an ear for music, eye for art, literature? What's your gift? Ask yourself: Are you taking absolute responsibility for it (them)?
Create a Personal Mission Statement
If you are with me so far, you'll be taking time out of your busy schedule to find and nurture the God given gifts bestowed upon you. In addition, once you've identified your talents or dreams, try one of my favorite siren songs to the universe: create a personal mission statement. This is a technique I like to use and my contribution to the notion of discovering yourself.
Pause for a moment and ask yourself what you'd like people to remember about you. What do you believe you are here to do? In other words: What do you stand for? As Martin Luther King tells us: "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." It need only be a short statement. Here's mine: To inspire. It's that simple. Identify your mission (or choose one) and put it in pen - you'll be amazed at what develops. Each day I look carefully for ways to use my gifts in concert with my personal mission statement.
In Conclusion
In Conversations With God, the author Neale Donald Walsch teaches us that life has no purpose save the one we give it. What's your purpose? It's a simple, yet thought provoking question. Give it some thought. If you need help sorting out your ideas, check out the classic: What Color Is Your Parachute? By Richard Nelson Bolles or my personal favorite: Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck. Most of all, be brave! Declare you mission, identify and take responsibility for your gifts. Let them expand and contribute them to the world. You're positive energy will become contagious. And when evaluating your self-image remember: it all begins with you.
About the author: Laura M. Turner, M.S., CHHP is a natural health practitioner and author. She hosts Beauty and Body Online and publishes the New Body News and Wellness Letter. Subscribe freely and receive her Special Report: "Take Charge of Your Health!" and check out her latest book: Spiritual Fitness!




Cycles of Experience

In the eyes of God we are divine, powerful spiritual beings whose humanity serves the purpose of experiencing the material plane. And we are here with a dual purpose, to reconnect to our own spiritual origins and authority and to create that energy on the planet. That sounds so easy and effortless, so why is our life path often so difficult? It can be easier when we understand the cycles of experience, how our spiritual authority is challenged and why this happens.
Each of our lifetimes is a cycle of experience, learning, healing and release. That is to say each cycle presents us with an opportunity for this to happen. Sometimes we get all the way through a cycle and experience a tremendous shift in our being-that is when enlightenment and ascension occur. Or we can go through our life cycles over and over again thinking we are extremely unlucky, hating the circumstances of our life and feeling that we are challenged at every level. Our spiritual authority is activated when we understand that we have choices in all matters and that how our reality unfolds is up to us.

We can think of our lessons as a challenge to our spiritual authority. That is not the case. Our lessons are designed to help us re-establish our spiritual authority on the material plane, to show us where we are being powerless, to reconnect to Source and to bring balance between the material and spiritual worlds. It is our inability to remember or unwillingness to use our spiritual authority that creates problems. When we begin to reconnect to our spiritual self we begin to see the cycles of experience, how lessons unfold and their purpose on our journey. Then we can claim our spiritual authority and raise our vibrations beyond the cycles and create a different reality.
The challenge of every human is to reconnect to God's vision of who we are and to understand that our individual life cycles are a mirror of those that happen on the planet. That is why each of us is so important to the ascension and enlightenment process that is happening right now. Our human experience is both individual and collective and now, more than ever, we are aware of this aspect of our journey, how we are all connected and are all one. This is our chance to end the eons long earth cycles of pain, suffering, war, chaos and fear and create a new paradigm of unconditional love and an understanding of our spiritual authority. We came here for this purpose and we are succeeding as each new understanding brings us closer to remembering who we are and we have spiritual authority and can create heaven on earth for ourselves and then spread that energy to others.




"Imagine the world as a place where the hearts of people leap up in joy and ecstatic recognition whenever eyes meet. Imagine that every street and byway is heavenly and the chance passing of a stranger is an opportunity to experience another unique and splendid aspect of Divine Consciousness manifesting in a person."

The Eyes are the "Windows of the Soul".
The Eyes are exposed ends of the optic nerve. This optic nerve is connected to the pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands located in the "Cave of Brahman" in the brain. This "cave" is also the physical receptor of subtle guidance from high realms of spirit.
This means that the eyes are a direct spiritual link through which the spiritual self of one person can glimpse the Spiritual Self of another.
The Presence of the Divine Spirit shines through the unique and
special eyes of each child of Light with inimitable splendor.
The unique beautiful qualities of Divine Being - transcendent qualities such as compassion, sacredness, purity, innocence, supreme authority, ecstasy, and every other wonderful divine gift in unimaginable richness and variety - are often seen and felt as blessings through deep meaningful eye contact.

All that is required for miraculous transformation is a change in attunement on the part of the viewer from one who looks to one who SEES. This shift in perspective from mundane to cosmic attunement in the viewer is to become commonplace in the emerging new age, a time when every day may be full of magical encounters.

Feelings are magnetism, and are gateways to manifestation on the physical plane. Allow strong flowing divine feelings of love and friendship that spiritualize material things.

As Divine Love manifest on earth in practical ways, the love and friendship between the sons and daughters of Divine Being and with all other beings in creation, creates waves and waves of special flowing divine emotions. These feelings of love and friendship attract heavenly hosts and also penetrate matter, making even the ground holy. In this way Heaven and Earth become one and the Alpha and the Omega join and become one.

All creation desires to express perfect Divine Will for the highest good of all and manifest divine love in practical expression in day to day life.

The prophets of old told of this time. It is a time when polarities no longer collide in conflict, but instead work in perfect harmony.

Shall we seek the highest good of all, unite all polarity within ourselves in blissful peaceful union. When negativity is met with unconditional love all-encompassing and unconditional, and shines more like the love of God "whose love is like the sun; it shines equally on the good and bad alike."
When negativity is met with unconditional all-encompassing love, a transformation and transmutation takes place that is similar to lead turning into gold.
Mostly by Cynthia Rose and the Angels
Angel Degrees in Spiritual Sanctus




Living in Light

We're all on the path to enlightenment, says relationships
counsellor Dr Charmaine Saunders. We can learn the hard way, or we
can embrace the process. She offers her guidance.

Enlightenment is consciousness. Enlightenment is wisdom.
Enlightenment is spiritual awareness.

There are many paths to this state of being. Some are deliberate,
chosen; others, we find ourselves on just through the business of
living and the daily choices we make. The latter is the more painful
route, the road not chosen. We've all been through it in one way or
another, regardless of our age, lifestyles or life experience. A
crisis, a tragedy, a death, a loss -- any of these can force
enlightenment upon us and yes, the rewards are deep and rich but
earned the painful way.

I for one prefer to learn my lessons as effortlessly as possible so
that's what I put out to the Universe at the start of each new
month, each new year, each solar return (birthdays)-- may I learn my
lessons painlessly. Since I've begun asking, my prayer has been
greeted with a measure of clarity that indeed allows me to garner
whatever insight I'm meant to have more quickly and easily. I no
longer have to experience all the angst, dramas and prolonged
emotional catharsis I used to. The challenges still come, of course,
because I'm alive and here and a human being, but I see them
differently. When we look back at the particularly dark periods of
our past and revisit the loneliness, isolation, confusion,
hopelessness, self pity, the sheer hurt, we wonder how we got
through it and straightaway also comes the memory of the gifts that
accompanied even the worst agonies.

We humans are magnificent, beautifully flawed, brave and spirited,
most of all, resilient. Enlightenment is worth whatever we have to
do to get it. But the smart way is to choose it, embrace the
process, whether it be traditional religion, Eastern religion, Yoga,
meditation, New Age principles, bodywork, whatever path appeals to
you. Don't try to understand it intellectually; surrender to it.
I've had Kinesiology a few times and couldn't explain it if my life
depended on it but it works. So, when I lie down on the
practitioner's table, I let go and trust. I've done Yoga, studied
astrology, numerology and Buddhism. I'm a traveller, a seeker, a
student of life and I will never stop learning till I leave the
planet. Am I enlightened? Certainly not all the way, but I see the
light firmly ahead and I 'm always walking towards it. That's what
enlightenment means to me.

Why then, if we're all directly or indirectly being led to
enlightenment, is there so much unhappiness in the world? Fear.
Resistance. And more fear. Even when we're shown the light, we still
have to know it's light we're seeing. Some only see darkness and
that darkness blocks out the sun and everything that is good.

How then can we seek and sustain enlightenment in a world gone mad
with materialism, technology and competition, one that is riddled
with fear and insecurity?

Here are some of the things that have helped me:


Acceptance takes away judgement and therefore enables the light to
come through. Anything that takes us away from the light, from our
truest selves, such as fear, control, self doubt, hatred, anger,
conflict, negative thinking, should be avoided. In the light, we can
flourish, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. Acceptance
brings with it a sense of peace and serenity because we put down all
that fatigues us, all the fighting and arguing over differences, all
one upmanship. What differences? Acceptance wipes them all out and
only radiates love.


Detachment is directly related to acceptance because when we detach
from judgement, we start becoming more objective about other things
too. I always suggest to my counselling clients that as we grow and
change more, gain more interior wisdom, we can start becoming
observers of our own lives. In this way, we step out of emotional
responses that might lead us astray. Indeed, we become truly
enlightened, able to make wiser choices, know our true hearts and
drop our defences.


This is really the foundation of all happiness and thus,
enlightenment. Without peace of mind, everything is difficult; with
it, everything is possible. It is absolutely imperative to all areas
of health and wellbeing. It stems from self acceptance and feeling
comfortable in one's own skin, feeling complete and in harmony.


Fear is the antithesis of trust. It engenders control and
defensiveness. When we trust, we are totally open to life, willing
to surrender the reins and knowing that all is good and we are safe.
What could be brighter than that?


Almost all topics in NOVA lead to love. That's because it is the
living ingredient in all our endeavours and certainly in the quest
for enlightenment. Love is enlightenment and enlightenment is love.
Remember love resides inside each of us which means we can never be
without it. So the ultimate enlightenment is within. We have an
inner sanctuary which is nothing but light and we have access to it


Joy also emanates from love and flows from the lifeforce, and is
thus, again, a birthright and constantly available to us.
The astrologer, Jonathan Cainer, says, "When the light of happiness
is shining, sadness simply has to disappear." I see enlightenment as
an umbrella that shields from us darkness and ignorance, protects
all that is good in life.

Now we know what brings us to enlightenment, maybe we should
consider how to best reach it by choice rather than wait for it to
be thrust upon us. Here is a blueprint based on the counselling
process I use and that you can apply in your own life.


Just the act of asking for help seems to have a magical effect. We
know that acknowledgement of a problem brings us halfway to solving
it. But how does counselling help, specifically? There's the obvious
benefit of venting, expressing feelings and basically just
unloading. After this happens, there can be a sense of euphoria, but
then the hard work begins. There can be no healing without pain, not
because we can't learn lessons joyfully, but rather because the pain
itself is the cure. We have to delve deep to where the truth lies,
where pain is and salvation too.


It begins with confronting the past. Childhood has a lot of
information for us. It's not about blame or dwelling on old hurts,
but rather to look at the influence of our childhoods on our current
lives, our choices, feelings, behaviours, actions, relationships,
everything. As children, we absorb core beliefs about literally
everything. These form the patterns by which we live as adults and
the key belief is the one about ourselves which, in turn, dictates
our self value. We can't know what beliefs are at the conscious
level, but we can ascertain what they are by looking at the lives we
lead. Poor health, relationships, work life, financial affairs, home
life and so on tell us a lot about our self image and what from the
past is harming us. Once we identify the problem areas, we can work
to release the patterns
that are negatively driving us.


We are not one dimensional. We are made up of a mass of polarities.
Part of self acceptance is embracing the many opposing qualities
that make up our personalities. If we only love the positive parts
of ourselves, we are in judgement and thus, not self accepting. It's
hugely liberating to see our light and dark aspects and love it all,
to walk in balance between the two energies with no preference. That
is true psychological health. When we love ourselves
unconditionally, we also stop judging others - enlightenment.


We can't live free, pure, enlightened lives until we synthesise past
and present, exorcise the old demons and stand proudly in our
imperfections. This process is arduous, lonely, even frightening.
But what we gain is literally priceless. More than a new beginning,
more than life change, more than emotional and psychological
freedom. Spiritually, we are already perfect, but we're not here on
the planet to be anything other than human. That is the whole point
and our journeys on Earth are about growth and lessons and healing.
Our stories may differ, but that experience doesn't ultimately vary.

So, going back to the beginning, the three definitions for
enlightenment I offered -
consciousness: substitute the word awareness. Awareness is the
beginning of all enlightenment. Without it, we are most definitely
in the dark. Self knowledge and flexibility opens the door to
further exploration and positive change.
wisdom: here I see the absence of hatred, bigotry, judgement,
conflict, pettiness, competitiveness, limitation. No enlightened
person engages in these. Instead, there's compassion, love, honesty,
forgiveness and empathy.

Spiritual awareness: from consciousness comes wisdom and then
spiritual awareness. We're all spiritual from birth, but awareness
of our spirituality is something else. There might need to be some
effort expended to come to this realisation in the same way as
counselling or bodywork or yoga or meditation brings us to better
self knowledge. Living intuitively and in trust changes everything.

Life becomes experiential, experimental, daring, adventurous.

That's what living in light is all about.

Welcome to enlightenment.




The Wisdom Of Your Inner Sage

B Y   H E A T H E R   F R A S E R


DEEP WITHIN OUR BEING lays a priceless treasure waiting to be discovered. It has always been there. It will always be there. It is we who have abandoned it. This treasure is what I like to call our Inner Sage.

So many of us, when faced with challenges or adversity will automatically search for something outside ourselves to either heal the pain, deny the pain, or find the answer. Some will take the road of addiction and denial, others will find solace in the arms of yet another relationship, and still others will go on an endless search of enlightenment hanging onto every word spoken or written by the latest self proclaimed master. Whatever the road, if it is leading you on a journey away from your Self, it is not serving you.

I can write about this because I have done all of these things in my own search for peace. It didn't work.

What I have discovered is that peace wells up from within when I do four things with commitment and discipline. These four things are:

  • Spirit - acknowledging its presence in my life.
  • Acceptance - of what is.
  • Gratitude - for everything.
  • Empowerment - feeling it and owning the feeling that comes from this practice.

When we can do this, we are tapping into our Inner Sage. This is the infinite wisdom living inside of our hearts. This is the priceless treasure we have within. This is where peace lives.

So just what does a typical practice look like in the life of someone committed to his or her Inner Sage?

Step One - Spirit
For me it begins with daily journal writing or meditation. Any practice that has a purifying and cleansing effect at a soul level. This could also include a solitary hike in nature, yoga, a meditative jog, or some form of artistic expression. Mostly it is something that you do on your own to draw you inward towards your Sage. This is a daily discipline. This becomes an honouring of your soul.

Step Two - Acceptance
How many times a day do we find ourselves "pushing against" what is? You'd be amazed how often this happens if you start to make a conscious effort to pay attention to all the times you are irritated, angry, annoyed, judgmental. This is not peaceful, and that is how we begin to notice the many times we are not accepting our current reality because we are not feeling like we were when we were in Step One!

If we are not pleased with the way something is playing out in our reality, from the traffic jam on the way to work, to the weather forecast we are judging, to the way your partner annoyingly slurps his coffee we are always at choice. It's important to remember this. Things like weather and traffic jams are pretty much out of our control so choosing to be annoyed by these things seems self-defeating to me. However, if someone decides they would like to project all their anger onto you for some reason, it is also important to remember that we are at choice. First we must accept that this is happening.

If we don't accept a current reality and go into denial instead, or end up making a zillion excuses for the other person's behaviour, we throw our power away and become a victim. If in the moment we say, "Okay, I'm scared. This person is losing it on me," we can then move on to the next thought which might be, "Am I going to take this or not? Does this feel peaceful or not? Can I change this situation or not? Do I need some help to help me change this situation?"

Step Three - Gratitude
I feel this the most when I am out in nature. For others it may be when you look at your sleeping child, when you are genuinely giving or openly receiving love, when you are writing about all that you are grateful for in a journal, when you come across breathtaking beauty, or hear a magnificent piece of music. Whatever it is that sends us to that place of Gratitude, it behooves us to go there more often. The feeling of Gratitude is the closest we can ever get to knowing what God feels like. It is a state of Grace, and it's impossible to feel unhappy and grateful at the same time.

Step Four - Empowerment
When I follow Steps One, Two and Three, I feel Empowered. This is an energy that nourishes us from the inside out. It is strong and powerful yet gentle, loving and respectful all at the same time. Empowerment is a feeling quite different from a hyped up motivational sense of energy that comes from a seminar or tape, for as soon as the speaker is gone or the tape is over, we find ourselves falling right back into old patterns again. Empowerment is the grace of our Inner Sage. It is the reward we get for following the path of the invisible One. It is a slow, mindful, underground, unmistakable rumbling presence of a force so loving, so powerful, so full of integrity and wisdom, that if we ever unleashed it in it's fullest form, we would probably have no reason to be here any longer, for we would no longer be physical. But how magnificent to have access to such an inner guide while we are here. It's all a matter of choice.

Connecting with our Inner Sage takes desire first and foremost. If you feel like your life has become stagnant, out of control, boring, or you find yourself asking questions like, "what's it's all about, why am I here, what is my purpose?" you can rest assured that your Inner Sage is calling to you to seek it out for the answers. How much do you want to feel like the creator of your life? How strong is your desire to change what is no longer working? How much inner peace can you stand? The answers to these questions lay patiently waiting within your very soul.




Quote Of The Week

"True happiness... arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one's self." --Joseph Addison





What are you noticing in your life? What have you been placing your awareness on? What's been occupying your mind and your heart?

What have you been paying attention to?




 United In Spirit's Healing List


  • Shade Law
  • Vonda
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  • Earth
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  • And all that need healing

Thank you to all that send much needed healing, it is a great gift you share.  Big Hug



“Dear God,
May every aspect of my being
be converted to Truth.
May every cell fall into place
and serve a higher plan.
I no longer wish to be
who I was.
I wish to be more.


by Marianne Williamson



Stepping Stones

by Barbara Williams Copyright © Barbara Williams. All rights reserved.

Come, take my hand, the road is long.
We must travel by stepping stones.
No, you're not alone. I've been there.
Don't fear the darkness. I'll be with you.
We must take one step at a time.
But remember, we may have to stop awhile.
It's a long way to the other side
And there are many obstacles.

We have many stones to cross.
Some are bigger than others.
Shock, denial, and anger to start.
Then comes guilt, despair, and loneliness.
It's a hard road to travel, but it must be done.
It's the only way to reach the other side.


Come, slip your hand in mind.
What? Oh, yes, it's strong.
I've held so many hands like yours.
Yes, mine was once small and weak like yours.
Once, you see, I had to take someone's hand
In order to take the first step.
Ooop! You've stumbled. Go ahead an cry.
Don't be ashamed. I understand.
Let's wait here awhile so that you can get your breath.
When you're stronger, we'll go on, one step at a time.
There's no need to hurry.

Say, it's nice to hear you laugh.
Yes, I agree, the memories you shared are good.
Look, we're halfway there now.
I can see the other side.
It looks so warm and sunny.
On, have you noticed? We're nearing the last stone
And you're standing alone.
And look, your hand, you've let go of mine.
We've reached the other side.

But wait, look back, someone is standing there.
They are alone and want to cross the stepping stones.
I'd better go. They need my help.
What? Are you sure?
Why, yes, go ahead. I'll wait.
You know the way.
You've been there.
Yes, I agree. It's your turn, my friend . . .
To help someone else cross the stepping stones.




Hoping you've enjoyed this volume! Take care, til next time!

In Love and Light,

Jodie~Founder Of United In Spirit

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