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United In Spirit Connection Volume 14

Welcome to our newsletter!

Our community continues to grow at both Ning and Wetpaint. On behalf of the administration team and myself I wish to warmly welcome all new members and of course existing members who have kindly joined our home site at Wetpaint! Hoping you all enjoy everything United In Spirit has to  offer. Everyone is welcome to participate in the groups on either site, the discussions and any activities planned.

Over the last two weeks there has been much activity, albeit mostly behind the scenes. In particular, a lot of technical and business applications to promote our community further in the realms of the internet. You may have noticed that we have been awarded some truly beautiful awards, which are proudly displayed on our main page at Ning and a special page at Wetpaint. Awards provide additional exposure and promotion, for example, the Alchemical Award, United In Spirit is listed on their site as the recipients of the 2008 award .


I say "we" because without the members on either site who contribute and grace United In Spirit with their presence, there would not be a community with such wonderful energy. Feel proud of yourselves, these awards are yours also! So well done all!

Other new developments include the creation of a new group called The Lost Cultures Of History. This group will focus on cultures such as Lemuria , Atlantis and other great civilisations of special note who have vanished from our society. A great place to share your knowledge on Atlantis or Lemuria! Access the group HERE

Dont forget the other great groups we have on site...all full of very useful information and guidance!


Calmly, silently, I go within . . . .
The Peace enters slowly filling me up with this magnificent light. Amazingly I
realize that I am within myself, in the silence where I feel I can touch the hand
of God. Perhaps I am being led to the Garden of my Soul . . . Yes, it is so
very beautiful here . . . Join me dear hearts . . . .
"I calm my mental turmoil so that I can listen to my heart.
I do not worry about others' opinions.
I discover the small inner voice and let it guide me.
I trust this inner voice totally,
for I know that my intuition always leads me upwards
toward my place within the heavenly plan."
_ What a beautiful way to end a day in total peace enveloped in the golden silence, surrounded by our precious ArchAngels and all showering "Metta Rain" down upon us.


Traditional Ascension

by Owen Waters
There are two types of ascension. One is the ascension of
humanity to a higher level of physical consciousness, as in The
Shift, which is ongoing today. The other is the traditional
form of ascension, where the devotee develops their spiritual
capability to the ultimate state possible while in a human
The human energy system is attuned via the chakras to the
first through the seventh density (or 'dimensional') layers of
consciousness. Seventh density, where cosmic consciousness
occurs, is accessed through the full activation of the crown
chakra, which is located just above the head.
When the devotee is capable of raising the full aspect of the
kundalini life energy within their spine to the crown chakra,
and successfully bringing it back down the spine under
conscious control, then they are almost ready for ascension.
When their skill increases and they are able to fully
manipulate the kundalini power at will, then they will become
ready for the traditional form of ascension.
During that initiation, their physical bodies are transformed
into a more subtle energy form - one which can be taken in or
out of physical manifestation at will. This enables the person
to travel via conscious will through time and space and also to
relocate to the different density layers of consciousness above
the physical world.
Initiates then have the choice of leaving the Earth to
continue their learning in an infinite variety of other
locations in the cosmos, or staying here to serve humanity
among the spiritual hierarchy of Earth. This organization is a
collection of over 100,000 ascended men and women from all
races of humanity which is based in the higher realms of
consciousness above the Earth plane.
Traditionally, it has been known as the Great White
Brotherhood; however, in today's style of terminology, the
Association of Light is a more accurate name and description.
Their function is to hold the light for humanity. Because
humanity is focused in the third-density physical world and the
fourth-density spirit world, the higher densities are devoid of
most human presence. Being based in sixth density, the
Association of Light fills in the vacuum between the
seventh-density consciousness of planet Earth and the third-
and fourth-density focus of humanity.
By invoking and channeling spiritual light, they hold the
light for humanity and fill what would otherwise be a vacuum in
the density layers of human existence on Earth. This continual
act of service to humanity brings about the energetic balance
which makes human existence possible in the physical and the
quasi-physical spirit worlds.
The sixth density realm of consciousness is also home to the
great masters of human history, such as Jesus and the Buddha.
We have never been left alone in our search for the way back to
God. Many world teachers have graced the physical realm with
their presence.
Many have stayed on in the higher realms above the physical to
continue their service to spiritual seekers. Here, they are
capable of splitting their consciousness into hundreds, even
thousands, of parts so that they can serve the many demands
that are placed upon them. For example, imagine the demand
placed upon the Master Jesus by millions of people attending
Easter Sunday church services all at one time.
Whenever two or more are gathered in his name, he is present
with them in spirit. Whenever someone prays to him for healing
or spiritual support, he responds accordingly. Now, imagine the
huge field of consciousness that such a one must possess in
order to be able to split his attention into thousands of parts
at one time. The biggest miracle of all time must surely be
how, two thousand years ago, such a huge presence managed to
fit into one small physical body!
The lesson for us all is that human consciousness is variable
in size. Your physical brain may be approximately the same size
as everyone else's, but your field of consciousness is
variable. Growth in consciousness is, literally, growth in the
size of your mind because the mind is independent of the brain.
The physical brain is little more than a receiver, processor
and transmitter of thoughts. Your mind is the part that lives
on for ever and grows with the experience that you gain in life
after life. Your subconscious memories of past incarnations are
held in your immortal mind, not your mortal brain.
Ascension is a gateway through which we will all eventually
pass. The members of the Association of Light are the early
pioneers in this field. Meanwhile, all of us face a more
immediate form of ascension. We are about to transform from
third-density physical existence into fourth-density physical


Working with the Mind

By Peter Farley
Note the key word there is ´with´ the mind, not against. Not
fighting the mind, not trying to quell the mind or any other thing
against the mind, but WITH the mind.
Here´s a hint, especially for women. If you want to tame the mind or
put it in it´s right place treat it like the male/man it is. Does
that give you some ideas? Stroke its ego, let it think it´s in
charge, all the while slowly but surely usurping its leadership by
gradually little by little inserting Spirit and Guidance in its place.
By the time it realizes what has happened Spirit and Guidance will be in
charge and you´ll be half way down the road to working in harmony
with Heart, Mind and Spirit.
If you´re the kind of woman that´s been ´fighting´ against
men all your life, arguing and cajoling them then this is where
you´re going wrong with working to put mind and the male side in its
right place. Mind, like man, is fearful of losing its power and its
leadership role. Like any little kid in fear you need to use techniques
that placate these fears and ease them so that mind doesn´t fear the
intrusion of Spirit into that once powerful leadership role. Mind
doesn´t really like being in charge anyway, look at all the people
having strokes on their right sides from the stress and strain of trying
to figure out what´s going on without the help of heart and Spirit.
It´s not a battle. These three need to work together in harmony, not
as individual parts of the vehicle, but in finely tuned synch with each
other, each knowing their role, each taking its place to help and
support the other two. Since Spirit/Guidance knows far better what´s
going on, who better to be in charge. But if you walked up to any male
on the planet and said, get out of the way I´ve got someone
´better´ to do your job, what would be the reaction? Get the
point? Ease into it, don´t think it´s going to happen overnight.
No male ever changed that quickly. So ease into it, there´s time
enough for everything if you just keep moving forward with what your
attempting to do, run in balance. if you try it the other way or the way
you have been going then you´re just going to run at loggerheads with
this male and get nowhere until they divorce each other altogether and
then what will you do?
How successful are your relations with males (if a woman) or with other
males if you´re a man? Take the next step up the ladder from the
microcosm to judge and learn from what you´re doing out there and
taking it home to use in what you´re doing in there. Turn it around
and when you have learned from doing internally then you can also
translate it into what you´re doing relationship-wise. It is all one
you know. And all life is a waking dream, so how where doing out here
only amplifies and intensifies what´s going on inside so that sooner
or later we get hit in the face with what we´re not doing right.
Meditation is virtually impossible for the Western mind because we just
don´t have the time and energy to put into it, and we haven´t
learned nor are we taught how to flow with the learning process but
always we wish to fight anything new or different.
Its work isn´t it, learning to channel, learning to let go (instead
of simply letting go, relaxing and going with the flow. Someone once
said Americans don´t know they´re alive below the neck, even
sexually all of it´s in the mind. That´s why we´re so easily
led around by a carrot (sex) on a stick advertising-wise and every other
Cement is made from limestone, calcium, silicon, iron and aluminum, plus
lesser amounts of other ingredients. Concrete is a material that uses
cement to bind together crushed stone, rock and sand. In either the
final product is totally different from the ingredients that went into
it. When you have heart, mind, and Soul all working together you find
that there is no religion, no spirituality, no there, no tomorrow, no
yesterday. All is one thing called life or being. You´re a finely
tuned machine that only knows the here and the now and no matter what
comes down the turnpike at you, you´re ready, willing and able to
deal with it or to accomplish even beyond the impossible (as Guidance
likes to say I have done).
And when it comes to channeling or connecting with your own Guidance to
assist you with this process, for a process it is and not one to be
accomplished overnight for mind has been in charge too long to change
that rapidly, never believe that you can just do moment-to-moment
guidance without the written channeling. They are like two arms when
doing the work, they literally go hand in hand to strengthen your
It´s all a matter of making priorities isn´t it? Your job and
physical 3D reality won´t be there for that much longer and when
things do fall apart what will you fall back on? Guidance. You are
important to Their work, but then again you´re used to taking such
strain and stress but probably tired of it right? Hard enough to be a
leader, let alone of people who don´t really care. Tell me about it,
people do not respect spirituality nor see its use in their life when
their mind is God. Stop judging yourself and beating yourself up if you
fail or falter in one quiet moment. It´s like struggling against the
current, relax and let the current take you instead, just flow with it.
The only war you have to fight is the one with the mind and that´s
one that should not be fought. Allow spirit to gradually replace Mind as
the one in charge. So when you forget it´s okay, but the more you
remember the more Spirit takes over and mind settles comfortably into
the place it always should have been, a very wonderful tool. Show mind
how wonderful it can be and how safe and loving a place this life can be
working in harmony with heart and with Spirit. Tell it that it´s not
the one that needs to take all the strain for Spirit does it better.
It´s not an overnight task, but remember, we need you.
Oh, and one more thing I´ve found to be true working with so many and
with myself - find another reason to do it other than yourself, because
for most people that´s not a good enough reason. For me it was the
kids and helping them not have to suffer the way I suffered or the way
I´ve seen them suffer at the hands of the New World Order. Find a
good reason to change and keep that as your focus, and if it´s not
about doing things for other people it´s probably not going to happen



Dream Checklist...Are You Saying NO or YES?

You know you're saying NO to your dream when:
· You say "no" to something you've wanted for a long time and that decision haunts you.
· When opportunities appear you often have an excuse why you can't.
· You know deep in your heart what you want, but feel afraid of taking the leaps you need to have what you want.
· You worry about what others think.
· You find fault with those around you or the world.
· You blame others for your unhappiness.
· You use words like don't, can't and won't regularly.
· You judge those that are following their dreams.
· You are unwilling to make a sacrifice for your dream.
· You have an escape plan.
· You skimp when it comes to spending money on your own personal growth.
· You feel a dullness to your life.
· You feel stuck.
· You focus on drama more than dreaming.
· You say NO.
You know you're saying YES to your dream when:
· Good fortune flows your way.
· Drama finds a new home.
· You feel a deep sense of SELF.
· You look forward, not back.
· You feel like you're riding an amazing wave and you like it!
· Life and business FEELS easier.
· You love what you do, who you are, and what you have.
· You feel at peace and experience joy on a regular basis.
· You look for how you can "serve" others vs. serve yourself.
· You wake-up every morning excited to start your day.
· You invest in yourself on a regular basis because you believe in yourself.
· You feel the fear and do it anyway.
· You have no "plan B" and are willing to do whatever it takes.
· You let go of what you need to let go of to have what you want.
· You say YES.
(c) 2008 / Cari Vollmer /



By Lori Radun

From the moment we are brought into this world, communication is a part of our life. Communication is our primary means of connecting with other human beings. If communication were just about learning the language of our origin, it might be easy, but it is so much more than words. That is why communicating in relationships can be so complex and sometimes so difficult to master. Communicating effectively takes a lot of practice, but fortunately, it's something that can be learned if you understand the key ingredients.

I like to use the acronym C.O.N.N.E.C.T. to highlight the seven keys to effective communication because one of the main purposes of communicating is to connect with another individual. If you aren't communicating effectively, the conversation and the relationship will disconnect. If you use the following key ingredients, your success in communication will greatly improve...

  • C is for Clarity
    How many times have your communications gone awry because of a lack of clarity? It is a good idea to be crystal clear when you communicate with someone. It is also helpful to ask the person to interpret what they heard. Everyone has a filter in their brains in which all information passes through. What you intend to communicate can in truth be received in a completely different way. What someone communicates to you can also be misunderstood by you. Everyone thinks differently and attaches different meanings to words so be absolutely positive that you understand one another.
  • O is for Openness
    I am a firm believer in being direct, open and honest with people because it develops trust in a relationship. Sometimes people think they are being kind by being dishonest or indirect, but people can sense dishonesty. As long as you communicate with kindness, openness is always the healthier alternative.

    Being indirect with people is confusing. The person you are trying to communicate with is left to try and figure out what you mean and exactly what you are trying to communicate. There should be no guessing games in communication because people can and will guess wrong. Sometimes it can be scary to be honest and direct with people but with practice, it gets much easier.

  • N is for Non-Verbal Communication
    How do you feel when people cross their arms in front of their body or roll their eyes when you are talking to them? What are you thinking when someone can't keep her eyes focused on you while you are speaking? We communicate in more ways that just our words. We use our tone, our bodies, silence, gestures and other ways to communicate messages, consciously or not. People can express anger, happiness, interest, lack of interest, boredom, confusion and other feelings without using a single word.
  • N is for iNtuitive Listening
    Listening is probably the hardest aspect of communication to master. We are good at talking and sharing our feelings, ideas and thoughts. And then when it comes time to listen to the other person, we get distracted because we are thinking about what we want to say next. Some people are better than others at listening, but truly listening is something we all struggle with at times.

    There are two key components of listening. The first is learning to acknowledge and validate the other person. When someone is speaking to us, they want to feel heard. They want to know you understand what they are saying and that you care about their feelings. The best way to demonstrate this understanding and concern is to acknowledge and validate.

    The second component of listening is learning to listen on a deep level to what another person is saying. Intuitive listening is about hearing more than just the words another person is saying. It's about tapping into the deeper meaning underneath the words. Listening deeply is about sensing the emotions the person is feeling and even hearing what is not necessarily being expressed. When we take the time to deeply listen to another human being, we can connect to their heart and soul. And connecting to someone on a heart level is an amazing gift you can offer another individual.

  • E is for Energy
    There is energy in our words, in our tone, and in our body language. Take for instance a motivational speaker. A motivational speaker usually has dynamic energy, uses empowering words and is normally quite animated in his body language. What is the effect of a motivational speaker on the average person? They normally leave the presentation in a good mood, feeling positive and on top of the world. That is because his high energy was transferred to the audience members.

    Pay attention to the energy of other people when they are communicating to you. How do they make you feel? Are you excited about listening or do you want to get away from them? Our energy originates from the thoughts we are having prior to us communicating. If we are thinking positively, we will emanate positive energy. If we are having victim or angry thoughts, that energy will be communicated as well.

  • C is for Confidence
    It takes hard work to be a confident communicator, but the rewards are well worth the effort. A confident communicator is respected and listened to. She speaks with self-assurance and carries herself with dignity. A confident communicator feels good about the choice of words she uses and the way in which she presents herself to others. She respects her listeners because she respects herself.

    Confidence comes from believing in you. You must believe that your ideas, thoughts and feelings are just as important as anyone else's. Fear is the number one thing that gets in the way of communicating with confidence. You may have a fear of disapproval - maybe you believe your listener will disapprove of what you have to say. You could have a fear of making a mistake; perhaps you're afraid of saying the wrong thing or using a poor choice of words. It's possible you have a fear of rejection; maybe your listener will have a negative reaction to what you communicate. Prepare yourself by practicing what you want to say. The more you practice effective communication, the better you will become, and the more confident you will feel.

  • T is for Timing
    The best time to communicate is not always the moment you have a thought or feeling. The best communicators are reflective before they speak. They evaluate their own mood and the other person's mood before they decide when to communicate. A good communicator looks at how much time it will take to effectively communicate their message and she plans for the appropriate amount of time. To evaluate the timing, you must look at when is the best time for all parties to talk. Everyone's schedule and priorities are different and we should respect that what may be a good time for us may not be a good time for someone else. And remember, sometimes never is the best time to communicate. Some things are better left unsaid.
The purpose of communication is to C.O.N.N.E.C.T. with another individual or a group of people. If you don't connect, your listeners will not hear you or respect you. They will not be motivated to respond positively to your message. Human beings need connection and how we communicate greatly affects our ability to connect and feel like our listeners are connected to us.

Copyright © 2008 Lori Radun, CEC


Solve the Mystery of Living in the Light

By Guy Finley

Here's a true idea that rarely occurs to us: There is a greater potential in what we don't yet know about this life of ours than there is in what we've already seen about it. This great undiscovered territory--this "darkness" within us--is there for a distinctly Divine purpose: it exists as it does to serve the Light that reveals it; for in each such revelation there is a simultaneous realization and release of a new order of consciousness. There is such beauty in this idea, for it speaks to the possibility of a continual rebirth within us. What this means is that currently we don't yet see "problems" for what they really are: a part of the Light within us that we have yet to perceive! Any thought or feeling that troubles us in mind or heart, any fear or worry, is like a candle not yet lit. What purpose has any flame or light--in any form we may find it--other than to enter into and transform what is dark into more of itself?

For instance, maybe we turn around one day and find ourselves caught in the dark grip of some kind of fear. Perhaps we see the one we love "looking the other way"; maybe a phone call delivers uncertain news about our deteriorating health; or someone tells us about a forthcoming change at work that threatens our sense of security.

In moments such as these, our future grows as dark and full of the loneliness, worry, and loss we see coming our way. But our lives need not be swallowed up in unconscious servitude to this kind of suffering. We have another choice if we will only dare be still and be the Light. Here now are some ways to practice realizing the truth of your Self. Each case begins with remembering to make the new choice that follows:

  • Instead of surrendering yourself to its punishing presence, bring your loneliness into the Light of your Self. If you will remain there within your awareness of this "darkness," here's what you'll see take place before your inner eyes: the fear of being alone will be transformed into the contentment of knowing that you have never been without the love that you long for. You will see that a tenderness beyond words lives within the Light you have embraced.
  • Bring your fear and worry about "tomorrow" into the Light of your Self. Remain there in your awareness of these frightening shadows, and here's what will unfold before your inner eyes: you'll watch these dark doubts dissolve into an unquestioned knowing that no time to come has power over the peace of being in the present moment. You will see that serenity is one with the life of the Light you have chosen to be.
  • When visited by some sense of loss or emptiness, bring it into the Light of your Self. Remain quietly attentive to how that dark state wants to drag you into its world, even as you hold it in your awareness, and you'll see a miracle take place before your inner eyes: that feeling of being forsaken will be transformed into the fullness of knowing that who you really are is wholeness itself. For your willingness to be inwardly watchful, you will see that the Light of your Self reaches everywhere in the universe . . . so how could you ever be alone? All that lives . . . lives within the Light of your Self.
After many years of talking to aspirants about being the Light instead of searching for what they think they need to deal with their dark states, I have found there is one main reason most people won't take the leap of releasing their fears into the Light that lives within them. They profess a love of the Light, but whenever an unwanted moment appears, and they look into its unknown abyss . . . they see no Light there, only darkness. Then comes an immediate resistance, and darkness rules the day. Let me shed some light on this problem. Things are not always as they are seen.

Do you recall the wonderful characters in The Wizard of Oz? Along with Dorothy--who was trying to find her way back home--there was the scarecrow, the tin man, and the cowardly lion: her compatriots on the journey to see the great wizard who would grant each of them their most fervent wish.

The scarecrow wanted a brain, a mind with which to reason and know the truth of things. The tin man hoped for a heart to beat in his hollow tin chest, so that by its warmth and rhythmic beating he would know the presence of the love for which he longed; and the cowardly lion wanted courage to face his fears, to meet any form of darkness with what it takes to defeat it. By the end of the story--largely as a result of what they go through because of their love for Dorothy--each makes this glad discovery: the very quality of character for which they had gone out searching was already living within them!

So it is with us: we have forgotten that who we really are cannot be made a captive of any dark condition any more than a sunbeam can be caught and held in a bottle. Our True Self is success itself, in every meaning of the word, because by its Light it fulfils and liberates all that it touches.

Never mind all the voices you'll no doubt hear shouting at you the first time you decide to be the Light of your Self. That which is dark does not go gently through being made new and bright. So there is work involved. But the Light we realize within us never fails; it literally carries us above whatever mountain is before us by revealing it to be nothing other than what we had yet to see about ourselves.

We cannot control the way the world turns, we cannot change day into night, we cannot keep what is not ours; and we cannot hide these facts from ourselves, no matter how hard we try. But what we are given to do, and that turns out to be the one power of ours truly capable of transforming the whole of life, is that we can choose--moment to moment--to be the Light of our Self.


Quote Of The Day

"The measure of a man cannot be whether he ever makes mistakes, because he will make mistakes. It's what he does in response to his mistakes. The same is true of companies. We have to apologize, we have to fix the problem, and we have to learn from our mistakes." --Wil Shipley





What would your future self (be it the self of next week or next year or ten years in the future) inspire you today? What would the person you're in the process of becoming say to the person you are now?

How would your future self inspire you?



After a While

After a while you learn the subtle difference between
holding a hand and chaining a soul and you learn
that love doesn't mean leaning
and company doesn't always mean security.
And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts
and presents aren't promises,
and you begin to accept your defeats
with your head up and your eyes ahead,
with the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child.
And you learn to build all your roads on today
because tomorrow's ground is too uncertain for plans
and futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight.
After a while you learn that even sunshine burns
if you get too much, so you plant your own garden
and decorate your own soul
instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.
And you learn that you really can endure,
you really are strong, you really do have worth,
and you learn and you learn.
With every goodbye, you learn. Veronica Shoffstall


The Simplicities of Life

Keep life as simple as possible
and enjoy to the full the simple things all around you,
the simple wonders and beauties which are there for all to share
but which are so often taken for granted because they are missed.
Miss nothing. Be like little children,
able to see and enjoy those little seemingly insignificant things in life
which really make up the whole of life: the wonders of nature,
the beauty of a flower, the perfume of a rose, the song of a bird,
the dew drops sparkling on the grass in the early morning,
the glory of the sunrise,
the gentle wind whispering in the grass,
the raindrops trickling down a window pane.
How simple and yet how truly beautiful these things are
when you look at them with eyes that really see
and cease to rush through life in such a hurry
that you fail to notice them!
When you walk through the garden, do you see My
wonders and beauties all around you,
or is you mind so full of the cares and worries of the day
that you are blind and deaf and bowed down,
that you see nothing
for you are so wrapped up in youself and self-concern?
Why not try today to keep ever aware of all that is going on around you?
Open your eyes, keep your feelers out and really enjoy life.
When you can do this, it means you are aware
of the things that really matter. You are aware of Me,
for I am in all those little things in life as well as the big ones.
You are aware of My divine presence in everything
and life can never be dull or mundane when you are consciously
aware of Me in everything around you. Eileen Caddy

Healing List


  • Shade Law
  • Vonda
  • Cheryll
  • Gina
  • Bella
  • Earth
  • All Earth's Animals
  • And all that need healing

Thank you to all that send much needed healing, it is a great gift you share.  Big Hug



Hoping you've enjoyed this volume! Take care, til next time!

In Love and Light,

Jodie~Founder Of United In Spirit

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