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United In Spirit Vol 11

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter which is as always full of great articles and knowledge. This week on behalf of the administration team I would love to welcome our newest members. Welcome! Enjoy our community!  Peace Sign

Great news regarding the Home site on Wetpaint, we've made it into the top 500 sites, a wonderful achievement since they have over a million sites! Our sister site Prayer Partners Unite is also up along side us, right where they belong! Great work all round.




This week I want to introduce a new monthly article written by our very own Gray Wolf.


Gray Wolf  in her own words:

A "Gift Share"
I have a gift to share and I also hope that
you will come to know me better too......
(And May it give me the courage to finally
speak XO)  I want you to meet my Herbal
Friends that I know & love.  There are so
many of them for you to meet too :)  Every-
thing I do is considered Folklore and not
backed by a PhD.  With that in mind, I feel
I should share my reasons for choosing Folklore
over Standardized Herbs.
Standardize by Definition means:  "make standard: to
remove variations and irregularities in something and
make all types or examples of the same or bring them
into conformity with one another." (Now that's a
mouthful :)
We all know our Nation wants to Standardize Herbs.
That would be a fatal mistake, in my humble opinion.
Plant Spirits would be deceased, rendered lifeless
before they are ever packaged for consumers.
In essence: Herbs would be rendered useless.
We have all seen the videos of how horrible animals
are treated before slaughter.  These animals are
mistreated so badly that the meat is tainted with
horrible emotions such as grief, despair, being unloved
and no care for life.  No wonder they call it "Mad
Cow Disease"!
An Herbal Spirit feels the same way being plucked
from the Breast of Gaia by a cold, hard, unfeeling
piece of machinery or hand that is only being paid
for its time.  These Spirits are Alive and give Love
and Healing to All.  Harvesting should even be
a Celebration and shown reverence, thanks and lots
of love. My way is to work with Herbs an show Honour
for their love and give back love in return.....
I follow the ways of Folklore when working with Herbs.
Folklore has been passed down thru generations
and has actually been tried and used successfully.
I believe we were given all we would need when
Gaia was created XO  Just a thought, but wouldn't
the Creator of Earth place personal DNA in Plants,
trees & flowers too? That is a healing thought all
by itself :)
Herbs are a treasure; they can also give
one a Spiritual experience... It is both to me...
I hear, and feel Green Spirits.  Guess you
can say, I am more connected to the "Spirit"
World than the "Physical" World. But these
loving Spirits, speak to us all.
I have learned from the Plant Spirits I chose
to work with about their effects with other Spirits...
My intent must be well defined and truthful
to work with any Plant Spirit. Everything I do
and every formula I make, my Light and my
Love go into the final product... Formulation
of any product is a Beautiful, Loving Experience!
I have also learned that just because an herb
will work for you... it may not work for me.  I
listen to Your Spirit as well. I see that
perfect "Blend" of Spirits coming together. All
Spirits, Plant & Human, have to "get along"
or be able to "Blend" and become one...
There is so much unseen by the human eye;
yet it is "giving and receiving" in its best form.
Plant Spirits are not completely understood by Scientists...
I find a lot of good in that fact.  Maybe something's
are just not meant to be questioned? or may never
be understood XOXO
One of my hopes is that more will see that there is so
much more to working with herbs than just
brewing a pot of tea...  or buying that herbal
supplement over the counter.  It does make a
difference who and how your herbs have been
handled; again... my humble opinion.
Another hope is, before to much is lost, All
will see that Plant Life is a part of the All Knowing,
All Giving, and All Loving...
Please consider too....
there will always be a lot of "me" in my
writings too... Be Well Always!!!
p.s. Humankind could learn a lot from Plant Spirits if
one will but take a moment to sit and listen.......  XOXO
Green Blessings to All...



© Gray Wolf


E. Augustifolia & E. Purpurea

If there was a "Most Popular" award for Herbs....  Echinacea would win hands down :)  There are 7 spieces of Echinacea, and 3 are endangered.  I watch it grow wild here.  And E. Purpurea is on the endangered list here in NC.  I never wildcraft my Echinacea.  I purchase fresh from someone I trust and certified Organic.  Also endangered in TN, GA, SC, & VA in the U.S.  Echinacea is native to North America continent and has been used by Native People for probably 1000's of years.  I have used this herb in many combinations and all alone. It is powerful all alone and gives a boost in a combination formula.  It is used as a preventive as well as a curative.  When I taste the tea, it is bitter, but works faster as a warm tea or tincture for myself.

If you purchase Echinacea in pill form, it is usually powered.  Powered herbs dry out an lose their volitale oils fast.  That renders the herb lifeless.  Tinctures and Tonics if properly stored, will outlive you and I :)  Plus, they go right into the bloodstream and  work faster, from my person experience.  Tinctures are my favorite because they are powerful medicine and the Spirit of the Plant is never lost.  Plant Spirit is suspended in a menstrum waiting you!  Alive and Loving... I prepare mostly tea combinations and tinctures & tonics.  I would suggest purchasing Echinacea Herb instead of the root so life can continue :)  A good source for purchasing your herbs is important if you can't grow your own XO

Honor this Herb...  She is so loving; giving and healing... 

This is all from my personal research too...

Common Names:  Sampson root, purple cone flower, black Sampson, red sunflower

Grows:  North America Continent; Cultivated in Britain. This is a Magnificent plant to watch grow and nurture thru the Summer.  Gives very loving vibes.  I ask that you only honor this plant and allow it to keep growing XO

Energy & Flavors:  Bitter, pungent, cool

Medicinal Properties:  Alterative, antiseptic, tonic, depurative, maturating, febrifuge,

Parts Used:  Root & Leaves, Flowers

Biochemical Constituents:

Oil & resin both in wood & bark & masses of inulin, inuloid, sucrose, vulose, betaine, two phytosterols & fatty acids,

oleic, cerotic, linolic & palmatic.  A triglycoside of caffeic acid derivative, echinacoside

PREPARATIONS:  I am familiar with and had excellent results from Teas, Salves, & Tinctures with this Herb.

Recommended Dosage:  These are Adult dosages only.  Child dosage is calculated by weight.

Of the tea, 1/2 cup

of the liquid extrace 10-30 drops

of the dried powder,2 grams at a time

For acute conditions, every 2 hours

For chronic conditions, three times daily.

INFORMATION:  Echinacea increases bodily resistance to infection & is used for boils, septicaemia, cancers, & other impurities of the blood, its action being antiseptic.  A tincture of the Fresh Root has been found beneficial in diphtheria and putrid fevers.

Wonder herb for all acute inflammatory conditions.  Generally mild enough so there are no side effects even after taking large doses.  Can combine with very small amounts of licorice & ginger.  Because of its mild nature, however, it should be taken in small, frequent doses every two hours & accompanied by a simple warm liquid diet of vegetable broth & thin rice porridge.  Can be used for even the most severe inflammatory conditions including boils, skin eruptions, venomous bites, gangrene, poison oak & ivey, as well as any acute bacterial & viral infections.  Whenever there is inflammation in the particular area, echinacea is sure to be effective, usually within three days.  Thereafter the freuent dosage described above can be tapered down to only three or four times daily for a week or two after all symptoms are gone. 

I keep an Echinacea tincture in our Girl Scout Troop First Aid Kit.  (Our entire first aid kit is herbal).  When the girls get nicked, burnt, bruised, cuts, can't sleep, or tummy aches, they come to me.  I have seen it work on infected cuts, burns and tummy aches with great success - Amazing.  Echinacea is also a mild pain reliever.  During Flu season, I start taking my Echinacea Tincture as soon as I hear someone has the flu, and never worry about catching it.  Echinacea is also better as a tincture because you preserve the Spirit as opposed to it drying out in a cupboard.

Excellent blood cleanser - can't say that enough.  Use as gargle for sore throat.  Combined with Myrrh, it is an excellent remedy for all of those purposes.  It acts powerfully to cleanse the morbid matter from the stomach & to expel poisons, toxins.  Combined w/ myrrh, it is also excellent for typhoid & other fevers.  In severs cases use 10-25 drops of the tincture every 2 hours in water.

Echinacea Purpurea has similar properties to E. angustifolia; the Fresh root of this is the part used.


1/2 part Echinacea Herb

1/2 part Oregon Grape Root

1 part Elderberries

Pour boiling water over the above mixture, cover and let it steep for 20 minutes.  Strain and drink freely for 1 week.

Personal Experience has shown me that Echinacea & Oregon Grape Root are an excellent Pro-biotic together.  Antibiotics Doctor's prescribe not only destroy bad bacteria, but also destroy good bacteria.  Echinacea heals and only attacks the bad bacteria.  Elderberries are wonderful for any affliction of the Lung.  Elderberries coat the cells in the Lung and keep Flu's, Colds and Hay fever problems from spreading infection to the Lung cells.

For poisonous bites...  Only had one experience there... A very large Wolf Spider that can jump 2' and run very fast.  They leave no marks or trace of their bite.  The draw their legs up around them before attacking or jumping.  Poisonous, but not deadly.  That was a relief to know.  This is also when I learned to always have Echinacea on hand as a tincture.  But she pulled me thru with her healing love XO  The tincture does work on mosquito bites very nicely too.





Lemurian Seed Crystals are rare & special Quartz formations from The Joaquin Felicia Mines in Minas Gerais, Brazil. They are dense, clear crystals with ladder-like formations crossing the body of the stone. A Supreme Lazer will have an alternating striated sides; one clear, one striped, one clear, one striped all the way around. The more profound the striations the more the quartz will have the original elemental influence which cause this rare phenomena. About 20% are pinkish in hue and coloration. About 30% of the Lemurians are also "Singing or Toning" Crystals used for healing and "holding" specific frequencies and vibrations. They are called Singing Crystals because they make a "Tinky" or "Chink" sound when tapped. When we speak of frequencies and vibrations, remember, every quartz crystal is able to receive and transmit all radio waves and brain waves and even create light and electricity, called peizo electricity. In older Indigenous tribes around the world, the Fathers or Elders would sit around the circle at night and would "club" the large crystals - creating bright "lights" inside the large crystal rocks. That must have been a quite a wonder to anyone watching. Today healers, meditators and sensitives use Lemurian Lazers for removing energy blockages and opening Chakras not only enabling anyone in the proximity to open to Divine Love and Compassion - but the Inter-Planetary Councils on a (Higher) Cosmic Level. Back on Earth, every person has an multi-level Auric field and a practitioner can literally "pierce each aura" to insert or remove memories, energies, entities, emotions and spirit connections causing an immediate and noticeable change in the patient.  Lemurian Crystals are so powerful they need not always be cosmetically or esthetically perfect to look at. While perfect formations of high quality and size are becoming very hard to come by these days, as the Mines' layer that they have been found in is playing out, and prices from the miners are skyrocketing - don't be hesitant to purchase even a awkward looking crystal which can be just as powerful if not more, you and only you "know" if it is for You!. Quiet your mind, and let the Loving Unity message come to you, along with the ancient knowledge of the Lemurians. The Universal Library - - the One Word, the One Song, the Uni-Verse Original Language beyond OM that is imbedded in an actual hidden chamber in each crystal. You can go inside the crystal (an imaginary visualized guided-meditation), ask a question and intuitively feel or receive the answers. Or you can "leave your message" inside the crystal as well, as long as your "intention" vibrates with the Universal law of Love and Light. That's what makes these specimens so special.




Finding Your Inner Voice
Keys to Clairvoyance

by Doreen Virtue Ph.D.


When most people think of a psychic, they probably imagine an exotic-looking woman peering into a crystal ball. She wears giant hoop earrings and a long, flowing dress. In a mysterious foreign accent, she reveals what she sees in your future—usually for a steep fee.
Yet, you can be your own psychic, by developing your own natural power to see the future. The word, "clairvoyance," means "clear seeing." In other words, a clairvoyant clearly sees the truth about the past, present, and future. You've probably experienced clairvoyance yourself, and may not have even known it. Common clairvoyant instances include: You have a vivid dream which later comes true. You lose your keys or wallet. Then, a picture of the place where you left the item flashes into your mind. As you're driving, you see a mental image of the car ahead of you turning left. Two minutes later, the car turns left exactly as you'd mentally imaged. You suddenly see an image of a person in your mind's eye. Later that day, you receive a call or a letter from that person.
These experiences of clairvoyance are quite normal and often very useful. Even more, you can learn how to increase your clairvoyant power so that it becomes a reliable tool for everyday living.
We enhance and improve clairvoyance, like any behavior, with learning and practice. If you follow the seven steps listed below and practice them for seven days in a row, you'll experience more consistent and reliable clairvoyant images.

Keys to Clairvoyance

Release the Fears of Seeing the Future.
My psychic development students usually recall being clairvoyant when they were children. In fact, studies show that young people have the highest rates of clairvoyance of any age group.
However, children often "turn off" their clairvoyance because of fear. This fear could come from a thoughtless remark by adults who say the child's invisible friend is his imagination (when, in truth, the child is seeing angels and spirit guides). Sometimes, parents tell their children that psychic insights are evil. Or, the child may see a frightening image of her parent's impending divorce, or some other painful future event. She then shuts her clairvoyant vision, because she doesn't want to see her future.
Whatever the source of fear, we must release this emotion to regain our full clairvoyant power. One of the best ways to rid yourself of fear-blocks is through saying an affirmative phrase. Sit in a comfortable position and take two or three very deep and slow breaths. As you breathe in and out, say these words either silently or aloud: "I am willing to release all fear of seeing my future."
Formulate Your Question in a Specific Way.
Accurate clairvoyant answers require accurately-stated questions.
Carefully word your questions so you'll receive an answer that truly meets your needs. The best way is to be honest with yourself about your "bottom line" true desires.
For example, you might ask, "Will I meet someone at the dance tonight?" and then see a clairvoyant image of yourself talking with a new person who isn't your romantic type. A better question would be, "Will I meet my next romantic partner at the dance tonight?" Your question can have as many details as you like.
Breathe and Concentrate Upon Your "Third Eye".
After asking your question, take three deep and slow breaths. Put your focus on the area between your two eyes. This is an energy center, known as a "chakra," which activates clairvoyance. This chakra area contains a "third eye," which supplies psychic pictures in answer to your questions.
As you breathe, look for and notice an oval shape resting horizontally between your two eyes. Notice whether this "third eye" has its eyelid closed, open, or partially open. If the eyelid is closed or partially closed, ask it to open. Reaffirm your willingness to release the fear of seeing psychically. Once the eye is open, you will be rewarded with a blissful feeling of warm love, as you are reunited with a long-lost part of yourself.
Notice any Pictures that Enter Your Mind.
Clairvoyant images generally come in one of four ways: as a single picture inside your mind's eye; as a single picture that you see outside your mind's eye; as a movie image inside your head; or a movie image outside your head. The pictures can be black and white or full color. Sometimes, they may appear as a painting or a cartoon.
Increase the Brightness and Size of the Images.
Simply think this phrase, "Pictures, I ask that you grow in size and strength, NOW!" With your powerful intention and decision, the clairvoyant pictures will instantly become larger, brighter, and bolder. Bigger and more colorful pictures are easier to interpret. If this step seems to give you trouble, repeat Step 1 above.
Ask For Interpretation and Clarification.
You need to know the meaning of your clairvoyant images in order to interpret them and put them to good use. If you are unsure of what your psychic pictures are trying to tell you, ask either mentally or aloud, "What do these pictures mean?" You will receive an answer as a feeling, thought, or sound. If the answer is unclear, ask that it be repeated or delivered to you in a different way. The spirit world wants to help you receive psychic information, and they will work with you until you clearly understand the answers to your questions.
Trust in What You See.
This last step is crucial, because if you discount your clairvoyant images or write them off as mere imagination, they are lost opportunities. You'll gain more confidence in your psychic abilities if you keep a record of your clairvoyant images. Be sure to keep track of each psychic image that comes true. In this way, you'll learn how reliable your clairvoyance truly is. You'll also understand your personal symbology, as each person's clairvoyant psyche uses a unique set of pictures to symbolize different meanings.



The Healing Power of the Mind


Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T.

"A picture is worth a thousand words." We have heard that saying before. This phrase is certainly true in the case of visualization. Visualization is a tool anyone can use to help foster healing. By providing positive pictures (creative imagery) and self-suggestion, visualization can change emotions that subsequently have a physical effect on the body.

Our belief system is based upon the accumulation of verbal and non verbal suggestions that have been gathered throughout our life experience. Through patterns of repetition and its associated rewards and punishment we learn to create our own perception of reality. In essence, we therefore become what we think. In healing repetitive use of positive visualization allows access to the "mind-body"connection. This lets the mind and body work together to foster the healing process of the body on a physical level.

What is the mind-body connection and how does it work? When we have an emotion it generates a feeling that turns into a physical sensation. For example: You are watching a horror movie, you feel frightened and then get a chill up your spine. In this case you were getting a negative suggestion through your sensory perception (sight and sound), that produced an emotion of fear which turned into the physical sensation of chills up your spine. Visualization uses positive images to produce positive emotions that manifest into positive physical sensations in the body.
Sounds simple, but does it work?

Can what we think actually have an effect on healing? Bodies do react to the thoughts you make. Our psychological/emotional state affects the endocrine system. For example, the emotion of fear is related to adrenaline. If no feeling of fear exists there is no adrenaline and the same applies in reverse- no adrenaline, no fear. They work in relationship to each other. Wherever a thought goes there is a body chemical reaction.

The hypothalamus, the emotional center of the brain, transforms emotions into physical response. The receptor of neuropeptides, the hypothalamus controls the body's appetite, blood sugar levels, body temperature, adrenal and pituitary glands, heart, lung, digestive and circulatory systems. Neuropeptides, the chemical messenger hormones, carry emotions back and forth between the mind and body. They link perception in the brain to the body via organs, hormones and cellular activity. Neuropeptides influence every major section of the immune system, so the body and mind do work together as one unit.

The brain is a highly efficient system that is connected to every cell in your body by billions of connections. It is divided into two sides ñ the left, logical side (words, logic, rational thought) and the right creative side (imagination and intuition). Day to day circumstances usually are met in a logical, left brain mode; however by yielding to the right, creative side of the brain we actually restore balance in the brain. This allows us access to the mind-body connection to achieve what we want. The right side of the brain automatically steers you to your goal. It totally accepts what you want to accomplish without giving an opinion and acts upon it without judgment. That is why visualization targets the right side of the brain.

Positive thought is essential to producing positive results. Negative thoughts and emotions lower the immune system, while positive emotions actually boost the immune system.

The following are required to use visualization as a mind empowering tool to support the healing process:
1. Define Your Specific Intention
Visualization puts your intention of what you want to work. Remember whatever you believe is what your body will do. The more specific the intention, the more specific the results. Make sure your intention is:

• Clear
• Specific
• Achievable
• You feel, know and trust it is being accomplished.
2. Take Responsibility
Trying to do visualization without taking responsibility will prove to be futile experience. To accomplish what you want you must take action and responsibility. Visualization usually takes about 6 weeks to work and is done once in the morning and before bedtime. Some people do see and feel results the very first time. Remember everyone's body and mind are different and so is the way they process information. Responsibility is:
Be accountable to and for yourself.
• Make a commitment
• Do visualization regularly
• Be persistent and patient
• Keep positive

3. Get Mentally Relaxed
A relaxed state allows you direct access to your subconscious mind. Here are some steps to help you relax:
• Find a quiet place. Relax in a favorite chair or lie down.
• Get comfortable and loosen clothing
• Uncross your arms and legs
• Get centered by focusing on the breath and breathing (this activates the vagus nerve which is the major quieting nerve in the body)
• Totally relax your body and mind .

4. Visualize
Visualization for healing is a simple process. Once you are relaxed the next step is to actualize your visualization.

• Think of or speak your intention out loud
• Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the healing process or as you want to be.
• Watch as your body heals you, see yourself whole and healthy.
• Feel the healing taking place
• Know and Trust the healing is being accomplished

If you have difficulty you may want to try one or more of these methods:

• Use creative imagery like seeing the cells in your body healing you; your immune system fighting off invaders; your pain being taken away by the healing mind
• Imagine yourself in a very beautiful place whole, healthy and happy.
• Try reading scripts from a visualization or self-hypnosis book
• Listen to an audiovisualization tape. Remember many people use hearing as their main method of sensory perception for learning.
• Try making your own tape in your own voice.

Visualization does work to help boost your body back to health. Don't just work on the body, add the mind to maximize your healing process with visualization.




Healing List


  • Shade Law
  • Vonda
  • Cheryll
  • Ria
  • Gina
  • Bella
  • Earth
  • All Earth's Animals
  • And all that need healing

Thank you to all that send much needed healing, it is a great gift you share.  Big Hug


Angel Message This Week

"Let Go and Let God"

Dear ones,

Our message to you today is a very simple one. You have heard it said many times and it professes a wisdom that comes from the heart of Heaven itself --"Let go and let God."

One of the most difficult things for you as human on this journey is the act of letting go and trusting all will work out for the highest and best. Ego gets involved and attached to the outcome and then the wrestling match with the course of events begins.

We are not saying that you must be mindless puppets without control, you ALWAYS have free will, but there is a point when giving up worry and anxiety make your path so much smoother!

Nothing, no thing is solved by worry, dear ones. It makes the road so much bumpier because it brings in negative energy, and the situation becomes affected by it. It is always better to affirm that the best and highest good come out of a situation. EXPECT that it will be resolved to your satisfaction. EXPECT that all will be well and that things will work out.

When you throw in negative thoughts and feelings around something, then that outcome is what you are projecting. Your thoughts create your reality. Negative thoughts work against your good. It is that simple.

So, dear children, today take a step towards trusting more fully. You have angels and a whole entourage of helpers with you at all times in your life to help you with every need.

Write down your worries, concerns, dreams, feelings... say them in a prayer... talk to us in the car... whatever it takes to get your concerns outside of yourself.

We hear you and we will act for your highest good. Then after you have declared your need, let it go. Let it go. Imagine it as a balloon on a string in your hand. Let go of the string and let us take it into the sky to be resolved. We promise you that things will work out even better than you dreamed.

It is our great pleasure to work with you in the name of Love. Love calls you not to fuss and fret but to enjoy the life that you have been given. Even when things look dire, call on us, call on Love, expect the best in the situation and let it go.

Focus on beautiful things. Focus on the people who love you. Draw strength and inspiration where you can and turn your thoughts away from those that pull your spirits downward.

We are with you, dear one. Look for signs of our presence. Look for answers that come to you! Look for your heart's desire and expect your good. And let your hearts be thankful. You are blessed! All is well. All is truly well.

Copyright 2008 The Daily Angel Thought, Jean Porche, Deborah Vaughan




Who have you been speaking to recently? What groups, or what kinds of individuals, have you been sharing your life and values with? Do you reach out into other social or cultural groups? When was the last time you connected with someone very different than you?

What sort of people have you been communicating with?




Quote Of The Week

The Laws are very simple. 1. Thought is creative. 2. Fear attracts like energy. 3. Love is all there is.

Neale Donald Walsch : founded ReCreation Foundation, written Conversations with God books Neale Donald Walsch





I believe in the fact that there's something better out there
that there's someone watching over me
not controlling my world or life
but guiding my decisions
relishing in my accomplishments
and giving a subtle push to get up and try again when i fall down
its nice to feel like someone's looking out for you, caring about you and loving you
unconditionally no matter how many mistakes you make
and they're promising you a better place after your mortal life
a place to look forward to after life, not fear
a safe haven where love surrounds you and sorrow is only a distant memory
I believe someone loves me
and in believing that I am happy.




Hoping you have enjoyed this volume and found the articles of interest.

In Love and Light Always,


Site Founder

Big Hug

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