Tuesday, February 3, 2009

United In Spirit Connection Vol 2 2009


This year is just flying by, already we are into February. Over the past few weeks we have had many new members join. On behalf of the administration team, I wish to extend a very warm welcome. We all hope you enjoy our community and the offerings of United In Spirit!


A Message From The Founder

Whilst many of you are experiencing winter in the northern hemisphere, down here in Australia we have summer. Oh boy what a summer! The area where I live is in the grip of a heat wave, with temperatures soaring above the  40 c or 100F daily. In fact, one day reached 50c or 123.8 F. Unfortunately, with such extreme heat, even air conditioning struggles.

No doubt about it, having over a week of consecutively high temperatures certainly drains a person. For those who experience hot summers regardless of where you live, please:

  1. Drink plenty of water, maintain fluid intake to prevent dehydration
  2. Stay as cool as possible, use your air conditioner, go somewhere you know you can be cool e.g relatives house,shops etc
  3. Stay out of the sun, stay inside during the hottest part of the day
  4. If you begin to feel sick or ill ,contact your medical provider,GP, DR or hospital. You may have heatstroke,heat stress or dehydration.
  5. Do check on elderly relatives,neighbours ,friends. Elderly often do not "feel" the heat and sequester themselves in their houses without any cooling, often not drinking adequate amounts of fluid. The elderly are highly susceptible to heat related illness.

I know I'll actually be relieved to get to the states and out of this heat lol Atleast if you're cold you can put on extra layers of clothing, trying to get cool is much more difficult.

On to new developments for United In Spirit.

A new group has been developed by our Carolyn who is  a Practitioner of Holistic Medicine, I am a Healer and Spiritual path Advisor that works with your soul's etheric body; to release Entergetic Memory and blockages from all lifetimes that we have lived. This includes Aura, Chakra, Meridian Clearing & Channeling. I am an Herbalist and work with Essential Oils, Crystal Therapy & Aroma Therapy for natural healing of our physical, spiritual & lightbodies.

The group is called Celestial's Awakening of The Children which focuses on Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Starseeds, The New Children and Otherkin. Learn about them & share your wisdom about them.

Carolyn is an exceptional teacher and I highly recommend attending any group or session she presents.

You can access the group HERE


United In Spirit is also becoming more active in supporting humanitarian causes. You can find these causes HERE. These causes provide the opportunity to provide free donations just for clicking on their button. This is a great way to contribute during times of financial difficulty world wide. Please avail yourself of this opportunity to make a difference to the world we live in.

Dont forget we also support " A Million Clicks For Peace". You can find their button by scrolling to the bottom of the main page or it is also above the log in area prior to entrance on site. This too is a way of utilising the free click system to make a difference.



O Mother, my tears fall upon your face
I just remembered
We the lightworkers have returned
To spread our web of love around you
From distant Stars and Galaxies
From lives past, present and future
We come to guide your healing
We the lightworkers one soul to another
Touch the heart of many each day
With each recognition
We'll laugh, smile and cry
Our love is abundant flowing and shimmering
We the lightworkers in perfect joy
Quietly span unconditional love
Spin now ever so gently
You warm yourself
For we the lightworkers are back
From eons of times from behind and ahead
May love, laughter and tears of joy
Reign now and forever more upon your face
Author Unknown
To the anonymous creator of this prayer, We Thank YOU.




Sacred Heart Lessons

by James Twyman
[Editor's Note: This article does not represent American Indian ideology or thought patterns employed by traditionalists to achieve higher spiritual growth. The writer's emphasis on self blunts the value and impact of the article, however, he does present an interesting view of the subject and touches, if ever so slightly, on certain life secrets. Thus, the writer has earned venue within these pages to seek redemption from the reader.]
"There was a rainbow around the throne,
in sight like an emerald." Revelations
Lesson I
We begin a journey this day, one that you cannot fail to complete. It is a journey into your heart, and therefore, toward your Home. There is no other place for you to go, for nothing else has ever satisfied you. There is only one goal now, and yet the reward you seek is already yours.
We begin with this knowledge, this recognition, for it is by realizing this that you move into it. Even before you read another word, all things are complete within you. Embrace this one thought, and the rest will happen on its own. All things are complete within you now. You would do well to understand with your mind the "heart" that is our destination and goal.
Does it surprise you when I say that you have three hearts, and that each one serves a completely different function? We begin with the first, the heart that rules your physical self. It is the heart of flesh that nurtures the body you have claimed, and for most, this knowledge is enough. Most of you have also realized the second, more subtle energy center, the heart that rules the heart. This is the chakra that links you with your Divine Purpose on earth. And yet, there is still a higher channel you can achieve. The third and final heart, what we are calling the "Sacred Heart," is where we will place our attention now. Your true calling lies here, for the gifts it brings transcend all the rest. It is the "Throne of Power," the gateway to the whole universe. This is how you may understand the nature of your three hearts: The first rules all things physical; the second, or subtle heart, rules all things spiritual; the third, or Sacred heart, simply rules all things. It is the bridge that connects you with all reality.
The activation of your Sacred Heart is the final step in realizing your oneness with all beings. This is, in fact, its primary function. Once realized, you will know that all thoughts are shared, and you will then joyfully lend your Self to the highest service of Humanity. This cannot be achieved with the lower heart, the subtle or second we have mentioned. It is still linked to the world you created in your imagination, but which has never been real in the Heart and Mind of God. Do you understand the difference? Until now you have chosen to live within this dream, and the function of the lower heart is to lead you away from one world into the next, the world of shadows and mists into pure Light. Once there, the upper, or Sacred Heart, becomes your guide. It will not lead you astray, for once it has opened then you will be free in a way that you cannot imagine now. Once you learn to live within the Sacred Heart we share, then you will realize that you stand beside me, and the world of dreams will be healed.
It is a simple path we walk together, for to overcomplicate this will only lead to greater confusion. I begin by acknowledging that our mission is already complete. But now you must learn to share my conviction, and there is a process we must endure together in order to do this, the purpose of which is to link your intention with your awareness. That is what I mean when I say that you are already standing beside me. I perceive you there, but you have yet to perceive yourself. Therefore, the only change that needs to occur is a shift in your perception, or your awareness. Once you are aware that our missions are linked, then it will be complete.
Today's goal is to awaken, then initiate your Sacred Heart. Let's begin by identifying its position. You have perhaps seen pictures of the "Sacred Heart of Jesus" showing the physical heart with a Divine Flame above it. The Divine Flame is the actual Sacred Heart, while the lower portion is a symbolic representation of what is normally called the "Heart Chakra."
The Sacred Heart is often envisioned as a threefold flame, and each flame is symbolic of the attributes present in a person whose heart has opened fully. The first flame is blue, which is the color of empowerment or courage. The second is yellow, which is the color of wisdom. The third flame is pink, which is the color of unconditional love. When these flames are combined as one they become violet, or the fire of transformation. The former self is gone and you are left with only truth.
The Self lives to fulfill its mission in Heaven and on earth. That, quite simply, is why you are here now. Igniting the Flame: We will now initiate your Sacred Heart that it may begin serving its true function. First read this description, then go back and follow them as well as you can. The purpose of this visualization is to harness the energy that is contained within your physical and subtle bodies, then ignite this energy within your upper heart. You may think of it! like you would a gas stove. First you turn on the gas, then a simple flame ignites a whole fire. You are filled with energy now, some of which you call good or positive, while other forms are considered bad or negative. There is in reality no such thing as good or bad, positive or negative energy. Your thoughts alone make it appear this way, and it is by releasing these thoughts, or the story behind the thoughts, that you gain the ability to work with all your energy. That will be the purpose of this exercise.
Step One: The first part of this exercise will help you realize that when there is no story attached to your energy, that it feels the same. Begin by closing your eyes and relaxing. Remember a time when you experienced great joy, the happiest moment in your life. Remember this in as much detail as you can, and as you do, try to feel the emotions you were feeling then. Imagine that you are reliving the event. See and listen to the people around you. Allow yourself to feel the emotions as powerfully as you can. Now notice where in your body you feel the energy strongest. Perhaps it is in your heart, or in your mid-region. Imagine a ball of light there, and while you continue to hold onto the story that triggered the emotion, place both hands over that spot. Know that the ball of light is attaching itself to your hand, then after a few seconds, if it is not already in your heart, begin moving your hand until the ball of energy is contained within your lower heart.
Step Two: Now let the story drop away from your mind completely, and as you do this, see if the energy shifts or changes in any way. Let it rest for a moment in your heart, the ball of light, vibrating strong. Now let one of your hands move upward directly above the other. As you do this, imagine that you are drawing some of the energy to the region where your Sacred Heart rests. Now it is like the burner that releases gas without the flame. Let it fill the region around your upper heart, the intoxicating gas of pure love. It has been the destination of the energy all along, for it will always seek to go where it will serve humanity, just as your greatest joy seeks to express itself in the world. Feel this energy filling your Sacred Heart fully.
Step Three: The ignition of the Sacred Heart three-fold flame is as simple as stating your intention. You have been given all power to create and seem to destroy, but yet you must now learn to use it skillfully. As you hold your hand over the upper heart, say these three words, and as you say them breathe deeply knowing that they are igniting your truest light. Your intention is all that is needed now. "It is done!" You have said YES to the Universe, and your heart is now alive.
The more you focus on this life in the next three days the more you will feel its effects. It is like a newborn child, needing you to feed and nurture it that it may grow strong and bright. That will be your task until the next lesson! . Then we will share more, that you may understand with your mind what is already known in your heart. I rejoice with you.
Lesson II
The children are leading you toward a new world, yet one you have always known. It is their innocence you are learning to recapture, though it has never left you at all. It is hidden and isolated, yes, but the gift of life cannot abandon you even in your death. It is this that secures your innocence for all eternity. Life is realized through you, and now is the time you chose to return to the purity in which you were created. Embrace it now, and your Sacred Heart will radiate through all the world.
Everything of your spirit is reflected in your body, just as everything in the mass consciousness of the world is reflected in the earth you claim. When you were born all your Divine Gifts were mirrored in perfect balance within this Temple. You were able to communicate multi-dimensionally, to see yourself within the soul of all creatures, and to offer your love as it was and will always be offered back to you. But after time a new world settled in around you, based upon untrue laws made to limit the expression of your life. Until then a gland called the thymus was strong within you, controlling and inspiring your natural healing and gifts. When this word is broken down, "thy," and "mus," which is short for "muse," or "that which inspires," the gift of its presence is revealed. But then you stopped listening to the inspiration it offered, and the thymus began shrinking. In most adults it is difficult to find at all, for the energy that flowed to and from it when you were a child has ceased.
Awakening the thymus is the physical counterpart to activating the Sacred Heart. The children are leading you today because their inspiration is still strong, and you are instinctively drawn to this strength. They have not taken the path that was mapped out for them by a world dominated by sickness, pain and death. They have chosen a different path, and you will follow them to a new world. And as you do, the thymus, or Sacred Heart, is awakened again, and it grows within your physical body. A bridge is then reestablished, one that leads back to your innocence. You will cross this bridge and bring all those you love with you. That is the true aim of this meditation.
Now that the Sacred Heart within has been re-ignited, we must keep the flame strong. I will offer two methods for fulfilling this, the first physical and the second spiritual.
1. Gently tap the area of the upper heart with three fingers, focusing on the flame within. This visualization, combined with the tapping, will draw energy to this energetic center, and a connection will be made between the two worlds. This is the bridge I was referring to, and the awakened Sacred Heart will be the path that leads you there. Follow these instructions several times a day and you will begin to feel a flow of energy you did not sense before. It is this flow that leads you to the second step.
2. Commit yourself to spending at least one hour a day for the next three days "Seeing" the Awakened Sacred Heart in others. I cannot overemphasize the benefits of this practice. If you truly want to know yourself to be awake, see others as awake, regardless of any evidence to the contrary. You cannot receive a gift you are not willing to give, otherwise you will still be forcing your mind into the "ego's theory of separation." It is not real, for only the Love of God is eternal. If you spend an hour a day seeing this in others, then both the upper and lower heart will expand beyond anything you have known till now. Then you will know the path you walk, and we will stand together in this holy recognition. You do not need to say a word to anyone about this, in fact it is better that you do not. Only give. Only love. Your own Sacred Heart will then explode with Light, the Light that is your Home.
I have said that this is a simple path we walk together, but these are also the most important steps you will ever take. There are awakened beings on every level now waiting for your assistance, and you will learn it only when your heart expands to contain the whole world. In the final, third lesson we will take the last step of Divine Communication through your Sacred Heart, and then you will be able to join us. It is the only thing that is required. You cannot hear until you learn to listen. That is why we are here, and it is why this is being offered to you. Choose this moment to fulfill this task. We are waiting for you now.
Lesson III
There is a field of energy surrounding you that connects the Divine Flow of Grace with your heart and your mind. There are moments in all our lives when we are able to sense this field, then translate the information we receive. This may happen when you are in nature, or deep in meditation. Suddenly your heart opens and you simply "KNOW" something, or perhaps EVERYTHING.
You have become accustomed to being unaware of this flow, for such is the numbing effect of perception and the world you created to hide from truth. Time now becomes the means through which you unlearn everything you created in that world, everything that has captured your attention until now, in order to experience the Constancy of Grace that is your real desire, and mine for you.
This Divine Communication is the true goal of these lessons, and it is the function of your Sacred Heart. Now that you have opened this energy center you will be able to fulfill the Holy Task for which you were born. And what is this task?
To Know Who You Are!
What other reason could there be but to know the truth that has been held safe for you within the Mind and Heart of God? Once you know this, then you can give it. The ultimate goal is not to communicate with others that you perceive to be separate from you, but to realize that there is nothing separate from you. Once this knowledge is yours, then you realize that your role and God's are the same. You are here to offer compassion to all beings by holding them in your heart. When this is done, Divine Communication is natural. It is not something you focus on achieving, but something you simply ARE. Now that you have opened and activated your own Sacred Heart, this is well within reach.
Communication is the key to Knowledge. It is important, however, that we are clear about the level of communication we are focusing on achieving. When human beings talk to one another there is no communication taking place at all. The goal may be a communion of minds, and yet the concepts you hold in your mind blocks the flow. This is the illusion of communication, for concepts cannot communicate with other concepts. At other times you attempt to communicate heart to heart, and yet the fears you hold still block what would set you free. (This is the reason for activating the upper heart, since it is not held captive by fear.) Communication is impossible within the world of perception, for in the end, it is a world you created to deny who you are. As long as you perceive yourself to be separate from anything, you have denied truth. Divine Communication, then, proceeds from knowing who you are, and this cannot happen within the context of this world.
And yet, there is another world where you can dwell, one where you are able to communicate as One Heart, fully conscious of the Divine Flow that runs through and around you even now. Your Sacred Heart is the bridge that leads from this world to the next, and though you will not seem to move at all, it is the step you must take if you are to communicate as God does.
That is your goal now - TO COMMUNICATE AS GOD. This may seem overwhelming to you now, but it is the only thing that will ultimately satisfy your soul. You have opened and initiated your Sacred Heart already, and so you have everything you need to fulfill this function. Now you must simply do what you came to do, and the Real World simply assumes its own.
It is time now to enter into the Heart of Peace. There are two methods of communicating through your Sacred Heart. They are in truth the same, but we will separate them for the sake of practice. When you have become proficient with one then you will not need to make any distinction. I suggest that you practice them both, and share what you have learned. Practice is the key to strengthening the Sacred Heart's function, which then becomes a whole spiritual path. As you learn to communicate with each other with this method, your ability to communicate directly with the source of your being will be realized.
Method One: Communication of Love
Choose a person that you will join with. Remember that you are not following the dictates of your mind, but of your heart which understands communication differently. Begin by laying aside all the presumptions you may have once held and come with an open mind. Do not carry any thoughts from your past for they will not serve you here. The heart that is opening to communicate love knows exactly what to do and how to succeed.
It is not important that the person you choose know anything about your action. It is a blessing you are offering, and so there is no issue of integrity, no need for them to be told unless you feel it is necessary. Close your eyes and imagine them standing in front of you. Imagine them in full Light, filled with love and vibrating with that grace. This will trigger a deeper opening in you for you cannot give something, especially the Peace of God, without receiving it yourself. See them as if they are in front of you physically and imagine a cord of Light that connects your upper heart to theirs.
As you do this, imagine a purple crystal hovering inside your Sacred Heart. You will see the flame of the chakra, and then the crystal either inside or around that flame. The next step is to take a deep, slow breath, and as you do, draw them inside the crystal. Imagine that person the same as they were before, but now they are within you, within your Sacred Heart. There is no space at all between the two hearts. They are the same. Two hearts have become one, and so Divine Communication within that Oneness is natural and easy. Know this. Feel this. You may feel waves of Light flowing through your heart. Whatever you feel, know that it is natural, and most of all, HOLY. The more you can sense this Holiness the more the Light, or the Divine Communication, flows to the other person. They will feel the love, though they may not know where it comes from consciously. It is not important. All that is important is that you know where it comes from. You are the source now. This is the function you chose before you were born.
Method Two: Communication of Thoughts
The second method will allow you to directly communicate thoughts with another person. The visualization is much the same as the first method, except that the other person is aware and is participating. It does not matter if you are in the same room or on the other side of the world.
It ultimately doesn't matter if you are practicing the exercise at the same time, though we will assume this for now. Choose a person as a partner who has read the three lessons, and find a time when you can both focus your energy together.
Imagine your partner in front of you as you did before. Take a deep breath and pull them into the crystalline heart. Before moving on, connect in the love that you share spending several minutes being present with one another.
Then, when you are ready, choose a single word that you intend to give your partner. Let the word describe a particular gift you are willing to give, and which you choose to receive. Examples would be: love, joy, peace. Now imagine that word, and the feeling behind the word, traveling through the cord of Light that connects both hearts, and then know that the message has been received. This is very important for the more certain you are, the more energy you will put behind it. After some time you can practice sending whole sentences or ideas.
When you are finished with the meditation, call or contact your partner and compare notes. It may take a few tries before you are completely accurate, or you may surprise yourself and achieve profound success right away. Once you have mastered this technique with one person you will be more successful with others.
This gift you are offering to others is the gift I am offering to you. I have communicated with you in this way many times before, and now the Children are reaching out to you to help them complete their great work. You are part of it now, and yet the role you play will be greater if you are able to communicate as they communicate. This is the moment you chose to complete this.




Spiritual Wellness

Spirituality has positive affects on our health. There have been
several studies showing how spirituality improves health and healing.
Spirituality consists of the values by which you interpret your world
view, organize your day to day living and assess your way of life. It
is a personal quest for understanding answers to ultimate questions
about life, about meaning, and about relationships to the sacred.
Spirituality is the way that you find meaning, hope, comfort and
inner peace in your life.
Spiritual wellness" is the quest for meaning, value, and purpose...
resulting in hope, joy, courage, and gratitude. It is the ability to
find peace and balance in our lives in which our values and ethics
match our actions. Spiritual wellness involves self-evaluation of
personal beliefs. It is learning to trust your intuition and gain
strength and energy from your surroundings.
Tips for Spiritual Wellness
• Listen to your inner voice.
• Pay attention to your feelings, emotions, and thoughts.
• Trust your intuition: Your inner voice will often help you find
your direction, so you need to stop and listen to it.
• Understand your beliefs, why you have them, and why you value them.
• Continue to seek purpose in your life.
Spiritual Wellness helps us to realize that that we do not have to
suffer to evolve as long as we understand that the seeds to
Enlightenment lay in each day's experiences. As we apply these
lessons to our spiritual evolution, we learn to control our thoughts
and our reality; the health and well being of our body, mind and
We learn to recognize how our intentions project thoughts into
reality. As we become conscious of self-defeating thoughts, we can
acknowledge them and replace them with positive affirmations.
We are at peace as the Great Mystery is no longer mysterious. We live
in harmony, with humility, compassion, and a willingness to surrender
to the will of the Great Spirit. When we look at our lives, we
usually assess them in weeks, months, and years, but yet, in truth,
we are meant to focus on days.
Kabbalists teach that a person is given an exact amount of days to
live. Within each day there is a spark of Light that one is meant to
perfect. The totality of all the work that is done in any given day,
from restricting anger to sharing, goes into the perfection of the
spark of Light of that day.
In the Bible, people lived for hundreds of years, but then life
expectancy dropped. The kabbalists explain this with a parable. There
was once a King who owned a diamond mine. After extracting the
diamonds, he would give thousands of them at a time to local
craftsmen, whose job it was to clean and perfect the stones over
several months' time. The only problem was that they never completed
the work. In fact, some of the diamonds came back damaged. Therefore,
the King set up a new method by which he gave each craftsman a
smaller amount and less time to get the job done.
The same happened with humanity.
Initially, the Creator gave each person millions of sparks of Light,
one corresponding to each day of life they were given. But although
people lived for hundreds of years, they often did not perfect their
sparks. In fact, they damaged them. Therefore, the Creator cut down
the amount of sparks given to each person all at once.
We are not given 80, 100, or 120 years of life. We are given 29,200
days, 36,500 days, or 43,800 days, and within each one, we are meant
to perfect a spark of Light. The spark we are meant to perfect today
cannot be perfected tomorrow, just as the spark we could have
perfected yesterday cannot be perfected today. Each day has its own
unique work relating to a specific aspect of soul that needs
purification and elevation.
The Kabbalists teach that at the end of every day, as we go to sleep,
if we have perfected our spark, it is sent up into our spiritual bank
where it remains to protect us and to give us Light and blessings.
When a person succeeds in this work, often the Creator will give him
even more sparks, which, of course, equals more days, months, and
years of life. Naturally, the opposite holds true as well.
The most important understanding from all this is that we do not live
weeks, months, and years; we live day by day. The work we have to
accomplish today cannot be accomplished tomorrow.
This week, awaken within your consciousness an appreciation for the
power and tremendous gift of every day. When you internalize this
understanding, even if days do not start off the way you had hoped,
you will not write them off and push things into tomorrow. You will
realize that what you need to accomplish today you can only
accomplish today, and know that as you are perfecting and sending up
the sparks, you are not only creating an amazing bank of Light that
flows down to you, but you are also earning more days and more sparks
to perfect.




Love Yourself

Author Unknown
Take full responsibility for your life.
Stop blaming others.
See yourself as the cause
of what happens to you.
Do things you like to do.
Don't stay in a job you don't like.
Participate in life at the highest level you can.
Stop terrorizing yourself with your thoughts.
Be gentle and kind and patient with yourself.
Give yourself the
simple pleasures of life abundantly.
Wear clothes you feel good in.
Get a massage.
Watch what you say.
Avoid self put-downs.
Stop being critical of yourself and others.
Take care of your body.
Give it exercise and good food.
Be willing to create a life-style that
generates and nourishes self-esteem.
Associate with others with high esteem.
Acknowledge yourself frequently.
Keep a diary of your successes
and accomplishments.
Avoid comparing yourself with others.
Remember that it's who we are,
not what we do, that's important.
Give yourself permission
to do nothing periodically.
Schedule time by yourself.
Frequently take deep breaths.
Discover the benefit and pleasure
of breathing fully.
Eat first class frequently.
Don't look at the right side of the menu.
Stop trying to change others.
Focus your attention on being the way
you want others to be.
Look into a mirror regularly and say
"I love you, I really love you".
Stop feeling guilty and saying "I'm sorry".
See mistakes as valuable lessons
and avoid judging yourself.
Consciously generate positive thoughts and
feelings of self-love in place of
old thoughts of inadequacy.
Be willing to laugh at yourself and at life.
Stop taking yourself so seriously.
Accept compliments from others
without embarrassment.
Don't invalidate their positive thoughts
and feelings about you.
Be kind to your mind.
Don't hate yourself for having negative thoughts.
Gently change your thoughts.
Keep your awareness and your thoughts
focused in present time instead of
living in the past or future.
Acknowledge others frequently.
Tell them what you like and appreciate in them.
Invest money in yourself.
Go to seminars, workshops and courses
that develop your talents.
Make a list of 10 things you love doing
and do them frequently.
Treat yourself as you would
treat someone you really loved.
Love Yourself



Listening to Your Inner Voice
by Claudette Rowley
metavoice. org


Is your life out of sync with your priorities? Do you feel like you're a hamster running on a wheel? Have you forgotten who you are? If you answered YES to any of these questions, read on.
Learn to listen to your inner voice - the essence of who you are - by following these FIVE STEPS:

1) Check in with your heart

Social conditioning teaches us to be logical and "use our heads". When you only use your head, your experience of yourself and the world is limited. You miss out on the vital information the rest of your body, heart and soul is giving you.
Benefits: The same neurological tissue found in the brain is found in the heart. The heart is a second "brain" and our emotional centre. Listening to your head and your heart is crucial to good decision-making about your life, your business and your relationships.
New Focus: Put your hand over your heart and focus there - what is it telling you?

2) Connect with your body

Your body gives you a tremendous amount of useful information that you may not be conscious of. For example, when your mother-in-law visits, does your stomach tie up in knots? When your boss yells at you, do your shoulders turn into stone? When you feel passionate and alive, does your chest feel warm and open? When we ignore the body's message, we lose out on valuable information designed to let us what works for us and what doesn't.
Benefits: For many people, fear manifests as a tightness in their chest. This is valuable information, especially if you aren't aware that you are afraid. Your body alerts you to what makes feels passionate and what doesn't. The body is a fount of wisdom designed to tell you when you're on the right path and when you aren't.
New Focus: Notice the messages your body is giving you right now. Try a self-massage to find areas in your back, neck or shoulders that are tense or knotted. What other areas of your body feel tight? Which ones feel relaxed and loose? Use this information as another key to listening to your inner wisdom.

3) Listen to your intuition

Intuition is simply knowing something without knowing exactly how you know it. Connect back to a time that you had a "gut feeling" about something - the job that you knew you shouldn't take, even though it looked good on the surface or the relationship that just felt right for you. That's your intuition talking to you.
Benefits: Gut feelings are a wealth of information. Remember, your intuition is never wrong, although your interpretation of it may be incorrect. When your intuition calls to you, trust it. Practice makes perfect when it comes to using your intuition effectively.
New Focus: The next time you need to make a decision, check in with your intuition. Experiment with trusting it.
When you follow your intuition, what happens? When you hear it and disregard it, what's the outcome?

4) Notice your self-saboteur

Each of us has our very own special saboteur. The saboteur is the voice in your head that says, "You are not good enough." "Who do you think you are?" "If you take this new job, everyone will find out what a fraud you are." The saboteur's job is to "protect" you from taking risks and making changes.
Benefits: Learn to distinguish between your voice and the saboteur's mumbo-jumbo. Notice how the inner critic drives the choices and decisions you make.
New Focus: Simply notice the negative voices playing in your head. Notice the times when they crop up. Recognize that the voices aren't you and they aren't true. Learning to separate your own voice from that of the saboteur is a powerful and life changing tool.

5) Identify limiting beliefs

We each carry a set of beliefs that we live by. Certain beliefs you hold consciously, while others are mainly unconscious. Beliefs develop out of past experiences and our interpretations of those experiences. Some of the conscious and unconscious beliefs that you develop limit your ability to grow and move forward in your life. For example: One of your goals as a successful entrepreneur is to make a lot of money. You discover that you have a belief - a limiting one - that it's wrong to make a lot of money. Until you begin to alter your beliefs about money, it will be more difficult for you to achieve that financial success you desire.
Benefits: Learning to notice a limiting belief allows you to become conscious of it, and then change it. Releasing a belief that limits you puts you back in the driver's seat of your life. You, rather than an old belief, make the choices that are right for you and allow you to fulfil your potential.
Ways to spot a limiting belief: -You tell yourself that you only have one or two choices in a situation or "no choice" at all. -Your inner critic expresses his or her opinion. -The inner critic's opinion is generally based in a limiting belief. -A decision may appear to be black and white to you or an either/or situation. -You have decided that "this is the way the world is." -You make a decision based on fear. -You feel constricted and notice that you lack clarity about a specific situation.
New Focus: How does a particular belief allow you to attract what you really want in life? How does it prevent you from attaining your goals? When you reach an obstacle in your path, make sure that it's not an old belief in your way.
When important questions like "What do I want?" or "What's the right choice for me to make?" surface in your mind, consult your inner voice. You possess the answers you need to live a life that feels successful and fulfilling. Listening to your inner voice can lead you on a path that feels deeply satisfying.
Your business and personal lives will flourish with this new level of trust!




Walk Your Own Path
by Carrie Hart
carriehart. com


You will sometimes meet someone you believe is a soul mate; you feel the connection on many levels, perhaps instantly. And as you get to know each other more, you begin to feel the connection deepen and you feel that you must have an arrangement with this person that predated this lifetime.
Do not assume, however, that this soul connection necessarily means that you are meant to be happily together for this lifetime. It may be that you are meant to be friends and allies, helping each other out. It may be that you are going to help each other in ways that even involve conflict and separation, but with an end result that is beneficial to you. It may be that you are going to learn some lesson from each other and then go your separate ways.
What you need to do with all relationships, including those that have that instant and deep connection, is let be. You need to allow all of life, including close relationships, flow and evolve. You need to let people be who they are, not what you want them to be. And above all, you must not try to control, push and prod, manipulate and orchestrate relationships.
Have the courage and the heart, the centeredness, to follow your own path, to be who you are and love being who you are, no matter what. Shine out and show us who you are, so that people who are looking for someone exactly like you can find you. Do not allow setbacks or even major betrayals to dampen your shine and your being.
In life's journey you will encounter much, narrow paths blocked by avalanches, forks in the road shrouded in fog, deep valleys of darkness and bright sunny days in meadows of golden poppies. It is all a part of life. And as you walk your path, other people will join you for a time: a dear friend, a lover, a spouse, children and parents. And then they may go away.
And through it all, the only constant is that you are you, that you have a core of truth within you and a path to walk, and if you allow your core of truth to tell you which fork in the road to take, if you allow that internal compass to tell you which mountain to climb, then you will do well indeed and have a fulfilling, interesting life. If you go chasing after others, trying to make things be other than how they naturally are, then you will find yourself suddenly awakening in a deep forest without knowing where to turn. You will find yourself lost and confused, because you have lost touch with your own personal truth.
And when this happens, you must just sit down in the forest, become very still, and return to yourself. You must reach down and find yourself again before you continue walking, or else you will simply go around in circles, becoming more desperate and alone and lost.
You are everything you need to be, just as you are, right now. You are the center of your own life. You are the beacon that shines and shows the way.
Be glad when others walk beside you, enjoy their company, connect as closely and deeply as you can, but always, always, shine your own light and walk your own path and allow them to do the same.




Seven Ways to Create Miracles Every Day

In times of stress it's easy to forget that

miracles can happen. Miracles are natural.

When they do not occur it's because we

have disconnected from our Higher Mind.

As old structures and forms crumble all

around us, fear is rampant, yet at the

same time there's extraordinary support

for healing and expansion.

The following practices have been my

discipline this year.
I adopted them as

I struggled with my own challenges and

those of people dear to me.

They are simple, easy to build into any routine,

and I believe you'll be pleased-and surprised-

by the miracles these simple steps will

generate in your life.

Inoculate Yourself Against Toxic Media

Limit your exposure to negative news.

Your time is valuable.
Don't waste it l

istening to melodramatic media

personalities scream and yell hysterically

at everyone - including you.
It induces

anxiety and suppresses joy.
Just because

prime time doesn't cover good news,

doesn't mean there aren't beautiful things going

on in the world.
There are! But you need

to look elsewhere for them.

Set Your Day Right

Each day provides the opportunity to choose

between thoughts and feelings that add to

your energy or deplete it.
In the morning

your mind is open, expanded and receptive

to change.
This is the ideal time to dwell upon

what you want; luxuriate in positive outcomes

and cultivate deliciously wonderful feelings.

3. Fear is Not Your Friend. Rise above it.

The root meaning of the word crisis is to decide.

In crisis our first reaction is to make decisions

out of fear. These are rarely sound decisions.

Fear is not good for your chemistry, creativity, i

ntuition or clarity.
When you catch yourself being fearful - Stop! Step back, take a breath, get

centered and know that there's always a

higher plan.
To discover it you need to

feel good first.

Feeling good expands your perception of reality,

allowing you to see new solutions and

make better decisions.

Make a deliberate effort to look for the

silver lining in any given situation.

The only thing that blocks the flow

of joy and abundance is fear:

Fear of failure,

fear of disgrace,

fear of poverty,

fear of rejection,

fear of loss.

Counterbalance fear

with self-care.

Dwell on what you want to have happen,

not on what you're afraid might happen.

Take extra care to relax

and nurture your sense of self and well-being.

Practice Forgiveness

When someone upsets you,

it upsets you!

The moment you notice all the uncomfortable

sensations that arise when you're angry,

frustrated or fearful - Stop! Forgive

yourself for getting irritated.

Send love to people that annoy you.

I know it's hard, but it's worth it.

As you get better and better at forgiveness,

and sending love, negative emotional

charge will dissipate, you'll feel happier

and situations will resolve

or disappear altogether.

Hold the Highest Vision


or "feeling the pain"

of friends and loved ones

is not healthy or helpful.


hold the highest vision for them,

even if they can't see it for themselves.

When you see the highest good for people,

you are lending your energy productively

to help them.

Know that the positive visions

you hold for others and for the world

have an impact.
Your highest vision

can change circumstances for the better.

Obliterate Problems-Invite Miracles

In meditation,

pray to open your heart and mind

to allow miracles.

Remember that miracles are natural

and all you need to do

is get out of the way

and allow them in.


"I am inviting miracles into my life.

Give Thanks

Look for positive shifts,

look for goodness,

no matter how small,

and quietly say

"Thank You.

" Gratitude builds a resonant energy field

that opens the flow of grace in your life.

www. theatreofthemind. com




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Quote Of The Week

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."

~ Lao Tzu




God desires for you to have a rich and full life...
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Today's Positive Thought
The Divinity within you is like a stream of living water. Drink deeply.

Today's Positive Affirmation
I drink deeply of the Divine within me until it overflows perfection into my life and world.

Today's Positive Visualization
I take in a slow and even breath and allow myself to experience the Divine within. I imagine it like a stream of living water flowing into every cell of my body. I sense my cells responding to this Divine energy. They drink in the light and become healthy and vital. This living water flows through my emotions bringing a sense of calm and deep peace. My thoughts are washed with this light removing all the old negative thinking and beliefs. I feel clean, pure, and refreshed after drinking in deeply of this pure light that dwells within me. I see this living water flowing out into my life creating prosperity, success, and joy. I combine these images with the feelings of joy and let them go, knowing that they will create the good things I am visualizing and thinking.

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