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United In Spirit Connection Vol 16

Dearest Members,

Welcome to our latest edition of the official newsletter for United In Spirit. I just wish to take a moment to welcome all our new members to our community. WELCOME!! You are all valued members of our community and each have uniquely individual gifts to contribute, thank you for taking the time to join.Hope you all enjoy the site.


This week United In Spirit officially reached the 100 member milestone. What an awesome accomplishment and compliment for our community! Well done!


We have a new group for all those of you who are poetry lovers! The group is called Poet's Corner,feel free to join, add your own work,post your favourite poems and discuss poetry. Your group leader is Gus, also known on site as Angus Robertson Smith  jnr ,who enjoys writing his own poetry. You can join this group by clicking HERE .


The group Love ,Courage, Strength lead by Stan Scott is off to a great start and will prove to be invaluable as a support network for those diagnosed with with cancer, those caring for loved ones with cancer or those who are coping with cancer diagnosis for a loved one. There is already a great amount of sharing of experiences and a good solid foundation of basic information. It is amazing how much support is already evident. Definitely a great cause and worthy of support. You can access the group HERE .




Our site has a new look. The banner is a sample of my graphic artwork with the background being a small snippet of  a series  of graphic artwork I have created. I am also available to make banners for a small fee $5 which is reasonable considering the tie consuming work and great design. If you are interested in a banner please email and let me know.

This volume sees the continuation of our very own administrator's monthly series on herbal remedies and their uses.

Introducing the Herb of the Month by Gray Wolf:


This comes from my own personal research and use of Wood Betony Herb. A delightful herb that nourished and helped heal my nervous system.  If you choose to work with this herb, get to know this Herbal Spirit...  Green Blessings Everyone!!!!

Wood Betony Herb

(Betonica officinalis)
Common Names: 
Parts Used:
Herb - Bitter and Cool
Used for the nervous system (excellent Nervine), liver, heart

This Herb dates back to the Middle Ages. Wood betony was once considered an herbal "magic bullet" for dispelling a wide variety of diseases. Antonius Musa, chief physician to the Roman emperor Caesar August, catalogued 47 conditions he treated with the herb.
This herb is said to be endowed with power against evil spirits.  Because of its power, it was carefuilly planted in churchyards and hung above the neck as an amulet or charm, santifying.  As Erasmus tells us, "those that carried it about them and being also good against fearful visions and an efficacuis means of 'Driving away devils and despair.' There were many excessive superstitions that grew up round Betony, one of very ancient date, was that serpents could fight and kill each other if placed within a ring composed of Wood Betony.  Others declared that even wild beasts recognized its efficacy, and used it if wounded; and that stags, if wounded with a dart, would search out Betony and eating it, be cured.
Wood betony is an herb native to Europe bearing a spike of purple flowers on a long, central stem reaching 1-2 feet (60 to 90 cm) high. All the leaves are rough to the touch and are also fringed with short, fine hairs; their whole surface is dotted with glands containing a bitter, aromatic oil.  The whole herb is collected from wild plants in July, when at their best, and dried.
Collect only on a fine day, in the morning but after the dew has been dried by the sun.  Cut off the stems shortly above the root.  Stems are fairly firm, and tie them up in bunches of about six stalks together.  Spread out fanwise, so that the air can penetrate to them all and hang over string to dry, either in half-shade, in the open air or in a drying room.  Pack away as soon as dried to preserve the Spirit - the Plant's life force.

Common Names:  bishopswort, herb Christopher, betony, beefsteak plant, high heal-all, Betonica (Span.), Common Hedge-Nettle, Spiked Betony

Constituents: Betaine, caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, harpagide, rosmarinic acid, stachydrine, tannins.

Therapeutic Action:  Nervine, tonic, antiscorbutic, aromatic, carminative, astringent, alterative, stomachic, aperient, anthelmintic, and antivenomous.
Excellent remedy for all head and face pains, and for nervous troubles.  Tonic for general digestive disorders, and is an efficient alterative in cleansing impurities from the blood.  It will open obstructions of the liver and spleen, mildly stimulate the heart, and expel worms from the system. 

Medicinal Uses:  Pain of the head and face, neuraligia, hysteria, dizziness, dyspepsia, impure blood, rheumatism, scrofula, jaundice, biliousness, nervous troubles, heartburn, stomach cramps, colic pains, insanity, headache, pain, convulsions, colds, droopsy, gout, influenze, consumption, worms, poisonous snake and insect bites and delirium.

Fluid extract, infusion, powder and tincture.
Dosage:  Fluid extract 12/ to 1 fluid teaspoon.
Infusion:  2 fluid ounces, 3-4 times daily.
Powder:  1-3 grams
Tincture:  1/2 to 1 fluid teaspoon.

Russian research indicates that the traditional warning for nursing mothers not to use wood betony is not warranted. Drink the tea at a meal for maximum benefit.

Nervous Mind or a Good Headache Tea
1 part Wood Betony
1 part Peppermint or Lemon Balm
2 parts Skullcap (another Excellent Nervine)





Fasting for 1-2 days a month on the Master Cleanser drink can be very cleansing and rejuvenating for Body, Mind and Spirit.

  • Dissolves and eliminates toxins and congestion that have formed in any part of your body
  • Cleanses the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and digestive system
  • Purifies the glands and cells
  • Eliminates unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles
  • Builds and rejuvenates a healthy blood stream
  • Relieves pressure (and the irritation that results) on the nerves, arteries, and blood vessels

    Master Cleanser Recipe:

    2 TBSP of fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice (1/2 lemon)
    2 TBSP of pure B grade maple syrup
    1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (red) or to taste
    12 oz of pure, fresh water (luke warm to medium hot)
    Plus peppermint or spearmint tea if desired as a breath freshener

    Blend together your ingredients for a delicious and warming drink. Enjoy drinking several quart bottles of this refreshing and rejuvenating drink throughout your day. This will help to flush your liver, gall bladder and kidneys, as well as help to eliminate built up toxins from your body tissues.

    Why Grade B maple syrup? B Grade maple syrup contains a wide variety or minerals and vitamins including, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, phosphorus, sulphur, chlorine and silicon, as well Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, nicotinic acid and pantothenic acid are also present.

    It's absolutely amazing what a short cleanse using the Master Cleanser can do for alleviating any sluggishness in your level of energy. A short cleanse will leave you feeling vibrant and alive!

    Try PurePlant Essentials Energy Clearing or Cleanse & Detox Blends when doing your Master Cleanser. The essential oils in this formula have been used for generations by energy medicine practitioners and aromatherapists to promote cleansing and regeneration.




    6 Great Questions That Will Help You Find Your Focus

    Copyright © 2005 Cari Vollmer, LifeOnTrack (tm)

    Do you have a ton to do and have no idea where to start?

    Would  you like to know with each step you take you're heading in the right direction? Would you like to narrow your "to do" list down to a few key items and let go of the rest? Would you like to work smarter, not harder?

    The questions below will help you do just that. Answering these questions will help you find your focus so you can do what you want to do and feel great about your life while you're doing it.

    1. What do I care about most? Or, where is my heart leading me?

    Only when you allow yourself to do what you care about most will you begin feeling better about your life.

    Asking this question will give your HEART a space to speak and be heard. When we get wrapped up in all the "stuff" we have to do we often overlook what our heart wants.

    2. What do I really, really want to do? Or, ask yourself "is this what I really want?" If the answer is "no", ask yourself why you're doing it and then find a way to stop doing it. So much life is wasted doing things we don't want to do.

    Doing what you really want is a process of identifying and letting go of the things that you don't want and replacing them with things that you do want. Overtime you'll rebalance your life to include MORE of what you want to do.

    This question will give your DREAMS an opportunity to come to life. This one question could set your life on a new course.

    3. How do I want to feel while I'm doing what I'm doing? If what you're doing doesn't give you pleasure while you're doing it, you may be on the wrong track. Why? Because "doing" takes up much more time then the result. The result happens once. We reach each goal only once and then it's over. The journey to our goals is

    what fills our life with experiences. If you're not feeling good during the "doing" (aka -- the journey) is it really worth it?

    This question allows your SPIRIT to come alive -- to be experienced.

    Give yourself permission to do things that feel good and you'll live an inspired life.

    4. What is the "for sake of what" behind what I'm doing? Another way to word this question would be, "In the big picture of my life what purpose does this action serve?" If the answer isn't clear you may be letting life lead you.

    This question helps you CONNECT THE DOTS and make better choices for your life.

    Basing your actions on a clear purpose puts you in the driver's seat which means you are LEADING your life instead of letting it lead you.

    5. What am I going to do? Make a list of all the things you care about and all the things you really want to do and prioritize them with a "1-2-3" approach. Rank your list in order of importance.

    Of course we make choices (decisions) about what we're going to do all day long BUT how often do we make choices after asking questions 1-4? Answering the above questions FIRST will give you the opportunity to bring more of what you really want into your life.

    This question requires a CHOICE be made. Now you've narrowed your focus!

    6. How am I going to do it? After narrowing your focus create a mini action plan for each item.

    Write down the steps you'll need to take to make it happen.

    Tip: only focus on 1 or 2 things at a time (ex: over the period of 1 month). Don't try to do everything at once. That will just lead to overwhelm. Give yourself a chance to worker smarter and you will get more done.

    This question will inspire you to TAKE ACTION. Nothing happens without it. In order to create the life you want you have to give your dreams, heart and spirit a voice and space in your life. However, this alone won't make things happen. You have to channel all these things into a clear course of action.

    Instead of jumping into your "to do" list, take some time to reflect upon these questions. By doing so you'll put yourself on a life and/or business path that reflects more of what you really want. Determine your FOCUS first and you'll live a fuller, richer life.

    About the Author

    Cari Vollmer is the creative founder of's inspirational e-zine, LivingOnTrack, offers practical success tools, tips and strategies for getting and keeping your life on track.  Sign up at

    Cari Vollmer can be reached at:



    Balancing Male-Female Energies

    Aspects of Ourselves

    By Ken Page

    * Balancing the Male-Female Aspects of Ourselves

    * Male and Female Templates

    * Functioning Half Complete

    * What Happens When We Hold Back?

    * Relationships Are Opportunities to Share

    * The Results of Expectations and Judgments

    * Balanced Relationships

    * Challenging Situations

    * "Wrong" Relationships

    * How Do We Show We Really Love Someone?

    * Agreements * Change

    * "Changing" Our Partners

    * Safety

    * Vulnerability

    * Complete Trust

    * Communication

    * Summary


    Which of us hasn't dreamt of finally finding and keeping our perfect relationship? What if we are in a partnership that is confusing and always changing? How do we cope with the loss and heartache relationships can sometimes bring? What if we don't seem to be attracting any kind of intimate interactions at all? The working dynamics of good relationships are for many of us one of the greatest mysteries of life. It is a secret each of us seeks to unravel from the day we are aware there is more than one of us around. Why do interpersonal interactions -- something we are all engaged in every day, every minute, every second of our lives -- sometimes seem so challenging, complicated, confusing, difficult, and mysterious? The quality of our partnerships with others actually reflects the quality of the relationships we have with ourselves. Do we know who we are, and do we like who that is? Do we believe we are worthy and deserve unconditional love? While we may know how we would like someone to love us, do we love ourselves that way already? Do we trust and accept all parts of ourselves? The bottom line for most all of us is we simply would like to be loved and accepted for who we are, for our real selves.


    As we change our inner definition or template of our male and female selves to a place of balance and self-acceptance, we are able to attract someone who is more reflective of our true counterpart. Even if we are balanced with our inner masculine reflection, if we do not like our own femininity, we would be unable to create a truly balanced relationship for ourselves. One aspect many people do not give much thought to is that we look to our partners to reflect aspects of ourselves back to us. For example, if we are a woman, our partner is holding a place for us so we can better understand the feminine part of ourselves. If we are a male, our partner is holding a place for us to understand the masculine part of ourselves. Although this may be the opposite way most people view their relationships, how, if we were a woman, would we be better able to understand what type of woman we were unless someone could reflect it back to us as we interact with them?


    Many of us function as if we are only half complete. If we project the vibration of half of an individual, looking around for someone else to complete us, we attract an incomplete relationship. Movies like Jerry Macguire perpetuate this myth with lines like YOU COMPLETE ME. RUBBISH!!!!! The resulting interaction with anyone attracted in this manner will come up short of what we ideally desire. Entering into any interaction from the viewpoint we need the relationship to feel complete, results in the relationship continuing to reflect and remind us of our belief in our incompleteness. What we will have is a partnership made up of two half people, truly satisfying to neither person. When we know we are a relationship unto ourselves, complete and sufficient within ourselves, we set up a vibration that attracts someone with those same qualities and assurance. Too many times people make out long, wonderful lists of all the attributes they wish their perfect partner to have. The question to ask is, are we all those things? Do we have all those attributes? Unless we are able to reflect the type of vibrational being we choose to attract, how will we ever be seen and recognized by someone who does?


    It is absolutely impossible to experience a reality if we are not the same vibration. When we are cautious, when we hold back, when we do not show who we really are, when we think we are not sufficient, not wise enough, or not powerful enough to create the reality we truly desire, we then attract a representation of our own doubt in ourselves. Remember, the vibration we are, the vibration we are broadcasting, is the reality we receive. There are no exceptions to this rule.


    The reason for relating to someone else is for the opportunity to share who we are. Approaching a relationship as an opportunity to share attracts individuals who reflect our belief in our own completeness. When our relationships are set up this way, we are able to interact with the other person as two complete individuals coming together to share experiences. We will both know and experience the idea of personal fulfilment.


    When we put expectations or value judgments on the outcome of our relationships, we never actually get to experience the real reason we created the particular interaction in the first place. For this reason, it is important to accept relationships for what they are. If we invalidate what we have drawn into our lives, we are really invalidating ourselves.


    It is important to understand why we have drawn certain individuals into our lives. We usually have attracted others to allow ourselves the opportunity to grow and to give us more information about who we are. The idea is not to become like each other. The idea is to allow each individual to be the strongest, healthiest, most balanced individual they can possibly be. Sometimes we might forget this because we think unity is the product of conformity. Unity is the product of granting and allowing equality to uniqueness and diversity. In a balanced relationship, we do not lose our individuality -- just the opposite occurs. We each become stronger reflections for each other of all that is possible for each of us. The purpose of any relationship is to allow us to be more of who we choose to be. It is like looking into a mirror and seeing another aspect of ourselves. This does not mean our relationships will be an exact 1-1 reflection of who we each are. Rather, our relationships become a reflection of what the two of us have agreed to learn and teach each other.

    The best possible relationship is a balanced sharing, without dependency. Each party in a relationship has strong, natural attributes that can assist the other in their growth. If our support is aimed at creating a space for our partner or friend to grow in their own self-support, the relationship will be a happy and flourishing one. Think of it this way. Instead of constantly doling out small pieces of bread, wouldn't it be of true, lasting benefit to teach someone how to bake their own bread? If we are in a relationship where we are giving, giving, giving, it sends out the message to our partners that we do not believe they have the ability to match or mock up their own vibrations of completeness and sufficiency.

    Offer support to others as long as it does not represent the idea we are taking on responsibility for them. We cannot really be responsibility for other adults. Our attempts to do this usually leads us very quickly to examine our own issues about boundaries, because taking on another person's responsibilities brings us outside of where we prefer to be. The idea of responsibility is not to lay the blame on anyone, rather it allows us the freedom to choose what we prefer. In a balanced relationship, each of us can still do what we prefer to do. We don't have to change our lives just because someone else disapproves.

    There is no reason to attempt to be anything that we are not. Doing that only brings us more of what we are not. We will only become more uncomfortable, unhappy, unhealthy, and unsuccessful, if we keep trying to be something we are not. It is vital to express who we are, be who we are, and say what we think. We should only change our lives because we choose to, and because we are becoming more completely the real us. If we know we are functioning in true personal integrity, even if others around us don't like it or want us to change, we continue to be who we are. If we are doing what we enjoy and love in life, it very quickly provides us confirmation of who we really are. The idea is always to relax, have fun and be ourselves. Remember, anyone we attract into our lives by being ourselves belongs in our lives. Being of service to ourselves and others is only possible when we are complete within our own selves. If we are not fully ourselves, then the other person is not really in a relationship with the real us anyway!


    Negative situations are not in our lives to show us we are stuck with them or that we are bad people. Such situations happen to offer us a mirror like reflection of what we think about ourselves, or what we feel we deserve. If we find ourselves in situations we do not really prefer, we have given ourselves a very clear opportunity to change. One way to allow ourselves a chance to find out and discover who and what we are is by seeing so many examples, and creating interactions with a number of different individuals that represent who we are not. This is a very effective method of validating our true and natural selves by the simple process of elimination: Oh, I am not like that, I am not like this, I am certainly nothing like that, and so forth. Looking back on different relationships, we might say, "That wasn't me, and that wasn't me either. This is what I really am all about."


    Why would any of us create a whole series of wrong relationships? The reason itself is basically very simple. Either we have forgotten who we are, or we are afraid to accept who we are. Who we are is actually our naturally centred selves in a state of balance and complete self-acceptance. As long as we resist being our natural, balanced selves, the real us, we will not attract harmonious, long lasting, or healthy relationships. Once we become true to ourselves, we automatically attract the right person to ourselves, even as we move through changes. If someone decides to change or leave a relationship with us, realize their energy is no longer in harmony with ours. Therefore, by understanding this even if someone leaves us nothing will really be missing. We cannot miss anything from a vibration that we are not truly a part of.


    We can really show we love somebody by accepting them for who they are and by allowing them to be just where they already are. It is very important not to put any expectation on how it must be, or regret how it was or was not. When we live in the moment and trust ourselves enough to be in each and every moment, we always attract whomever is appropriate for ourselves. The best advice ever given for relationships is to trust, let go, and be ourselves. Trust is the glue for any relationship -- the trust we feel for ourselves, as well as the trust we have with others. 


    Sometimes, even when we are expressing who and what we truly are, we may attract someone we feel has a lot to learn. Because we make all kinds of agreements to be of service, we also sometimes make agreements to hold a space for others to help them find strengths and abilities within themselves as well. We may attract others into our lives so that we can be examples of what they could also be, if they choose to be aware of it. Remember, it is always their choice. We hold a space for them by our examples. Understand that we cannot possibly be in any relationship unless the agreement is a co-creation and of a similar vibration. It is important to remember and understand whomever we attract is exactly who is supposed to be there, with us, in that moment.


    When we come from a place of integrity and changes occur then the changes belong in our lives. Fear of change is usually the fear of losing something. If we understand everything is happening as it needs to, then we never need to fear losing anything. It is usually only the fear of the change that prevents us from changing along with our partners. By letting go of our fears, we will know that no matter how much we might change, we will attract whatever and whoever is representative, harmonious, and unified with our changes. If we allow change into our lives as we naturally grow and evolve -- instead of resisting it or pretending it isn't happening -- the vast amounts of energy we used to put into resisting change become available for our own creative purposes. It has been said the only constant thing in this world is change. As we honour the changes that occur in our lives, we will find we no longer experience others who have made the choice to live and act differently. We will interact and co-create with those who exist on the same level as we do, with similar natures and vibrations. The best way to share our wisdom and ideas is to simply be an example ourselves. The energy and vibration of who we are radiates from us, and is picked up psychically by all those who are of the same vibration. If someone in our lives changes and makes the choice to leave us, we should not look upon the relationships or ourselves as a failures. The parting of ways in a relationship is the signal that the lessons both of us have chosen to learn are completed.


    If we feel we have to mould, change, or manipulate our partners, the relationship bears examination. When we force someone to do something, it is a statement that we believe we will never really get what we are after, or that the person we are with will not be able to give it to us. When we force changes in our relationships, even if certain changes occur for a while, our relationships are no longer in balance or integrity. Sooner or later the individuals who are being forced to go against their true selves will be forced to leave as the relationship is no longer a reflection of the real them. Force is a non-integrated, distorted way of taking action. Remember, everyone naturally moves at the perfect rate and speed for themselves already. There is never any positive reason to accelerate someone (by force) to look and accept things they are not ready for. Even if they would be able to hear or see some part of the lesson we are attempting to force down their throats, until they are ready, in their own time and place, they will never grasp a true understanding of the lesson we are forcing them to learn. And because of our intervention, their original lesson became distorted and is much more difficult and confusing for them to learn. Usually, once interfered with, they will have to recreate their lesson all over again in an effort to counterbalance our interference. This has happened to all of us. How many times, when we sought to help someone who didn't asked for our help and upon whom we have forced our help, did their situation get worse? At first it may seem we have set things right for them for a while. After a few weeks or months, it will become evident to us that the person is now in even a worse position than before. What has happened is that their Higher Selves are so determined for them to fully understand and learn their original lessons that they have recreated the necessary energetics, except this time the lesson is ten times or one hundred times more intense than before. Each of us will keep turning up the intensity of our creations, until our original lessons have truly been understood and completed on all four levels of our being. Someone is ready to truly gain from our assistance and wisdom when they ask, of their own free will, for our guidance and insight. In such an instance, truth and wisdom is then shared, understood, and integrated in just the right way. The other person, by the fact of their asking, is in just the right place and state where they can truly hear, know and understand what we have to offer.


    If we feel we need to keep ourselves safe or protect ourselves, we will end up limiting the type of relationships we can create. I have been told many times by my clients that they are not currently in a relationship because it does not feel safe for them. Two things might be the cause of this. If we feel we need safety, we may somehow feel we are in a relationship that will not allow us to be our real selves. On the other hand, if we are in a relationship that is not satisfying, but we stay in it because we feel safe, maybe we are not safe with the idea of taking full responsibility for who and what we are, and who and what we could be. As soon as we stop resisting our natural selves, our reality will automatically change to allow loving and supportive relationships to come into our lives. In some cases, some clients report they need safety to avoid being in a position where they could be abandoned or vulnerable. Some of us would rather be alone than express our true inner needs. If we are in a relationship where we do not feel safe or comfortable expressing our deepest inner needs, we are alone anyway. We are simply alone together.


    In creating relationships that work with love and joy, it is important to express our vulnerability. Vulnerability has earned somewhat of a bad reputation in our society. Vulnerability really means we are open to all that we are. Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. Vulnerability is not exposure, it is full and total trust. Vulnerability does not mean being open to everyone and everything so they can take pot shots at us. Vulnerability means being open and available to our true, preferred selves, for when we open up to ourselves, we are open and available to the infinite Source of all creation. Connecting to our infinite creation will bring us peace, strength, and power, and it makes our lives real, joyous, magical, and happy. Strangely enough, many times we might only feel we are in control, when we are expending or exerting an effort. Vulnerability allows us to be in control effortlessly. Why would we need to expend effort to be in control of something that we already are?


    Trust really boils down to our own ability to trust ourselves. Complete trust occurs when we have an absolute knowingness we deserve to exist. Do we have to do something special in order to deserve to exist? No. We simply have to be. Creation has already decreed we deserve to exist. Can we give ourselves the same acknowledgment, respect, and love? We have a Divine right to exist in the manner we choose, simply because we prefer it! There is no other reason needed.


    Most of the problems that occur in relationships are caused by what is not being said, rather than what is said. Non communication, or withheld communication, is simply another way many of us hold back the real us from our partner. The problem with unspoken communication is more complex than might first be perceived. Saying "everything is all right," when we are thinking "drop dead," won't fool the other person for very long. Our real heart's truth and our honest feelings will always be psychically picked up by the other person on some level. Count on it! This is an ability we all have. It is the same sense that tells us when there has been a big fight or disagreement as we step into a strangely quiet and tense room. It is the same sense that we use psychically to energetically scan large groups of strangers at a party, as we decide who would be interesting to spend an evening getting to know. Direct unspoken communication is often used by intent by an acquaintance of mine who is well versed in martial arts. He uses it to defeat very powerful and well known karate masters. Gifted in his own right, this particular gentleman is very aware of the power of unspoken communication and uses it to his advantage. As he takes his preliminary bows before his match begins, he smiles on the outside while mentally projecting extreme violence towards his opponent. His opponent energetically and mentally picks up these projected waves of discordant energy. These waves temporarily short out his opponents' power centres, making it almost impossible for them to defend themselves as the bout begins. Every relationship, in order to grow and flourish, requires open and honest communication coming from a point of inner truth and balance. Honest communication enables the other person to truly relate and to have a relationship with who we actually are. Open, clear, conscious communication enables the other person to observe and act with trust, for they know where they stand. By being clear and direct, they won't be receiving one message from us verbally and another mismatched or opposing one psychically. It is time to share what is in our hearts with truth, trust, honest, and clarity.


    True creative relationships are expressed and experienced from a state of relaxed trust and creative joy. Relationships are simply learning how to play with each other, how to love and accept ourselves unconditionally, and how to trust who and what we are. When we share ourselves in a relationship, we will feel our own sense of completeness, and we will realize we are never alone. In creative relationships, it is very important to remember how to play and balance our energy, both as an adult and as a child. To have a successful relationship, we must awaken the divine young child inside ourselves first. A young child is full of curiosity and knows the universe is beautiful and full of surprises. A young child is naturally loving and trusts in a positive way. A young child is naturally truthful and in integrity. A young child is more occupied with being natural, not normal. A young child lets their imagination soar, unlimited in the creation of a magical and miraculous world. Always, always seek out a good playmate for your primary relationships, and especially someone who knows how to play fair. Allow yourselves to remember the world is magical, and allow that magic and enchantment back into your life. Be who you are, and do the things you love to do as often as you can! That is really the only way to really live our lives.




    Our Five Bodies

    By Robert Elias Najemy

    Most of us believe that we have only one body. Most esoteric philosophies, however, teach that we have five bodies. Some claim even more, but usually these extra bodies are sublevels of the five basic ones mentioned below and represented by the five filters in the accompanying diagram.

    The spirit is like an eternal light source. This light represents the life consciousness of the universe, which is responsible for the existence of all beings, objects and events. This spirit, or pure consciousness, needs certain instruments, vehicles or bodies through which to express some portion of its unlimited creative potential on the material and mental level.

    The first body that the spirit manifests and uses is the subtle Causal Body, which is a complex of very subtle impulses that are even less perceptible than thoughts. This is the storehouse of memories, knowledge and tendencies accumulated during the long series of incarnations, which the spirit has projected in its experiment with expression, creativity and evolution on the material level.

    The second body is called the Higher Intellect. This is a higher part of the mind, which has the ability to discriminate between what is truly good for us and what is not. It is also able to remember and act according to the spiritual truths, something which the common mind is often incapable of doing.

    The Common Mind is the organ of the spirit which we experience 98% of our waking hours. It functions according to the various programmings, which it obtained in the past, and has little real clarity. It is basically preoccupied with procuring security, pleasure and affirmation. It contains numerous negative thoughtforms.

    The fourth body is the Bioenergy Body which is the source of energy for all the body's functioning, as long as the spirit is projected into the Earth plane. How we feel physically and emotionally is highly dependent upon the quantity and quality of the flow of this energy.

    The last body is the one we believe that we are - the Material Body or physical body. It is made up of cells and organs which receive control messages from the nervous and endocrine system. These systems are receiving guiding impulses from the energy body which is a manifestation of the mental body (mind). When these three bodies function without the guiding influence of the higher mind, they act in a materially oriented way, usually out of fear, and thus not in their own real interest.

    At death the tree lower bodies fall away, and the spiritual consciousness is no longer focused on the earth level. The higher intellect and causal bodies continue to exist between incarnations. They then project new mental, energy and physical bodies. The spirit is independent of all this, just as the light of the movie projector is unaffected by the various images, which it projects onto the screen.

    The purpose of life is to examine, purify and develop these bodies, so that they may function harmoniously and effectively. The second step is to align them in harmony with the guiding wisdom of the higher self. The last step is to cease identifying ourselves from the bodies and identify with the pure spiritual consciousness, which is the cause of their temporary existence, just as the light from the movie projector is the cause for the temporary phenomena appearing in the room and on the screen.

    Let us purify and cultivate all of our bodies, not only our physical.

    About the Author

    Robert E. Najemy, author of 25 books and life coach with 30 years of experience, has trained over 300 life coaches and now does so over the Internet. Over 600 free articles, lectures, relaxation and positive projection as mp3 audio. Become a life coach. At




    Nurturing Your Inner Guidance

    By Wendy Kay

    It’s comforting to know that all answers to your life issues are found within yourself. You don’t need external confirmation of your decisions if you learn to trust your Inner Guidance. Often however, it is easier and safer to be influenced by others (society, family, or friends), rather than to trust what you feel or know to be “true” and “right” for you. You must keep in mind that what society, family, or friends feel is best for you and your life path might not be best for you at all.

    Your Inner Guidance originates from Spirit. It is composed of the same senses that exist in the Material or Physical World. The five senses you experience in Physical correlate directly to the senses in Spirit in the following manner:

    Sight is the ability to see things that exist in Physical.

    Clairvoyance is the ability to see things that exist in Spirit.

    Hearing is the ability to hear sounds in Physical.

    Clairaudience is the ability to hear vibrations and thoughts in Spirit.

    Touch is the ability to feel or touch things that exist in Physical.

    Clairsentience is the ability to feel energies in Spirit.

    Taste is the ability to take food/items into the mouth to determine which tastes are good for you or bring you pleasure (sweet, sour, salty, bitter).

    Intuition is the ability to take in and evaluate the energy in Spirit to determine what is good for you.

    Scent is the ability to smell aromas or scent in Physical.

    Scent is the ability to smell aromas or scent in Spirit.

    Normally, the senses of Spirit are lumped together and called ESP or Extrasensory Perception. However, in reality there are at least five different “Inner Guidance Skills” hard at work giving you information about your life path from an entirely different perspective – a higher perspective. Each of those Inner Guidance Skills exists within each and every one of us. It is only your level of awareness and understanding that prevents you from using your abilities more often in your life. One of your senses might be stronger than another one. In the same way that your hearing may be impaired in Physical, it may be impaired in Spirit. Your abilities depend on what you are in Physical to do (i.e. your life’s purpose).

    Why is it that so many choose to ignore or suppress the messages of Spirit? One reason might be that Inner Guidance is not logical and these skills cannot be scientifically explained. In Physical, it is easier to accept what is logical or “right in front of your eyes” rather than trust a feeling, a vision, or a voice that comes from Spirit. Another reason why you might ignore or suppress your Inner Guidance is that there is a certain amount of fear associated with delving into new ideas or concepts. The fear level is different in each person. Any new experience can make you afraid, but once you repeat the experience many times, the fear disappears. It’s a good idea to remember this as you nurture your abilities.

    Instead of suppressing or ignoring your Inner Guidance, you should be trying to develop these skills. We need to nurture these sensitivities and understand how to take care of them just as you take care of your physical self. In the same way that you feed your physical body, experience positive activity and rest your physical body, you must feed, experience positive activity and rest your spiritual self.

    Feeding, experiencing positive activity and resting of the spiritual body are a bit different from what you do to maintain your physical body. When you feed your physical body, you take food into your body, which gives you nourishment. Feeding your spiritual body is done through personal growth (life challenges) and helping people. Practicing positive activity (exercise, pleasant hobbies, socializing etc.) is pleasurable. Positive activity in Spirit is done through building a relationship with that particular reality which includes trusting what you feel or know to be true (your intuition). You rest your physical body through sleep or doing something where you don’t need to think and can relief yourself from the pressures of day-to-day living. In Spirit, you meditate to refresh the spiritual self.

    When you can merge your Inner Guidance with your physical self, you will attain a state of inner peace. You will live your life based on what you are supposed to do as opposed to doing what others think is right for you.

    It’s time for you to start nurturing your Inner Guidance so you can achieve this desired state. Nurturing your Inner Guidance is the beginning of the beginning for your spiritual self. Although this path can be challenging at times, it is the next step in the development of mankind.

    Wendy Kay is the Founder of the Oralin Centre. She has been teaching people to develop their Inner Guidance abilities for over 10 years and studying and researching the Metaphysical World for over 20 years. She offers free online courses and support for Inner Guidance development at her web site



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    Quote Of The Week

    "When you are afraid of something you are acknowledging it's power to hurt you."
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    When your mind wanders, does it imagine things that are coming up in your life, or do you find yourself thinking more about the past?

    Do you think more about the past or the future?




    To forgive
    Is not to forget.

    To forgive
    Is really to remember

    That nobody is perfect

    That each of us stumbles
    When we want so much to stay upright

    That each of us says things
    We wish we had never said

    That we can all forget that love
    Is more important than being right.

    To forgive
    Is really to remember

    That we are so much more
    Than our mistakes

    That we are often more kind and caring
    That accepting another's flaws
    Can help us accept our own.

    To forgive
    Is to remember

    That the odds are pretty good that
    We might soon need to be forgiven ourselves.

    That life sometimes gives us more
    Than we can handle gracefully.

    To forgive
    Is to remember

    That we have room in our hearts to
    Begin again

    And again,

    And again.

    ~~ Author Unknown ~~


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