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United In Spirit Connection Vol 6

Welcome to the latest volume of the United In Spirit Newsletter designed to provide great articles, insights and a sense of unity with all our members.

A special welcome to all new members on behalf of my administration team and myself. Many new faces and some familiar have joined United In Spirit over the last week, please feel right at home, browse the forum and groups and post as it resonates. Most of all enjoy our community!


What is the Secret to Transition easier in 2012?

Never before in the history of planet Earth, was humanity presented with a window of opportunity to make a major leap in its spiritual evolution.
2012 is the beginning for our transition to the New Earth and has been gifted to us by Spirit.

The current shifts in the energetic and vibrational energy fields to induce this leap have already begun a few years ago and kept us quite busy with realigning our entire life situation.

Many of us report the falling apart of current relationships and the entering of new relationships, losing jobs and finding new careers, moving to new locations and profound spiritual awakening.
This process is very necessary to align those people, careers and locations with us who have the same vibrational frequency than we do and it parts us with those whose “vibes” are of lower frequency.

You might know some people around you that seem to live a very fear and pain based life. We don’t judge them for it, they just came with a heavier karmic baggage then others into this life.
As we evolve however, the difference of our energies becomes bigger and so we need to come together with those that support us on our path.
This might sound ok in theory; however we can’t forget one important factor:

The Human Factor

While we are in this whirlwind of events and emotions of separation and finding the new,
we feel often overwhelmed and frustrated.
It is more important then ever to have our “navigation system” switched on in order to make the right decisions.
Our inner guidance, psychic abilities or inner voice if you will is your true GPS system to navigate through these tumultuous times.

Annette Sassou
International Speaker, Healer,
Spiritual Counselor and Author of “Portal to Spirit - Transition 2012 "




Little Star

In a dark night a little star was born. It was the youngest star in the blue sky. The little star was pretty and bright. All stars were happy. Her mother and sisters pampered her all the time.
When she became little older, she noticed the full moon. She admired its wonderful shape. Then she became sad, as she wanted to be a moon. Her sisters laughed at her when they knew that she want to be a moon.
She went to her mother and told her that she wanted to be a moon. Her mother asked her why she wanted to be a moon. The star told her mother that the moon lights the world. Therefore, it benefited the people more than stars. The mother told her to think on this problem until the end of the month and then decided if she wanted to be a moon or not.
The days passed and the little star became older. She looked to the moon every day. She noticed that the moon was getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared. The little star looked everywhere for the moon but she did not find it.
The little star went to her mother and asked her where the moon was. The mother told her to look to the people if there was something to light to them. The little star said that the light of stars illuminate to the people. Then the little star recognized what mother wanted to said. She knew that each thing god created had a role in life. She did not want to be a moon again.
The End


Conscious Love

The attachment we generally think of as love is an emotion. It arises
as a feeling sense, something that comes easily, called up by an
anonymous flow of good feelings in reaction to an outside stimulus
that has triggered it.
Love is not this knee-jerk reaction to a stimulus. Love is a choice,
it's a choice we make each day, each hour, each moment because we've
made a decision. We've decided to love not because someone or
something has make us feel good, but because we choose to live in a
state of love and share it.
We choose love when we see another's soul instead of their
personality. When we look through to see the spirit shining through.
We see their radiance streaming through the imperfection of their
personalities' physical presence.
Waiting for feelings to develop means we are reactors instead of the
creators we were meant to be. It's dis-empowering, we begin to
believe that forces from outside of us control our wellbeing and
Instead the decision to love allows us to step into our inherent role
as creators. As designers of our experience we choose love instead of
waiting for it to choose us. This gives us a much greater field of
possibility and participation. We see others not only as who they
seem to be, but for who they truly are. this frees them to open up
this this aspect of themselves more fully in our company.
Amazingly, they begin to reveal portions of themselves they had
hidden before and we discover that they now engender those automatic
feelings of love we thought they could never evoke from us. Often
they find themselves bathed in good feelings toward us as well, but
that isn't the point.
It's often said that we can't love others until we love ourselves,
but it's a conundrum because in reality, we cannot love ourselves
until we love others. Because we are them, we are all one in essence.
Choosing to love saves time, we don't need to work on judgement,
guilt, blame, we cut right to the chase, we love. These states
evaporate in the presence of the fullness of a love based not on
emotion but upon choice.
choosing to love is predicated upon the understanding that the face
you see before you or the face you see in the mirror is one of many
that have been worn. Like a masquerade ball we all show up in our
costumes, concealed behind a mask that disguises our true identity.
Choosing to love gives the other permission to take off the mask and
allows us to do the same. As we free others from the prison of
illusion, through loving consciously, we free ourselves to be the
love that we are.




United in Spirit Healing List



  • Shade Law
  • Vonda
  • Cheryll
  • Ria
  • Gina
  • Bella
  • Earth
  • All Earth's Animals
  • And all that need healing

Thank you to all that send much needed healing, it is a great gift you share.  Big Hug


Quote For The Week


"We ache at the violence, pain, and hunger in our world, and inside us is a will to help. But "help" only helps if it is an active expression of love. Otherwise our attempts to help, limited by narrow self-concern, become rigid and too easily discouraged."

John Makransky


For this week ponder on the following:

What are you looking forward to? What was the last thing you were excited about?

What are you excited about?



Quest for Peace

With Melanie Calitri Holden

This is a perfect day to renew your declaration.
Stand firmly rooted, unmovable in your conviction, and declare, boldly and brilliantly, your intention to practice peace.
I declare my intention
to practice Peace in my own mind, heart and soul,
to express it in my home and community,
and to join together with kindred hearts
across the planet in prayers of
gratitude for the diversity of God's children.
I choose to speak with kindness.
I choose to act with respectfulness.
I choose to live with authenticity.
I choose to love deeply and unconditionally.
We ask for peace.
We seek personal and worldwide communion.
We are knocking at your door, God.




Hoping you have enjoyed this volume and found the articles of interest.

In Love and Light Always,


Site Founder

Love Struck

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