Friday, June 14, 2013

Is Your Intuition Wrong?

Is Your Intuition Wrong? - United In Spirit

By Andrea Hess

Have you ever taken action on intuitive guidance - and nothing happened? You may have felt intensely drawn to a real estate listing, only to look at the home and leave disappointed. You may have excitedly applied for a job that felt like it was meant just for you, only to not even get an interview. Or gone out on a date with someone you were excited about, only to have a very boring experience. Sometimes we feel so guided in our actions, but the results don't seem particularly positive. We are left questioning ourselves and our intuition. Are we just imagining our intuitive impulses? Were we simply wrong?

Actually, our intuition may be working just fine! Here are a few reasons why it sometimes feels as if our intuition has let us down:

*The intuitive impulse was accurate, but our mind assumed a specific outcome - We may be looking for a new home. A real estate listing resonates with us and we receive the intuitive impulse to go and check it out. So far, so good. But now our mind attaches meaning and outcome to the intuitive guidance - that this is the house we will live in. In actuality, maybe our Spirit Guides just wanted us to check out that particular neighborhood. Because we've already created an expected outcome, the actual benefits of this intuitive guidance may go unnoticed.

*The guidance served to refine our intent - Sometimes our intent is too general. For example, we may think we want a job in a particular field that pays a specific income. But when we go and interview with a large corporation, we realize that we also really want to work within a small company. Until we were guided towards this particular interview, we had no way of knowing this about ourselves. Our intuitive guidance assisted us in gaining clarity, so that we can manifest a job that truly serves us. If our expectation, however, was to find a job based on this particular interview, then we may be disappointed.

*The guidance served to expand our frame of reference - Our Higher Self and Spirit Guides have to work within what we know. For example, I understand nothing about the stock market. If I tried to apply my intuition to buying stocks, I would be miserably inaccurate and lose a lot of money! The workings of the stock market are outside of my frame of reference. Every once in a while, we are sent into a direction that expands what we know of the world. In the examples I used previously, we may be sent to see a home for sale in order to create an accurate frame of references for current housing prices. Or maybe we are sent on a job interview so that we can have an accurate frame of reference for the types of benefits some companies offer.

*The guidance served to take us to the next step - Maybe our Guides and Higher Self send us to check out a home for sale so that we would meet a particular realtor. Meeting a realtor that would truly serve our highest good in our search for a new home is the next step on our journey. Your Spirit Guides might nudge you to go out with someone so that you can end up with a referral to their massage therapist. You might be led to attend a workshop in order to meet a future business partner. If we are only focused on a specific end result, we may miss out on many of the resources that intuitive guidance provides for us along the way.

The next time you feel as if your intuition led you astray, ask yourself what you truly received from the experience of acting on guidance... Let go of your expectations, so that you can witness how beautifully supported you are - even though that support may come in unanticipated ways!

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