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United In Spirit Connection Vol 21

Welcome once again to the official newsletter of United In Spirit.

Since the last edition we have many new members, many new faces and many new experiences to share. From the Administration Team and Myself Welcome! We hope you enjoy our community and feel free to contribute as it resonates. Wave

We now have 140 members on Ning and 33 on Wetpaint, a great achievement. Remember you can always invite your friends if you feel they will enjoy our community. Many thanks to all of you who have invited friends,colleagues and family, it is deeply appreciated.

It has been a little longer then usual between newsletters this time. Simply I needed a break. Many of you may already know ,but I am also a registered nurse and with nursing comes shift work which becomes very draining over time and combine that with the commitments of United In Spirit...well it spells out one tired Jodie. However, I have flitted in and out over the past few days and just because I haven't been back full time does not mean I haven't been working on some projects to promote our community. Some ideas include promotional items such as pens,calendars,mugs,mouse mats and perhaps diaries. Work on these items is in conjunction with our Administrator Shade Law, a very talented Graphic Artist and a wealth of knowledge in promotion. So we are excited about this opportunity to spread the word about our great community and with the support of our members we can make it work. Remember if United In Spirit benefits so do all our members, we all gain exposure. So blog your hearts out, add links to your pages if you have a business or a website and lets get the word out...

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Now onto the informative articles for this volume!



Family Values

For a long time the concept of family values has been completely
misconstrued. It was used to mean a return to 1950s-style arrangement
and exclusion of all innovation that came after 1950s. As a father,
and one dedicated to the well-being of my family and my daughter, I
say this: That is not family values.
True family values is about bequeathing to one's children a better
world than what existed when one has found it. True family values is about making sure that one's children have a chance. True family values is about providing for the future. And that means, a  long-term,sustainable, livable future, and not one that is supposed to end at the time that the baby boomers have died.
True family values is about preserving the planet in all its richness
and splendor, and using intelligence and technology to provide for material needs while minimally impinging upon the world's climate, air quality, water quality, and biospheric diversity. It means using high-intelligence, high-technology abundant clean energy solutions to keep the civilization running while preserving what man has not created and does not know how to recreate. It means sustainable agriculture,sustainable industry, sustainable energy, and sustainable technology,using the best of man - his intellect, effort and dedication - to power the world of civilization that man has created while being non obtrusive to world of nature that man has not.
True family values is about creating institutional transparency, so
that one's children do not have to live in a snakepit of corruption,
deception and cruelty that takes place when this does not exist. It
means ridding institutions of rackets and cons that are used to
silence people from telling the truth. It means creating media, court,and political cultures that practice transparency and integrity and are not afraid to confront corruption in whatever form it may take. True family values is about creating covenants in which one's daughters have a chance at a life worth having, and do not have to worry about abusive partners, corrupt and ensnaring communities, bullying in school and in workplace, and religious, social and institutional abuse. It is about making sure that one's daughters can attain to their potential and not be undermined in it by entities or individuals hateful of women's advancement or of human rights. It means full enforcement of human rights and civil rights and standing up to all things that are hateful to the preceding. And it means protecting meaningfully people's life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, even when and especially when this is not popular.
True family values is about putting the future ahead of the present, rather than making the future pay for irresponsible borrow-and-spend policies and planetary destruction of the present with no eye toward posterity. It is about doing what needs to be done, now, in order that there is a livable future for one's children. It is about fiscal sanity and environmental sanity, and about using intelligence to make possible the preceding.
True family values is about imparting to children real education that gives them understanding necessary for good citizenship and for avoiding rackets and cons. It is about making primary education sufficiently strong that the children come out of it with knowledge and with intelligence that allows them to be better citizens as well as better workers. It is about making college education more affordable, so that those who seek to rise to that level can, regardless of income of the family.
True family values is about recognizing and giving the way to fruition of human genius, goodwill, intellect, love and beauty, making it possible for these endless sources of good to flourish and to impart to the world and its inhabitants of the magnificence that they have togive.
True family values is about creating an honest society and ending
corruption, whether it be in law or medicine or government or business or small town or society itself. It is about making things clear and making that clarity and integrity the basis of social covenants and interactions, with no room for corruption, oppression, deception or abuse.
It is about creating a livable society for one's children, as well as
a livable planet.
And that, is the true family values that are at stake in the world at
this time.

Written by:




"Leave People Feeling Better About Themselves"

From Kindness: Making a Difference in People's Lives: Formulas,
stories, and insights
By Zelig Pliskin
A valuable principle to keep in mind is: Leave people feeling better
about themselves as a result of having met you.
Some people take pleasure in putting others down. It makes them feel
more powerful to make others feel lower. In reality, the
perpetration of such a crime lowers and demeans the perpetrator
rather than the victim.
The person who leaves others feeling better about themselves
elevates himself. The question to ask yourself is, "What can I say
to this person that will give him a positive feeling?"
Be sincere in what you say. The goal is not to flatter or to give
people a false sense of having a positive quality or attribute that
they are missing. Rather the goal is to keep on developing your
own "good eye" to see the positive in each person. When you develop
positive feelings about other people, not only what you say will
make them feel good but also how you say it. And not only your words
will accomplish this, also the look on your face and your smile.
Use enthusiastic expressions. Instead of saying, "Not bad," you can
say, "That was really good."
Instead of saying, "That was o.k.," you can say, "You¢re doing
Instead of saying, "That seems right," you can say, "That was very
Here are some other possibilities:
* "I admire your kindness."
* "I respect the way you handled that."
* "You have a lot of courage to do that."
* "That was magnificent of you."
* "I find you an inspiration."
* "There is a lot that I can learn from you."
* "You are so kind to have said that to me."
* "Your goodness is so much a part of you that you take it for
* "Every time I see you I feel happier."
* "Whenever I meet you, I remember the kindness you have done for
One of the author's students told him this story:
"I am now embarrassed to admit that I used to take pleasure in
putting people down. I was a low-paid clerk at a non-prestigious
job. It gave me a sense of being one-up to always say things that
implied that I am superior and this person is inferior. Even when I
wasn¢t on the job, whenever someone told me about an accomplishment
of theirs, I would say something to the effect that this was minor
in comparison with what others have done."
"I changed my pattern after meeting someone who told me that he made
a resolution to always leave people feeling better about themselves.
I tried to belittle this person in a number of ways. Then the person
asked me, "Tell me the truth. How would you like people to feel
after an encounter with you?" This wasn¢t really a question. We both
knew what I was up to. From then on I realized that if I really want
to feel good about myself, the way to do it is to make others feel
Printed with Permission of Shaar Press




Wake Up Laughing!

by Steve Bhaerman aka Swami Beyondananda
Wake Up Laughing is where healing laughter and “new edge” comedy meet.
For years we have been learning that laughter in and of itself has
proven physiological benefits. Laughter produces endorphins, our body’s
natural painkiller. Laughter improves immune function. Hearty laughter
is literally good for the heart, because when we laugh it causes our
blood vessels to dilate. And that is certainly better than having them
die early!
But laughter is medicine in the Native American sense as well, a
transformational tool that used wisely can bring not just physical
healing, but emotional release, mental flexibility and spiritual
perspective. George Carlin once said that most people go to comedy
clubs to release just enough tension so they can go back to their
basically unsatisfying lives. Put all of these unsatisfying lives
together and you get ... well, just turn on the TV.
What I call “new edge” comedy has enough of an edge to cut through the
bull that lurks behind every sacred cow. But unlike the cynical (and
even mean) comedy that our culture has cultivated over the past 30
years, Wake Up Laughing offers a healing intention designed to awaken
joy, compassion, kindness, wisdom -- and the innocent playfulness that
so many of us abandoned when we were tricked into believing that life
is serious. As Swami Beyondananda has said, “Life is a joke ... but God
is laughing with us, not at us.” And if God is laughing, who are we to
not laugh?
Wake Up Laughing is here to help you wake up to the Cosmic Comedy, and go forth and multiply playfulness and joy.
May you wake up laughing, and leave laughter in your wake. And may the Farce be with you.
Ten Ways to Wake Up Laughing -- 
-- and Leave Laughter in Your Wake:
1. Laugh Every Day. Seriously ... laughter is good for you. And when
things “just aren’t funny” -- that’s the most important time to laugh.
Try this at home: Watch Funniest Home Videos with the sound off and
Spike Jones playing instead.
2. Don’t Worry, You’re Already Funny. Instead of trying to be funny,
learn to see funny. Especially learn to see what’s funny about you.
Imagine God watching the Comedy Channel, and you are what’s on.
3. Bring Laughter to the Outernet. Take the best of those jokes you get
on the internet and share them on the “outernet.” Practice by telling
the same joke to five people. Short jokes are fine. Remember, it’s not
the length of the joke that matters, it’s how much pleasure it
4. Savor and Save Humorous Healing Stories. A good laughsitive cleanses
the system and leaves the mind open to receive nourishment. Keep a
notebook of jokes that “enlighten as they lighten.” You will find
yourself remembering and using them just at the right time.
5. Turn Worry Into Laughter. When you find yourself worrying about
something, step back from the worry and see if you can find something
in the situation to laugh about. Worrying has no proven benefits.
Laughter does. Did you know that one Youngman of laughter -- the mirth
contained in the average one-liner -- can release up to a megahurt of
emotional pain?
6. Reframe Suffering as Comedy in Disguise. Sing the blues when you are
angry, sad or frustrated. If you must complain, complain creatively --
and thoroughly enjoy your complaining. Say, “You know what I love about
this ....?” Look for the comedy “hidden in this picture.” (e.g., “I’m
not on the verge of bankruptcy. I’m just having a near-debt
7. Build Critical “Muscle” By Pumping Ironies. Looking for the inherent
contradictions and incongruities in situations helps build a strong
body politic 12 ways. Train your inner child to ask, “How come that
emperor isn’t wearing any clothes?” When you watch the news or read the
papers, be on the lookout for truth disguised as humor.
8. Develop a Comic Alter Ego. A shy, mild-mannered man named Edgar
Bergen went “inside” and found a brash, outrageous alter ego which he
called Charlie McCarthy -- who would do and say things that would make
Edgar blush. Even if your “character” never makes it beyond your
bathroom mirror, a comic alter ego is a great way to give voice to
daily frustrations and lovingly laugh at your own “shadow.” One of the
best ways to break the addiction to your own personality is try some
other ones on!
9. Write Your Laugh Story. Spend an afternoon or evening writing your
life story as if it were a comedy. Which comic actors could play your
family, friends and foes? Who would you get to play your part? Give
your story a title. A friend of mine calls his “Don’t Do What I Did!”
10. Play Regularly. Have you ever felt the Creator is toying with you?
Well then, follow Swami Beyondananda’ s sage advice and become a
creative plaything. Bring the childlike quality of play back into your
life. Run up the down escalator. Dress for Halloween -- any day the
mood hits you. Plant the seeds of harmless fun wherever you go.
Feel free to circulate, with attribution only.
Copyright © 2003 Steve Bhaerman, all rights reserved




Listen to your inner guidance. Take a few moments today to listen to that voice within.

Try this simple life review to reflect upon how happy you are with life, and/or if you need to make changes.

Life Review – Quick Exercise

This is a simple yet revealing quick exercise, which is well worth doing regularly:

For each of the areas below, check in with yourself and ask yourself “how happy am I with this area of my life right now?” then give each area a mark out of ten (1=low, 10 = perfect, 5 = OK / average)



Career / Life Path


Inner Happiness



Social Life / Friends

Personal Growth

Other -

Other -

Which 2 areas most need improving?


Listen to your inner guidance for ideas about what to do next?
What actions or changes feel right? What feels wrong?

Let yourself be guided to the happiness you deserve.



Spiritual Power Suit

by Marlene Buffa
September 25, 2007
John T. Malloy's series about 'dressing for success,' included a
book for women in the corporate world. This morning, while on my
daily sunrise bicycle ride, I saw a woman walking her dog – dressed
in the classic red "power suit" Malloy defined. Chuckling to myself
as the small terrier pulled at the end of his retractable leash, the
woman in red struggled to keep his enthusiasm in check. Arms
outstretched and clearly showing signs of trying to assert her
dominance over the tiny pooch, I found the irony in this quick
visual rather amusing. How often do we suit-up each day,
appropriately dressed in couture designed to show the world the
importance and power of our very presence, yet allow the littlest of
influences control our walk through life?
Power of Confidence
In addition to making an unimpeachable first impression, the power
suit conveys a sense of importance to those around you. But the real
authority doesn't lie in the design and cut of the fabric. You true
power comes from the self-confidence you feel when you appear in a
costume of control. You may walk a little straighter or taller or
your gait may take on a strong cadence. The hidden pockets inside
the suit jacket allow you to keep certain aspects of yourself
private, and carry the most important things along with you, without
others privy to your hidden stash of understanding. When you put on
the suit coat, you hear the all familiar brush of the satin lining
as it meets your cotton shirt, much like the friendly sound of
leaves rustling in a light breeze provides us with a sense that our
world operates as it should. Cloaked in confidence, we unconsciously
attribute that feeling to looking polished and professionally, all
the while our true confidence comes from a deeper source of
connection with the Infinite.
Spiritual Suit
Your spiritual power suit, designed by you alone, with details and
ornamentation, cannot be seen by anyone else. What do you put on
each morning that determines your sense of wholeness, belonging to
your community, your culture, the world? With a smiling knowing that
God is our Source, we find the world less intimidating when we slip
into the luxury of peace of mind. Your spiritual suit affects more
than you alone - like the Emperor's New Clothes, the power suit
alludes to intelligence or capability - yet finds its basis in group-
think and group-belief. Your true self shines through the stitches
of your spiritual suit and loudly declares your connection to the
Infinite by the outer manifestation of success, centeredness and
well-being in your life.
Underneath the suit
A friend of mine once told me about a comment her father made about
the importance of appearance and one's choice of clothing. A
physician escaping Nazi Germany in 1939, Dr. Love brought his family
to America on the last boat out of the area, to thrive and prosper
on free soil. His wisdom extended beyond medicine into practicality
when he told his young daughter, "When you have $10 to spend on an
outfit, spend $9 on the undergarment and $1 on the dress." Heeding
his advice, much of my friend's professional career involved helping
to restore the appearance of post-mastectomy patients.
I'm reminded of this insight when I consider how we shroud ourselves
in spiritual beliefs. The world sees our outer clothing, yet our
spiritual foundation determines how our lives look. When our
underlying faith in a higher power wrinkles, the result shows a
disheveled life. Everyday we observe examples of others' lives
thriving or failing. In the instance of my neighbor in her carefully
chosen "power wear," her suit of armor, carefully pressed fitted,
may compensate for her inadequacies demonstrated by her lack of
control over her dog – and to a larger extent, maybe her own life.
What's beneath your power suit? Do you find a sturdy foundation of
trust and faith in the Source, or a torn and ragged belief system
which doesn't support your highest potential?
Birthday Suit
We're born as perfect beings into a beautiful world designed to
provide us with all the experiences necessary to spiritually
progress. Starting life in complete surrender, our birthday suit
reminds us that our nature as limitless, pure potential beings waits
before us as we comprehend no rules nor give credence to outer
expectations. As infants we start with nothing between us and the
world, just as we end our life. The suit we choose to wear in the
time between birth and death, displays the designs we selected to
blend in with the life we agreed to. Since our birth represents a
blank slate much like the tailor's muslin prototype of a new style,
our spiritual suit supports our journey on earth and declares to the
Universe, the life we wish to experience.
Dare to stand naked before the Infinite - totally free of the tight
seams of doubt, the strained zippers of fear and the frayed hems of
hesitation. Most importantly, strip yourself of the need to appear
as something you are not - and discover the foundation underneath
your clothing - and even your skin - remains your most important
expression of the Divine and forms the basis of your true power.




Protection Grid of Light

As our Quotient of Light increases we become more sensitive to
energies and less tolerant of lower vibrations. When the environment
around us is polluted, it can affect our Light. We work hard to raise
our Light, in order to be of service to the Masters and to accelerate
ourselves on our path of fulfilling our Divine Mission. To keep
ourselves at a steady pace of acceleration we must do as much to
maintain our Higher Light as we do to gain that Light. Otherwise we
would be taking two steps forward and one step back. This is because
the Collective Consciousness of Humankind is beginning to awaken to
their spirituality en mass. As they do they release their dross.
This dross can manifest in the form of negative emotions, negative
thoughts and all manners of lower vibrational energies. These lower
vibrations affect the environment of Earth and the five elements.
While the majority of people vibrate to these lower energies they
adjust to the environment. On the other hand those who have raised
their vibration and their Quotient of Light can be affected
negatively. Our recourse is to form layers of protection around
ourselves. This can be done by invoking The Guardian Angels, Angelic
Forces of the four directions and other Beings of Light to act on our
behalf and form layers of protection around us. Divine Mother has
therefore brought us this Grid of Light to help maintain the higher
vibrational energies around us and to maintain the specific Quotient
of Light, which we have reached within our auric field.
This particular Grid of Light provides us with healing as well as
protection and helps us to maintain the higher vibrational
frequencies which we have attained through diligent work. We can
therefore continue to accelerate without setbacks through this grid.
Set this grid up around your body to protect yourself from lower
vibrational energies and to raise your Quotient of Light to a higher
level. By spreading the energy of this grid around yourself you will
begin to receive healing and protection from this moment on. The
Divine Mother has asked that you visualize this grid around your body
every day as you awaken and reinforce it in the course of the day as
often as possible.
Divine Mother's Grid of Protection with the Angelic forces of Pure
White Light, Violet Ray, Violet Flame, Angels of four direction,
Yahoweh-El and Great Silent Watcher

Grid of Protection Exercise - Channeled September 21, 2008

Start your day by standing up, visualizing and calling forth this grid.
Call forth Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael and Gabriel by standing
and facing in their direction as you call them forth. Start by facing
in the direction of North. Visualize or say the following out loud:
* I call forth Archangel Uriel to stand in the direction of North
facing me. Uriel is sending me beams of Yellow Light.
* I call forth Archangel Raphael to stand in the East. Raphael is
sending me Pink Light.
* I call forth Archangel Michael to stand in the direction of
South behind me. Michael is sending me Aquamarine Blue Light.
* I call forth Archangel Gabriel to stand in the West. Gabriel is
sending me Emerald Green Light.
Return to face the direction of North and continue to create this Grid
of Protection. Visualize or say the following out loud:
* I ask the Legions of Uriel to come forth and create a circle
around the previous formation. They stand shoulder to shoulder beaming
Golden Yellow Light to me.
* I ask the Legions of Raphael to come forth and create another
circle around the previous one, standing shoulder to shoulder and
beaming Golden Pink Light to me.
* I ask the Legions of Michael to come forth and create another
circle around the last and beam Aquamarine Blue Platinum Light to me.
* I ask the Legions of Gabriel to come forth and create another
circle around the formation and beam Copper Gold Light to me.
* I call forth the Legions of Yahoweh-El to create another circle,
standing shoulder to shoulder, and beaming Platinum Light.
* I call forth the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light to create
another circle, standing shoulder to shoulder, beaming Pure White
Light to me.
* I call forth the Turquoise Blue Bubble of the Great Silent
Watcher to surround all of the circles and fill this grid with
Turquoise Blue Light.
* I call the Angelic Forces of the Violet Ray of Transmutation to
come forth and stand shoulder to shoulder forming a circle around the
Turquoise Blue Bubble, beaming the Violet Ray of Transmutation to the
entire grid.
* I call the Angelic Forces of the Violet Flame of Transmutation
to come forth and stand shoulder to shoulder around the circle of the
Angelic Forces of the Violet Ray, the Turquoise Blue Bubble of the
Silent Watcher, the inner circles of the Legions of Uriel, Raphael,
Michael and Gabriel, the Archangelic Forces of the Four Directions,
and myself in the center. The Violet Ray and Flame of Transmutation
seal the entire grid of Healing and Protection.
Pause for a brief moment and bathe in the energies of Healing and
Protection beamed to you from these Great Beings of Light.
* While you are facing North say, "I ask for protection and
healing from all the Elements and all Beings of Light and Earth in the
direction of North."
* Turn clockwise facing East and say, "I ask for Protection and
healing from all Elements, all Beings of Light and Earth in the
direction of East."
* Turn clockwise facing South and say, "I ask for Protection and
healing from all Elements, all Beings of Light and Earth in the
direction of South."
* Turn clockwise facing West and say, "I ask for Protection and
healing from all Elements, all Beings of Light and Earth in the
direction of West."
* Turn clockwise facing North again to complete the circle and
say, "I ask all Angelic Forces of Light, my Guardian Angels and the
Elementals in charge of my well being to surround me through this day.
I offer this day in service to the Light. So it is. It is done. Amen."
At first it may take you a few minutes to complete this protection
grid. But after a few rounds you will know it by heart and it will
become an automatic part of your daily routine and you may develop
your own routine and add your own intentions and prayers for each day.
Then you will notice a difference.
I have been doing variations of this and other similar grids daily for
many years now. It has become a habit. Normally I do it as I am
dressing for the day. However on the days that I have to rush myself
to get out, I may bypass this step in my routine. Something stops me
at the doorway and I do a fast version just before I run out.
Recently I did a half hearted version at the door just by saying
protection, protection, protection and ran out for the day. By the
afternoon, I started feeling nauseous and dizzy. When I arrived back
in the evening all the strength had left me. I asked Metatron what was
happening to me. He told me that my protection was not put on with
clear intent and determination and my energy bodies were wide open. I
had cleaned out the dross everywhere I had gone only to vacuum it into
my own body. It was wreaking havoc inside me! He told me to take a
salt bath.
You may use baking soda as a way to cleanse the dross from your body
and to clear your chakras while you shower. Using a wet wash cloth you
can use the baking soda to rub on all chakras on the front and back of
your body along your spinal column. Remember especially your Third Eye
and the back of your neck which is the opening to the Channeling Chakra.

Nasrin Safai




Healing List


  • Shade Law
  • Vonda
  • Cheryll and husband
  • Gina
  • Ccreature and family
  • Slientangel and family
  • Ken
  • Spiderz
  • Waterwoman
  • Susan (Gray Wolf's friend)
  • Martha Two Bulls and family
  • All affected by the storms in the USA
  • Earth
  • All Earth's Animals
  • And all that need healing

Thank you to all that send much needed healing! Big Hug


Quote Of The Week


"Mastery is not perfection, it is journey, and the true master must be willing to try and fail and try again." --George Leonard





Is there anything in your life that you find yourself placing too much importance on? Has there been in the past? 

What have you overvalued in life?




I Will Stand Tall

Amanda Kiser

As I stand alone
walls on all sides
On the hardness and trials
I will stand tall
as tall as I might,
for all of my
humble little life.
Til the world tramples me,
and I am no more,
I will stand tall
as tall as I might.
Always reaching for the sun.
Even though all around
is brokenness and pain
I'll lend my brief beauty
and stand tall
as tall as I might.



It Takes Time To Heal

Ted Hibbard

It takes time to heal.
Build a bridge
from now to tomorrow.
Sink the piers
deep into the Earth.
Pour in concrete
day by day,
a little at a time,
and let it set.
It takes time to heal.
It may feel very awkward,
as if you're making empty promises,
as if you're simply spanning empty space.
But someday, somehow, somewhere,
you'll find yourself
upon a brand new shore,
glancing back at the bridge
which you alone have built.
It takes time to heal.




Well, we come to the end of yet another newsletter.....may you all have a wonderful week and stay safe!

In Love and Light Always,


Founder of United In Spirit  Love Struck Rose

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