Saturday, May 10, 2008

United In Spirit Connection Vol 4 -Site Changes


This week has been a week of changes, inspiration, collaboration and many long hours. Over the short time that United In Spirit has been established on the Ning platform, there have been a multitude of performance issues. Issues which affect the ability to deliver information, communicate effectively and trials which have generally affected  direction in which the community is growing. As these issues became extremely clear, the search for a much improved platform of delivery became not just a need, but a blatant necessity. To find a platform which contained the facets of Ning , but also one which could provide an improved service proved difficult , but not impossible.

So , I have found a new platform which not only equals Ning for versatility, but improves significantly on the usability, speed and communicative process. After much testing, I have established United In Spirit on this new platform and am very pleased to announce that this shall be the new home of this growing community. This new platform is very exciting...very versatile and full of wonderful features which far out do Ning!

In collaboration with Shade Law of Prayer Partners Unite and many long hours, the new site is  functional and ready for those who wish to cross over to this exciting new platform. I do wish to emphasise that all the current features you know and love on Ning are on the new site plus much more!

I have included a couple of screenshots which by no means are a true nor full picture of the new platform, but will provide a very basic visual experience.

The following screenshot is the main page, the banner is above the menu (same one used on Ning currently). On the left is the menu.



This, again , is a very limited view of my profile page, due to the extensive nature of  the profile pages available I was unable to truly capture the whole page. Besides what you are able to see in the picture, I also have music and have been able to embed my blog from into my actual profile (this is below the graphic but not captured in this picture.) On the right is a list of "My Friends".



For those who wish to take advantage of the invitation I extend to all current members, there is a multitude of assistance available with the current administrative team fully operational to guide and assist you through the transition from Ning to the new platform.

To join...

The new and improved United In Sprit CLICK ON the following URL

All welcome!!

To join the new and improved Prayer Partners Unite CLICK ON the following URL


At this moment in time United In Spirit on Ning will continue, but in a much different capacity as it currently does. It will become more of a library and point of reference as the information it contains is invaluable. All groups on the new site are hyperlinked back to Ning to provide ongoing access to reading materials. New information will be posted on the new site and occasionally on the Ning platform. Administration staff will continue to police the Ning site until I can make it a private network.

I wish to thank you all for your ongoing support, love and assistance and for providing the inspiritation to improve the quality of service to such a wonderful community.

Hoping to see you in the new place...and thank you to those who have already established themselves on the new site, you are loved!




In Love and Light Always,


United In Spirit Site Founder

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